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Dyn's Kyle York Presentation: What's Your Impact?


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Do you know what your impact on the world is? Dyn CRO and Alpha Loft Chairman Kyle York dives into the various aspects of his life that he has impacted positively, including the massive growth of Dyn since he came on board in 2008. Kyle challenges you to ask yourself, "what is your impact?"

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Dyn's Kyle York Presentation: What's Your Impact?

  1. 1. What’s Your Impact? Kyle York | Dyn CRO Chairman, abiHUB Board Member, Rock On Foundation Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor May 22, 2014 | / @Dyn
  2. 2. Pg. 2 @kyork20 Street Cred  31 Years Old, married to Katie, father to Henry (21 months)  Middle son of Don & Gail York (Indian Head Athletics)  Bentley University, BS Marketing 2005  Career Ladder Climber – Intern to CRO  Dyn 2008 (15th employee) to Present (360+)  A little revenue… to A LOT!!!  Managing Partner, York Fund (technology investment vehicle)  Advisor/Angel: Datanyze, UXPin, Distil, OnBeep,, Catchpoint, Fastly, SquareOne, Mill33, RevSW, Adzerk & more  Co-Founder: 1band 1brand (Music & Brand Alignment Agency) Motivated by family, competition, legacy, money, community, growth, relationships, vengeance, impact. What’s YOUR Impact?
  3. 3. Pg. 3 • Family • Childhood • Friends • High School • College • New Hampshire • Startups • SaaS / B-to-B • Internet Performance • The INTERNET What’s YOUR Impact? Define Your World
  4. 4. Pg. 4 What’s YOUR Impact?
  5. 5. Pg. 5 Creating Jobs Creates Real IMPACT • 360+ jobs globally • 300+ jobs in Manchester, NH • 30+ remote jobs (MD, PA, CO, CA, etc.) • 30+ in UK • 1… and counting in Australia (he needs some colleagues!) • Are you next? • Welcome Company affiliations over 600+ jobs globally What’s YOUR Impact?
  6. 6. Pg. 6 Internet Performance = Customer Interactions = Business 2008 Today Alexa 1000 Top Website Customers 0 105 Number of Self- Service Customers 228,000 830,000 Number of Direct Customers 623 3500 Number of Offices 1 (MHT) 4 (MHT, UK, SFO, AUS) Staff 20 360 Internet Impact What’s YOUR Impact?
  7. 7. Pg. 7 Seriously, What’s YOUR Impact?
  8. 8. Pg. 8 Hello Alpha Loft, a brand platform for impact! Alpha Loft supports and provides resources to entrepreneurs, improving their prospects for successfully launching and scaling innovation-based businesses. The Alpha Loft’s success means a strong entrepreneurial culture in NH, creating companies and high quality jobs. In addition to high value programming, events, advice, and mentoring, the Alpha Loft has locations in Durham, Portsmouth, and Manchester where entrepreneurs can start and build their companies.
  9. 9. “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” -Sir Richard Branson