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Grow Your Site With Traffic And Friends


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Grow Your Site with Traffic and Friends

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Grow Your Site With Traffic And Friends

  1. 1. Grow Your Site with Traffic and Friends A fantastic group created by Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips called the ReTweet Club was a remarkable idea to begin. It unifies bloggers to spread the love through Twitter and beyond. I want to share the benefits of being with such a group. Main Purpose of this Group More traffic, of course! Once a blogger retweet your blog to their followers, there is a chance some of their followers will click on the link to read your blog post. Or even better, retweet it themselves and the series continue. On the other hand when I retweet someone else’s blog post… First, I make sure I read the article, to see to it that it is a good article to retweet to my followers. Second, I make a comment and give my two cents on the subject. On an MS Excel spreadsheet, I type the blog link of the post, blog title, and give a short description. The reason I do this is to check back the next day to see if my comment was approved. If so, I social bookmark the post using Only Wire. I social bookmark the article because it is a great article to bookmark of course and for backlinks to my site. Third, I retweet it. The most valuable benefits to being in this group for me are:  I learn something new regarding a diversity of topics.  It helps me gather ideas for some of my blog posts  I found some great blogs I subscribed through RSS feed, (even though it’s for guys, I still find it very funny and clever what men talk about), (I am a history junkie, I learn something new from each blog post Tamahome writes, of course, and too many others to name on this blog.  Last, but not least, I network with some awesome people. It’s all about unity and this is the perfect group to help you grow your site with traffic and friends. Grow Your Site With Traffic and Friends