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12 05-15-sheffield city centre priorities-appearance


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12 05-15-sheffield city centre priorities-appearance

  1. 1. Sheffield City Centre Residents’ Action Group - SCCRAG• What SCCRAG might do as it develops:• Areas to consider?• Four categories? – Appearance; – Health & Lifestyle; – Safety & Crime; – Amenities;
  2. 2. 1. ‘Appearance’: Smart Sheffield ….
  3. 3. Or Shabby Sheffield …?
  4. 4. City Centre: Many Delightful Areas
  5. 5. But the heavily used areasare shabby round the edges
  6. 6. The ‘Shabby Sheffield’ problem is all around us
  7. 7. Litter Bins get removed and not replaced Glossop Road: When road re- alignment took place for the Tram Gate, litter bins were removed … and never replaced
  8. 8. But street Junk doesn’t get removed!
  9. 9. Some areas become dumping grounds
  10. 10. Bins are left on the pavement
  11. 11. Some bins are left openfor the wind to blow everywhere
  12. 12. Some Bins need more TLC
  13. 13. And then there’s Graffiti -
  14. 14. Could we green our open spaces?
  15. 15. ‘Smart Sheffield’ - it can be done….
  16. 16. Do you think we have a Scruffy City Centre?• Do you think it should be improved?• Or do you think it’s all we can expect?
  17. 17. Can we Clean Up?• Gold Route good, so how do we hit that standard everywhere?• Clean, tidy, litter free, no overflowing bins, smart appearance & paintwork?• Retailers clean up outside their premises?• Fast Food outlets to clean their pavements?• Pubs keep cigarette ends from their frontages?• Steam clean the worst areas of pavement & round litter bins?
  18. 18. How will we Clean Up?• Remove graffiti as soon as possible?• Paint street furniture that looks shabby?• Commercial rubbish bins not left out with tops open, or on pavement?• Can we get all of these people to take pride in our city?• What can we do to achieve this? How do we set the scene?• Do they assume it’s the City Council’s responsibility?• How do we deal with that?• IS THIS SOMETHING SCCRAG SHOULD BE ENCOURAGING?