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Browsers in IoT Era


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OSC 2016 Tokyo/Fall で使用したスライド

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Browsers in IoT Era

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  3. 3. Net Info Web Socket Protocol APNG Full- screen WebRTC HTML Components ECMAScript
 2015 CSSSnapshot 2015 WHATWG HTML W3C
 HTML5 URL HTTP TLS Elements & Syntax WAI- ARIA HTML5 Parser Web Workers Web Sockets API Canvas 2D multi media Content Model app cache sections HTML5 Forms Server- Sent ev. geo- location Orienta tion Notifi- cations Game- pad Media Stream data channel Presen- tation Push SSL Media Recorder Opus mp3 H.264 Service Worker FilterSVG WOFF Math ML RSS Layout Media Queries trans- form Tran- sitions & Anima- tions Flex Box Multi Column Fonts User Inter- face Shapes text decora- tion Indexed DB vibra- tion SMIL VP10 HSTS CORS RDF RDFa DNT VP9 WebM Open Media VP8 HTTP/2 PNG Web Audio Battery Status Generic Sensor Shared Workers SIMD Web Crypto temp- lates Shadow DOM Custom Elements Page Visibility FIDO Grid Layout File Pointer Events MIDI Speech Pro- mise CSP Class Module block scope Typed Array Arrow Func. Template Literals Gene- rators Async Func. Navi. Timing Beacon Exclu- sions Writing Mode Web Anima- tions IETF Khronos OGP Game, VR & High
 Performance Apps Progressive Web Apps Real-Time
 Communications Device
 Control Extensible
 for Anything! Micro- data data URL ORTC WebVR Shared Mem. Itera- tors Proxy Collec- tions asm.js Permi- ssions DOM WebGL fetch Web Assembly EME Brotli Mask- ing Progressive Enhancement Web App Manifest Web Storage Quarks Mode UI Events QUIC Origin Blue- tooth USB HPKP
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  8. 8. Performance Through Parallelism
  9. 9. Servo vs. Gecko
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