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Mechatronic presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Mechatronic presentation

  1. 1. International multi-technology provider groupTechnological capacity to develop the futureVocation for Global expansionA new team whith solid components behind them
  2. 2. TechnologiesWeldingFinishingHeat treatmentSurface finishingAssemblyMechanisationPrecision turningFine blankingSheet metal formingWire and tube formingAluminium injectionPlastic injectionMechatronics
  3. 3. GroupPROVIDERCreatingDesigningDevelopingProducingMULTI-TECHNOLOGYEngineering+Industrial processesINTERNATIONALEuropeAmericaAsia120 Millioneuros turnover1.100 staff200 engineers
  4. 4. MOBILITY TECHNOLOGIESIntelligent mobility transport in changing timesM E C H A T R O N I C S
  5. 5. The primary objective of this document, it is to determine the development visionregarding the mechatronic systems, based in the DYNAMIK technologies and experiencein the electric mobility and electric vehicles platforms.This draft document , as basic information, will support the development of the project,since the first step that refers to the “Technical Specification Manual”, based in four mainconcepts: Mechatronics . Testing Tools. Production Machines and Tools. Standards.INTRODUCTION
  6. 6. Feature and PerformanceFor the development of the project, it is basic the use of the most advanced technologiesand tools, hence, prior to starting with the explanation of the project, we will show anoverview of the advanced tools that MASER owns, in order to set the best frame vision.DYNAMIK STRENGTHS SOFTWARE TOOLS HARDWARE TOOLSPRODUCTION TESTINGENGINEERING QUALITYCONTROL
  7. 7. INNOVATIONInnovation is a core competence in the business policy of DYNAMIK, strategically aligned atthe highest reaches of the organization, based in a defined set of innovation tools structured ina manner to provide valuable outcomes, where people competences is the most importantvalue.ElectronicsTestingEquipmentSoftwareProductionMechanicsConceptualizationMECHATRONICSSolutions
  11. 11. SIMULATIONDescription: Defines the estimated results of thedevelopment process in the engineeringphase. Feedback of logging values for thefunctional optimisation ,Simulation software to reduce development test time and cost. New procedures areconstantly being developed to test electronically-controlled .
  12. 12. From CONCEPT to APPLICATIONINTELLIGENT MOBILITY TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGIES FORCHANGING TIMES.Mechatronics in their state of the art , from Concept to the Application in a close partnershipwith the market needs.
  13. 13. EMPLOYMENTTRAININGECOBrowse new models of transport in the city, increasing thesame efficiency, reducing significantly emissions andcontaminants and intercity traffic density. Recyclable or reusable components100%Generate highly qualified employment both in the field of engineering anddevelopment of electric vehicles and their components, such associal, integrating various disadvantaged groups in the manufacturing andassembly of several modulesTraining for new engineers to be recycled into these new technologiesemerging from this opportunity.