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Recommendation format


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how to write recomendation

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Recommendation format

  1. 1. BT+TOP UP Loan application of Mr. Ranjeet Gupta, Mrs. Gunjan Gupta & M/s. ShubhamEnterprises is for recommendation for approval for Rs. 30 lacsApplicant Profile•Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is born on 1980 and married to Miss. Gunjan Gupta.•Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is having Housing Loan of Rs. 15 Lac Disbursed on Dec07 from GE Money andCurrently Paying an EMI of Rs. 16106/- and want additional amount by transferring the balanceto us•Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is having Auto Loan of Rs. 4.5 Lac Disbursed on Dec10 and Paying an EMI ofRs. 14549/-•Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is also maintaining a credit card jointly with his wife having a current balanceof Rs. 3678/- with an overdue of Rs. 580 from last 160 daysBusiness ProfileApplicant Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is running a Proprietorship firm i.e. Shubham Enterprises whichdeals in Sale of Bearing & Hardware from last 8 years in Faridabad (Haryana).As per the ITR of Shubham Enterprises, they are making a sale of 131.90 Lac, 110.58 Lac & 75.20Lac in last 3 yrs and converting 12.94%, 13.12% & 13.71% as a Gross Profit Margin and 4.44%,4.38% & 4.42% as a Net Profit MarginBanking DetailsApplicant Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is maintaining a saving account in AXIS BANK – 34801010007586,ABB of Rs. 1.03 Lacs is maintained in this account.Mr. Ranjeet Gupta is maintaining Current A/c of M/S SHUBHAM ENTERPRISES in AXIS BANK –348010200012768, through which emi of Rs. 16106/- is getting debited in the starting of everymonth, Observed that average amount of Rs. 12 Lac is Credited every month and maintaining anaverage yearly balance of Rs. 3.5 Lac in this account,Cibil DetailsDeviationsStrengthsHelathy Banking credits.Sanction ConditionsThis sanction is subject to positive Legal and Technical report.Sanction is subject to postive verification report as per DHFL norms.