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Write your own ms dynamics crm rules for


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CRM Rules: Write your own MS Dynamics CRM Rules. Customize MS CRM 2011 forms with Script Author jscript tool. Auto generate code and make multiple customizations in half the time! Stop looking online for code snippets!

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Write your own ms dynamics crm rules for

  1. 1. 
  2. 2.  Dynamic-CRM’s Script Author allows you to customize your forms, in half the time, without writing any code for your MS CRM 2011 while implementing rules that help support business workflow needs. Available for both online and on-premise MS CRM 2011, the Script Author allows you to define various rules along with the criteria to perform the actions, without having to read, write, or debug code!
  3. 3.  Standard users can connect to an online instance of CRM or any organization within a single installation of CRM. You can write your own rules based on the criteria and actions that you select in the Script Author application. Developers can connect to multiple CRM systems, regardless if it is online or on-premise, and can write their own rules for their CRM. Price is per user and is geared towards companies’ andor individuals that plan to perform customizations on several different instances of CRM 2011.
  4. 4.  easy to install and easy to use works with existing customizations write your own rules prevents hours of development no more tedious testing and debugging no intricate syntax to memorize no more searching online for code snippets no programming knowledge required
  5. 5.  The Script Author generates clean, formatted, and readable code. So if you are a programmer, you can further enhance CRM’s capabilities of the output based on your own authored rules. Don’t let competition get the upper hand! Visit our store and to see what Script Author package works best for you.
  6. 6.  Not ready to make the financial commitment? Download the trial version, start writing your own rules and see just how simple the Script Author is to use. Once you are satisfied with the product (and we know you will be) purchase the appropriate license key(s) and begin transforming CRM.
  7. 7.  Learn how you can customize faster and more consistently to give you the competitive edge you need. Independent consultants can now take on more clients at once and complete projects faster. In case you were wondering, that means more billable hours (for you, not the client) and of course happier clients because you are customizing their CRM quicker based on your own rules instead of writing code!
  8. 8.  Additionally, junior developers now have the ability to make advanced customizations as well as reduce the pain associated with the infamous error signs. Not to mention the hours of trying to figure out what went wrong.
  9. 9. Reduced development time = Reduced costs = More billable clients. You do the math!
  10. 10.  Dynamic-CRM also would like to answer any customization questions you may have. Please visit our contact us page, select “blog suggestion” from the pick-list, type your questions, and submit it to us! We shall do our very best to find the answer and to post it in our blog.
  11. 11.  Still on the MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 version? No problem, we have the Script Generator that includes 20 scripts to help you customize your CRM.
  12. 12. Learn how the Script Author can help you… Stop wasting hours of development time Stop searching online for code snippets Stop repeating the same customization for different implementations Carry more billable clients!
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