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Wikis, blogs and web publishing project

  1. 1. Wikis, Blogs and Web Publishing Project<br />Tannya MacDougall<br />7/27/2010<br />
  2. 2. My favorite tool from this course….<br />
  3. 3. My Wiki<br /><ul><li>I liked creating my wiki pages. While I do have access to a similar feature from the online school I teach, there is limited student access (only students enrolled in my state school have access; my students in other states do not). Having this page allows all of my students to have access to my notes and information.
  4. 4. Here’s my page:
  5. 5.</li></li></ul><li>My RSS<br />I found that the RSS was a bit confusing for me. Trying to figure out what exactly it was caused some confusion. Once I created one and started clicking some pages into it, I understood it a little better <br />I like being able to have all of my online reads and magazines together on one page.<br />I chose the RSS reader page via IGOOGLE.<br />I have El Pais® (national newspaper of my homeland World Cup 4th ranking Uruguay), People en español® and Perez Hilton® (yeah, I am a tabloid geek) inlcuded on the page for now.<br />
  6. 6. My Blog<br />I always thought that blogs were a bit much for the average person to maintain—it seemed too Sex In the City®. But after writing an entry in a blog page, I could see why Carrie® had found it as therapy. I felt better being able to write my thoughts down. It was exactly like writing in a journal—only now, it isn’t under lock and key.<br />Here is my blog page:<br /><br />There’s only one entry  ; but I have been a bit busy with 2 classes. When July ends, I will definitely use it more often.<br />I think that my students could use a blog to practice writing Spanish <br />
  7. 7. My second favorite tool from this course….<br />
  8. 8. My Web Publisher<br />I have to say that I found the Web Publisher XTRANORMAL® to be so much fun. I can definitely see my students having fun creating movies while working on their Spanish grammar.<br />My movie is short; but it is only my first and it is on the Soccer field. I am going to work on an introductory story to share with my students on their first days (my students start on different days depending on what state they are from)—I think that my elementary students will really like this tool in their lessons <br />Here’s my movie:<br />
  9. 9. MOODLE<br />Being a teacher for an online school, taking an online course was a no brainer. I enjoyed being able to sit down and go through the course on my time and not having to meet up in a classroom for 6 hours everyday for a week.<br />It was a great month (except for my other online course which is really hard and not so much fun ; it is not a course taught by our Mr. Kiker—his classes are great !)<br />
  10. 10. El fin…..<br />I really enjoyed this course. I heard of wikis, blogs and web publishers (RSS was an unknown to me) but didn’t know exactly what they were about. <br />I think that I can use these successfully now within my lessons after taking this course.<br />Even though my students have their course set out online for them, Wikis, Blogs and Web Publishers can allow my students extra practice with the Spanish language. And since many do not have access to Spanish speakers at home, any extra practice is an asset !<br />