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  1. 1. Dell Youth Learning Implemented by Learning Links Foundation 1 DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Definition A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. 3 DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  4. 4. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( A & B ) Word Abroad Admit Agree Alike Allow Almost Amount Angry Annoy Answer Appear Arrive Ask Assure Attire 4 Synonym Overseas Confess Consent Same Permit Nearly Quantity Mad Irritate Reply Seem Reach Inquire Guarantee Dress Word Away Awful Baby Backbone Beautiful Begin Behave Belly Big Blank Brave Broad Bucket Business Busy DELL YOUTH LEARNING Synonym Absent Terrible Infant Spine Pretty Start Act Stomach Large Empty Bold Wide Pail Trade Active
  5. 5. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( C & D ) Word Candy Center Change Chiefly Choosy Chop Clever Close Collect Complete Confine Conflict Confuse Constant Cope 5 Synonym Sweets Middle Transform Mainly Picky Cut Intelligent Shut Gather Total Restrict Clash Mixed Up Fixed Manage Word Crook Cunning Couch Daybreak Defective Deliberate Delicate Demostrate Desert Destiny Diminish Disappear Disclose Discount Disgrace DELL YOUTH LEARNING Synonym Criminal Clever Sofa Dawn Faulty Planned Fragile Protest Abandon Fate Decrease Vanish Reveal Reduction Shame
  6. 6. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( E & F ) Word Synonym Word Synonym Eager Keen Famous Renowned Earth Soil Fantastic Great Enormous Huge Fast Quick Enquire Investigate Finish Complete Evaluate Assess Float Drift Everlasting Eternal Fool Idiot Evil Bad Foolish Silly Exit Leave Formerly Previously Expire Run out Fortunate Lucky Explode Blow up Fragrance Perfume Extra Additional Fun Entertaining Funny Amusing False 6 Untrue DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  7. 7. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( G & H ) Word Synonym Word Garbage Trash Hard Get Receive Hazard Danger Glad Happy Help Assist Sparkle High Tall Glitter Synonym Difficult Good Hint Tip Grab Seize Hole Gap Hall Corridor Home House Halt Stop Huge Enormous Handsome Good-Looking Hurry Rush Happily 7 Fine Fortunately Hurt Injure DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  8. 8. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( I, J & K) Word Synonym Word Synonym Ignore Disregard Inspect Examine Intelligent Clever Ill Sick Imagine Intend Mean Imitate Mimic Inventory Stock Immediate Instant Invoice Bill Impact Affect Jealous Envious Impartial Neutral Joy Delight Impolite Rude Job Work Important Significant Kid Child Innocent 8 Assume Harmless Kind Benevolent DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  9. 9. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( L & M ) Word Word Synonym Last Final Maintain Preserve Learn Memorize Make Build Lethal Deadly Maybe Possibly Listen Hear Midway Halfway Little Small Mild Gentle Lots Many Mimic Imitate Loving Fond Misery Distress Loyal Faithful Missing Lost Mad 9 Synonym Crazy Movie Film DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  10. 10. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( N & O ) Word Word Synonym Native Local Numerous Many Near Close Object Thing Necessary Essential Odd Strange Necessary Essential Old Ancient New Recent Operate Function Nice Pleasant Outgoing Friendly Nominate Appoint Outside External Non-Stop Continuous Overlook Miss Noon Midday Overseas Abroad Notify 10 Synonym Inform Oversee Supervise DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  11. 11. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( P & Q ) Word Word Synonym Part Section Praise Compliment Particular Specific Prompt Immediate Perfect Flawless Provide Supply Place Spot Put Keep Plan Plot Quick Fast Polite Courteous Quake Tremble Popular Favorite Quiet Peaceful Possibility 11 Synonym Opportunity Quite Fairly DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  12. 12. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( R & S ) Word Raise Real Receive Regret Reliable Remark Renew Respond Rest Rich Rock Rude Sad Safe 12 Synonym Lift Genuine Get Remorse Dependable Comment Resume Reply Relax Wealthy Stone Impolite Unhappy Secure Word Scared See Select Select Silly Sincere Sleepy Slim Steady Stop Suggest Sundown Sunrise Sure DELL YOUTH LEARNING Synonym Afraid Look Choose Choose Foolish Honest Drowsy Slender Firm Cease Propose Sunset Dawn Certain
  13. 13. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( T & U ) Word Synonym Word Synonym Talk Speak Uncommon Unusual Raw Temper Mood Uncooked Think Ponder Under Tiny Small Below Unfortunate Unlucky Transform Unlawful Illegal Trustworthy Reliable Unmarried Single Try Attempt Use Utilize True Right Usually Generally Ultimate 13 Convert Final Unusual Strange DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  14. 14. LIST OF SYNONYMS ( V, W, X, Y & Z) Word Word Synonym Vacant Empty Weird Strange Vain Useless Well Mannered Polite Valid Genuine Well Timed Timely Vary Differ Withstand Resist Vast Huge Wrong Incorrect Want Desire Yell Shout Weak 14 Synonym Feeble Zenith Peak DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  15. 15. Exercise Word Big Broad Intelligent Nice Weak Slim Rude Safe 15 Synonyms Large Wide Clever Pleasant Feeble Slender Impolite Secure DELL YOUTH LEARNING
  16. 16. 16