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Stieperaere Dylan

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  1. 1. Overview1. The company2. Goals3. The company’s stock price4. Reasons why the turnover is increased5. Investing in Kinepolis?6. Forecast7. Conclusion8. Sources
  2. 2. The company Euronext Brussels The ultimate movie experience Customer friendly Creating long-term value for shareholders
  3. 3. Goals Being: ◦ the best marketer ◦ the best and biggest cinema operator ◦ best cinema property manager
  4. 4. the company’s stock price
  5. 5. Reasons why the turnover isincreased The profit per costumer is increased Revenues of other activities Integration of Brightfish Good marketing A lot of revenues from advertisements
  6. 6. forecast Growing company ◦ A lot of innovation A lot of expansion Always popular
  7. 7. Investing in Kinepolis ? The company will grow The dividend is increasing Future looks good Not risky Stable stock price Good choice
  8. 8. Conclusion Growing company Good investment Great turnover / dividend Stable company
  9. 9. Sources en_entertainment/Kinepolis_krikt_divid end_stevig_op.9307363-
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention