Hayn portfolio 2012


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Dylan Hayn's 2012 Portfolio

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Hayn portfolio 2012

  1. 1. AC RH p o r t f o l i oDylan fallChristopherHayn 2012
  2. 2. Personal Project Winter2010 Wellington Burro This chest of drawers was designed and built as a wedding gift for friends. Walnut and maple were the species chosen. It was my first true attempt with traditional furniture building and I hope to continue exploring this medium.dylan hayn-portfolio 20122 0 1 0 P P. 0 1
  3. 3. dylan hayn - portfolio 2012 2010KA.01Knight Architecture Spring 2010 Pavilion Drawings The above drawings are a few of a schematic set for a pavillion at the New Haven Lawn Club. Though I did not contribute to the conceptual design I was enabled to produce the drawings from sketches done by the project architect.
  4. 4. GASP Logo Fall 2011 Clemson University An entry for the Clemson University Graduate Architecture Student Partnership logo. The challenge was to design a logo that speaks the language of architecture while including the prerequisite text. I leaned toward the more subtle... a design has yet to be chosen. GRADUATE ARCHITECTURE STUDENT PARTNERSHIP CLEMSON UNIVERSITYdylan hayn-portfolio 2012 PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL OF GRADUATE UNIVERSITY CLEMSON URE P R2 0 1 0 S W. 0 1 CLEMSON UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP STUDENT ARCHITECTURE GRADUATE PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL OF GRADUATE UNIVERSITY CLEMSON partnership architectur school of graduate
  5. 5. Knight Architecture Fall 2010Stair and Railing Improvements These drawings are a selection from a series of drawings I put together to for a historically sensitive building in need of some improvements. The marble steps had been worn from years of foot traffic and the project architect suggested an inset replacement step in conjunction with a new handrail. dylan hayn - portfolio 2012 2010KA.02
  6. 6. Knight Architecture Spring 2010 Custom Basin An axonometric drawing of custom janitor’s closet. Thisdylan hayn closet was the only solution I could find to meet the client’s needs without disturbing the historic building. The project was put on hold but I hope to one day see the idea come- to light.portfolio 20122010KA.03
  7. 7. Personal Project Summer 2009Iron Bed frame and Night stand This design sprang from the traditional four dylan hayn post bed with an industrial feel. Two inch iron pipe frames the bed. The pivoting night stand is wall mounted with a found mahogany top. - portfolio 2012 Personal Project 2007 - 2008 Spec Home 2 0 0 9 P P. 0 2 A spec home I designed and built as for a young family or retired couple. Highlights included geothermal heating, custom built-ins and hardwood throughout.
  8. 8. Knight Architecture Winter 2009 Home Library This home library project was thoroughly enjoyable. The residence holds historical significance, which the client embraced, and allowed us to improve the space with extensive built-in cabinetry.dylan hayn-portfolio 20122009KA.04
  9. 9. Personal Project Winter2008 Phone Case A phone case made of bubinga, an north African hardwood, with brass buttons. My goal was to keep a natural material in my hand while embracing technology. dylan hayn - portfolio 2012 2 0 0 8 P P. 0 3
  10. 10. Atlanta Library Spring 2012 Studio II A proposal for an Atlanta Library. This project had challenges which arose from a heavy program to be integrated into a suburban brown field site. childrendylan hayn meeting office stacks-portfolio 20122012KA.05
  11. 11. NYC Public Library Spring 2012 History/Theory II I chose to perform a study of Carrère and Hastings 1910 neoclassical landmark, The New York Public Library. I had previously worked on Woolsey Hall in New Haven, CT and jumped at the opportunity to further explore the work of these renowned architects. dylan hayn - portfolio 2012 2 0 1 2 S W. 0 2
  12. 12. Museum at the Highline Spring 2012 Studio IIdylan hayn This project was an exploration of a proposed modern art museum in a vacant lot on the lower west side adjacent to the Highline park. My proposal embraces the track to create a shared experience between those at the park and the museum patrons.-portfolio 2012 mechanical2 0 1 2 S W. 0 3 elevator escalator - typ. stairwell outdoor exhibition highline
  13. 13. dylan hayn - portfolio 2012 2 0 1 2 S W. 0 3 interior view