Dylan guarda cv 2013


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Dylan guarda cv 2013

  1. 1. DYLAN GUARDA guarda_dylan@hotmail.com Education 2013 – 2015 Masters of Arts in Education, Learning and Technology 2012 - 2013 Bachelor of Education, Primary/Junior — Inner City Option Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto 2007 - 2011 Honours Bachelors of Arts: Psychology York University Professional Development 2012 Certificate from the Educating for Peace and Justice: Action for Safe and Equitable Classrooms Schools and Communities Conference 2012 Attended Classroom Management Conference hosted by Jim Giles, ETFO Teaching and Related Expereince 2013 Internship Classroom Volunteer, in the Constance Lake First Nation Reserve at the Mamawmatawa Holistic Education Center. • Assisted homeroom teacher in delivering classroom curriculum. • Participated at extracurricular basketball and floor hockey with students during recess and lunch 2013 Student Teacher, Carelton Village Junior and Senior Public School, Toronto Practicum • Developed technologically integrated math and English lessons in a Grade 5 classroom that engaged the students. • Created center based learning stations and taught students through collaborative learning techniques. 2012 Student Teacher, Highview Public School, Toronto Practicum • Developed engaging lessons in a full-day kindergarten class that harnessed culturally relevant pedagogy and critical thought through interactive read alouds and hands on science activities • Attended Pathways presentations with my Associate Teacher and collaborated with other staff on assessment strategies and success criteria to be used in the kindergarten division 2011 – 2012 English Teacher, Teach and Learn Georgia (TLG) (Sept. – Jan.) • Worked as an English Teacher employed by the federal Georgian Government • Prepared motivating lessons and taught elementary students from kindergarten to grade 6 in a very minimalist setting through the heavy use of TPR, language through song, and other stimulating language games • Organized and ran extracurricular clubs, homework club; that helped students develop fluency and proficiency through structured conversation and athletics
  2. 2. club; that engaged the students through soccer and basketball 2012 – 2013 Volunteer Tutor, Pathways to Education, Unison Health and Community Services (Sept. – Apr.) • Working as a mentor to disenfranchised youth at risk through one-on-sessions where their current situation and choices are discussed and alternatives are suggested • Working to develop students with low literacy skills with administration of diagnostic assessment tools followed by a variety of reading and writing books chosen by the students’ interests 2010 – 2011 Volunteer Tutor, York University (Sept. – Apr.) • Worked one-on-one with a racialized and at risk Somali boy developing literacy and numeracy skills through holistic reading and writing approaches and interactive math challenges 2006 – 2007 Volunteer, Katimavik – Heritage Canada youth volunteer organization (Nov. – Aug.) • Worked in Newfoundland in a team environment restoring a railway heritage site, preparing it as an educational resource by arranging the artifacts and creating accompanying texts, and guiding students from local schools (Feb. – May) • Worked as a classroom assistant in British Columbia developing numeracy and literacy with special students, both gifted and special needs, through prescribed work and smaller group sessions and tutoring • Worked on developing social and physical skills of an autistic student through developing routines and establishing visual schedules • Organized and ran after school extracurricular homework clubs and intramural basketball leagues (May – Aug.) • Worked at a public golf course and ran youth tee-offs and training 2009 – Present Forest Fire Fighter, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES) • As a Crew Boss (promoted 2012) responsible for team member’s safety and making sure they comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act • This environment has allowed me to develop high communication skills, leadership skills, team work and problem solving in high stress situations Additional Information and Qualifications • Speaks Portuguese fluently • Up to date Emergency First Aid References Available upon request.