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  1. 1. COLIMBIA PROJECT By: Dylan Fernandez, Andres Arias, Daniel Navarrete
  2. 2. INFORMATION Official Name: República de Colombia. Capital: Bogotá. Independence day: July 20, 1810.
  3. 3. NATURAL FEATURES Area: 440,831 square miles (1,141,748 square kilometres), includes the San Andrés y Providencia archipelago. Climate:Tropical. Varies according to the altitude. Highest Peak: Pico Cristobal Colon, 19,020 feet (5,800 meters). Major Rivers: Magdalena, Cauca, Meta, Guaviare, Caqueta, Putumayo, Atrat o, Vaupes, Vichada. Mountain Ranges: Occidental, Central, Oriental
  4. 4. PEOPLE Population: 39,309,422 (July 1999 est.); 89.2, people per square mile (34.5 people per square kilometer); 73 percent urban, 27 percent rural. Major Cities: Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cucuta, Bucar amanga
  5. 5. PEOPLE Religions: Roman Catholicism, 95.4%. Language: Spanish (official). Leading Universities: National University of Colombia, University of the Andes, Javeriana Pontifical University, all in Bogota; Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, Tunja; University of Valle, Cali; University of Antioquia, Medellin; Industrial University of Santander, Bucaramanga
  6. 6. GOVERMENT Form of Government: Unitary republic. Chief of State and Head of Government: President; elected to four- year nonconsecutive terms by direct national vote. President:Alvaro Uribe Vélez Legislature: Congress consists of Senate and House of Representatives; members elected to four-year terms. Voting Qualification: Age 18. Political Divisions: 32 departments since July 1991, 1 capital district.
  7. 7. ECONOMY  Main Agricultural Products: Crops; sugarcane, potatoes, plantains, rice, bananas, cassavas, corn, coffee, flo wers. Livestock; cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens. Main Mined Products: Petroleum, natural gas, gold, coal, iron ore. Main Manufactured Products: Foods, textiles, chemicals, machinery, electrical apparatus, transport equipment, metal products.
  8. 8. ECONOMY Main Exports: Coffee, petroleum and petroleum products, fruits, flowers, iron and steel, textile and apparel. Main Imports: Machinery, chemicals, transport equipment. Monetary Unit: Peso.