alcoholic beverages


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alcoholic beverages

  1. 1. Alcoholic beverages Compiled by Dylan damascene martin B.Sc in hospitality and hotel management
  3. 3. THEORITICAL NOTE’S Prepared by DYLANDAMASCENE MARTIN I welcome all your valuable suggestions & comments regarding my notes. With love
  4. 4. BEVERAGES What is beverage? Any portable liquid which is alcoholic or non-alcoholic is known as beverages Beverages are mainly consumed to quench thirst , feel fresh , to compensate the loss of body fluid due to perspiration Beverage are basically classified into two types The word alcohol is derived from the Arabic al-kohl. Alcohol is generally defined as a liquid obtained through the fermentation of a sugar containing liquid . These are the beverage that contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol The percentage of alcohol in a drink varies from 0.5% to 95% depending on the method by which the alcohol is obtained alcoholic non- alcoholic
  5. 5. Alcoholic beverage classifications
  6. 6. They are of three types
  7. 7. Fermented drink Brewed and fermented drink Distilled drink
  8. 8. Fermented drink Wine cider Perry (Fermented grape juice) (Fermented apple juice) (Fermented pear juice) Red wine White wine Rose wine
  9. 9. Brewed & fermented drinks Beer sake (Obtained from cereals) Ales lagers
  10. 10. Distilled beverages Spirits liqueur Eaux-de vie Fruit brandy apple juice Whisky rum gin vodka tequila brandy Aurum Tia Maria
  11. 11. What is fermentation? Fermentation is a process in which sugar is converted into alcohol. It is a chemical reaction of yeast on sugar This process is basic of preparing all alcoholic beverages The alcoholic level of all fermented drink is normally between 4 to 14 % Fermentation process Yeast acts on sugar and converts one molecule of sugar into two molecule of ethyl alcohol and two molecule of carbon dioxide The alcohol level in fermented drink rises up to 14%. Once the alcohol level reaches 14% the yeast is killed later it brings the fermentation process to an halt (or) end. • yeast act's on • sugar gives out • alcohol and releases co2
  12. 12. These three are very necessary for fermentation to take place. yeast . sugar . temperature If there is absence of any one of these, fermentation will not take place Examples of fermented beverage are •WINE •CIDER •PERRY
  13. 13. What is distillation? The process in which alcohol is separated from the fermented juice by heating it. The process of distillation is that the ethyl alcohol or ethanol is boiled at a low temperature at. All spirits are produced by the distillation of alcoholic beverages Example of distilled are Brandy Whiskey Gin Rum Vodka Tequila What is stilling? The stilling is a process of separating alcohol from water. There are two types of still used for distilling spirits. 1. The pot still 2. Patent stilling
  14. 14. POT DTILLING
  16. 16. FERMANTED DRINKS WHINE is an alcoholic beverage obtained from fermented juice of freshly collected or gathered grapes . It can also be made using fruits, flower petals etc., it is prepared by crushing the fruit and fermenting its juices. They are classified on the basis of colour, taste, aroma present in it.
  17. 17. Classification of wine’s WHINE Stilled wine It is also known as Table wine or Dinner wine it is a whine which is obtained by the natural fermentation process without adding anything else to it. Still wines do not contain carbon dioxide . While preparing these wine the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation are allowed to escape and then being filled in the wine bottles. The alcoholic percentage is normally between 10 to 14% Red wine : these wine are made using black grapes the skin is allowed to remain in the fermenting must as the coloring pigment present in the skin gives the colour to the wine By following this method the red colour is obtained Red wine are best served at room temperature that is Stilled wine • white • red • rose sparkling wine • champagne fortified wine • sherry • port • madeira • marsala • malaga
  18. 18. Rose wine : these wine are made using red grapes they are even produced from the mixture of white and red grapes the skin is allowed to macerate in the must until the desired colour is being obtained by following this method the red colour is obtained Rose wine is served chilled at White wine: These wines are made using white grapes and even black grapes if wine is prepared using black grapes the skin of the black grapes has to be removed before crushing. the skin is being removed to prevent the wine from getting colored by following this method the white colour is obtained White wine are served chilled at
  22. 22. Sparkling wine Sparkling wine contains carbon dioxide . They are being bottled with the carbon dioxide . Carbon dioxide is not allowed to escape. The gas is prevented from escape the alcohol present in the bottle is between 10 to 13 %. The glass bottles used for sparkling wine has to be thick to withstand the pressure of the gas present behind the cork Best among sparkling wine is champagne Sparkling wine are served chilled at
  23. 23. Champagne
  24. 24. Fortified wine Fortified wine are still wine to which brandy is added This process increases the alcohol strength. It contains 15 to 24% of alcohol. It stops fermentation and it increases the wines shelf life These drinks are served both as a pre meal and post meal drink Best known fortified wines are Sherry, Masala, Port, and Madeira. Classification of fortified wine • sherry • port • Madeira • Marsala • Malaga still wine brandy fortified wine
  25. 25. SHERRY Sherry is an example of most demanded fortified wine. It comes from ‘Jerez’ district in the south of Spain the word cherry is an Anglicization of Jerez PORT Porto is an accompaniment of blue-veined cheese which is served traditionally served it is produced from the group grown in Upper douro valley of northern Portugal MADEIRA Madeira is a Portuguese fortified wind which comes from the island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean MARSALA Marsala is a fortified wine which comes from North West Sicily. It is made from the blend of white wine, brandy, heated must, which is then matured MALAGA Malaga is a sweet fortified wine that comes from Malaga on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is made from the grapes dried on the straw mats in the sun it is then mixed with concentrated grape juice after fermentation and then fortified
  26. 26. CIDER It is obtained from the fermentation of apple juice
  28. 28. PERRY Perry is obtained from the fermentation of pear juice. It is made that same way as cider.
  29. 29. PERRY BRANDS
  30. 30. BREWED & FERMENTED DRINKS It is similar to fortified drinks but the difference is whine is usually malted & crushed cereals, it is brewed in hot water to get maximum soluble sugar from the malt, and its then cooled and allowed to ferment with the addition of yeast Examples of Brewed & fermented drinks are Beer Sake
  31. 31. BEER’S Beer is brewed and fermented drink. Most beer are made from barley malt .ground up malt is added to hot water to make them get easily mashed. This process is called as ‘mashing’. The alcohol content in deer is between 4 to 10%
  34. 34. Classification of beers Lager: bottom fermented beer Lagers are probably the most common type of beer consumed. They were originated from the Central European country, which was named after the German "Lagern" (to store) Lagers are bottom- fermented, where the yeast culture ferments at the bottom of the fermenting vessel (or) tank. They were traditionally stored at a low temperature for weeks. The alcohol content of lager beer is 3–6% Ale beer: Top-fermented beers. Top-fermented beers tend to be more flavorsome. The beer have strong hop flavor including a variety of grain flavors and fermentation flavors. Stout: stout beer is produced by roasting the millets to give dark colour to it. The beer has strong malt flavor. Draft beer: These beers has to be kept refrigerated between 35°F and 40°F Draft beer has only 2 weeks shelf life. Diet beer: these are produced by special fermentation process. It contains high alcohol content. They are as same as lager beer which is low in calorie.
  35. 35. SAKE Sake is a Japanese drink which is obtained from their main crop rice.
  36. 36. DISTILLED DRINKS BRANDY (fermented grape juice ) GIN,WHISKY (fermanted cerial) TEQUILA (fermented sap of agave tequila weber) RUM (fermanted molasses) VODKA (fermanted potates or cerials)
  37. 37. GIN Gin: it is a spirit distilled from cereals and flavored with flavouring agents like juniper berries, orange peel, lime, coriander seeds Gin originated from Holland
  38. 38. Types of gin Holland gin London dry gin Holland gin: it is distilled twice using pot stilling methods London dry gin: it is first distilled in patent stiller and then distilled for the second time in the pot stiller.
  39. 39. GIN BRANDS
  40. 40. BRANDY Brandy: it is a spirit distilled from grapes (wine). Flavored brandies are named after the fruit used to flavor it; some examples are cherry brandy, peach brandy, and apricot brandy. It is stored between It is best served at room temperature Cognac is the famous famous brandy which is from France.
  42. 42. WHISKY Whisky: it is a spirit distilled from fermented barley, corn during fermentation the drink gets its amber colour.
  43. 43. Type of whisky Scotch Irish Canadian or rye American or us Bourbon whiskey Japanese Indian Scotch: it is world’s finest whisky Scotch whisky is distilled in Scotland Irish : Irish whisky is distilled in Ireland The Irish spells whisky as ‘whiskey’ Canadian: Canadian whisky is distilled in Canada American or us: American whisky is distilled in America The American’s spell whisky as ‘whiskey’ Bourbon whisky is named after the country bourbon which is prepared in Kentucky Tennessee whiskey is whisky is distilled in Tennessee Japanese : Japanese whisky is distilled in Japan Indian: Indian whisky is distilled in India
  44. 44. WHISKY BRANS
  45. 45. Tequila: Tequila originated from Mexico It is a spirit distilled from the fermented juice of Agave Tequilana Weber (Agave Tequilana Weber – it is a plant a type of plant)
  47. 47. Agave tequilana, commonly called blue agave or tequila agave It is an important economic product of Jalisco, Mexico It suitable for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.
  49. 49. RUM Rum: it is a spirit distilled from molasses or sugarcane juice (Molasses - which is a byproduct of sugarcane)
  50. 50. Types of rum: White or light rum Golden rum Dark rum Spiced rums Flavored rums Light rums: Light rums are light or clear in color. They are also referred to as white rum. They are often aged (or) stored for long years in glass lined barrel to prevent the rum from absorbing the colour of the barrel while storing them They have very little flavor and are used in cocktails Gold rums: Gold rums are also known as amber rums. They are often aged (or) stored for long years in charred oak barrels. To get the golden colour. Sometimes some or small amount of caramel is also added to it They have stronger flavor compared to light rums.
  51. 51. Dark rums: dark rum is darker in color such as black, red. They are aged (or) stored for long years in heavily charred oak barrels. To get the dark colour. Sometimes some amount of caramel is also added to it. They are stronger and sweeter than light and gold rums. Spiced rums: These rums obtain the flavor from spices or caramel. They are dark in color and may have spices such as cinnamon, rosemary, absinthe/aniseed, or pepper. Flavored rums: rums which infused (or) mixed with additional flavors such as banana, coconut, citrus, etc.
  52. 52. RUM BRANDS
  53. 53. VODKA Vodka: it is a spirit distilled from barley, corn, ray, potatoes It is a clear drink which is tast less odder less Vodka originated from Russia. The term ‘vodka’ is derived from the Slavic word voda (water) It is a national drink of Russia and Spain. Vodka is normally mixed with orange juice.
  54. 54. Types of vodka: Neutral vodka Flavored vodka Neutral vodka: it is distilled from grains or potato juice. Neutral vodka are highly rectified by filtering it through a activated charcoal This is done to get rid of the flavor and smell of potato. Flavored vodka: these are vodka that is flavored using natural flavored material. The flavorings added are to be named before it. For example orange flavored vodka, zubrowka vodka
  55. 55. VODKA BRANDS