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Fluid Studio Linked In Presentation

  1. 1. p 801 295 9820 f 801 951 5815 www.fluid-studio.net 1065 South 500 West Bountiful, Utah 84010
  2. 2. Contact me: Text “dyejo” to 50500 John Dye cell: 801.631.4736 email: johnd@fluid-studio.net web: www.fluid-studio.net Twitter: @dyejo Free service provided by http://contxts.com
  3. 3. LinkedIn
  4. 4. How many have a LinkedIn profile?
  5. 5. Before we begin . . . I am a firm believer in principles—out of the chute, you should know there is no “silver bullet” to networking
  6. 6. Create your Your LinkedIn profile is discover- personal able through search engines and on brand LinkedIn. Showcase your skills and talents so the right opportunities and people find you.
  7. 7. Network and With more than 37 million (re)connect members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Use the knowledge, experience, and connections of your network.
  8. 8. Share your LinkedIn is a good place to share wisdom and and exchange business information expertise online. Ask a question and get fast answers from your network and experts worldwide. Also, build your professional credibility by showcasing your knowledge, expertise, and interests by answering questions.
  9. 9. Connect with Having a LinkedIn presence allows opportunities those looking for someone with your experience, knowledge, and skills to find you. Conversely, when you’re looking for that special (and sometimes hard- to-find) talent, LinkedIn can help you locate it.
  10. 10. The basics
  11. 11. Create a · List your current and past profile positions & education. · Add a profile photo. · Add a summary paragraph.
  12. 12. Create your · Use webmail import to see “real-world” all the people you know who are network. already on LinkedIn. · Upload a contacts file from Outlook, Palm, ACT!, or Mac Address. · View your colleagues and classmates that are already on LinkedIn.
  13. 13. Leverage · Look up someone’s profile; see the power of who you know in common to get LinkedIn! off to a fast start! · Search for and select service providers based on trusted recommendations from people in your network.
  14. 14. Great http://learn.linkedin.com/ resource to find tips about LinkedIn:
  15. 15. Site Features
  16. 16. Homepage · View your latest messages and get network updates from colleagues and connections. · Read the latest news about your company, competitors, and industry and discuss it with colleagues. · Browse the latest jobs, questions, and answers that match your interests.
  17. 17. Profile The first impression is the most important impression.
  18. 18. Search · Search by name and other distinguishing characteristics to quickly locate the person you are looking for. · Use the advanced search to target specific skill sets or find subject- matter experts. · Conduct reference searches on potential job candidates and business partners. · Quickly search your inbox for important messages and information. · Find the right jobs, knowledge, or groups to make you more productive.
  19. 19. Applications LinkedIn has new applications that enable you to collaborate on projects, glean key insights, and present your work to the world’s largest professional network.
  20. 20. Jobs Helps you find or fill that next job using the power of your network. · Job seekers can utilize inside connections at potential employers to help land their next job. · Hiring managers can tap into a network of millions of profession- als to find the ideal candidate with the specific skill set and experience needed.
  21. 21. Groups Find and join communities of professionals based on common interest, experience, affiliation, and goals. Stay in touch with organizations, schools, and companies that you are and were a part of, network with professionals with similar interests and goals, and collaborate in a professional community online. Allows group organizations to extend their brand’s reach and strengthen the brand with existing users by providing additional value through LinkedIn’s features.
  22. 22. Answers Share business knowledge · Ask your question and get answers from your network and other experts worldwide · Showcase your knowledge, expertise, and interests by answering questions · Stay up on the latest in your industry and functional area
  23. 23. Service A directory containing service providers Providers that have been recommended by your network. Use the directory to quickly discover, research, and reference check service providers.
  24. 24. Company A powerful research tool that helps you Pages find and explore potential companies to work for or do business with.
  25. 25. Inbox The “control panel” for all of your LinkedIn user interactions. Whether you’re accepting an invitation to connect from an old colleague, requesting an introduction to a potential investor, or reviewing a forwarded profile of someone you may hire, all of these interactions pass through your inbox.
  26. 26. Mobile Get access to your connections, profiles, Applications and more when you need them. http://m.linkedin.com
  27. 27. Privacy To access these controls, click on the Settings “Account & Settings” link available on the top right of every page.
  28. 28. Events
  29. 29. Tips and Tricks
  30. 30. Increase your organic SEO with LinkedIn
  31. 31. “5 Tips http://www.emarketingandcommerce.com/ for Using story/5-tips-using-linkedin-business-tool LinkedIn as a Business Tool”
  32. 32. p 801 295 9820 f 801 951 5815 www.fluid-studio.net 1065 South 500 West Bountiful, Utah 84010