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Test unithjhg


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Test unithjhg

  1. 1. Universidadde Santiagode Chile Facultadde Humanidades Departamentode Educación Test Unit "Sports and healthy life" Name:__________________________________________ Date: / / Score: / Instructions: - Readcarefullyeachitem. - You have 90 minutestoanswerthe test. - Write clearly,andusingonlypen. - Nomobile phonesare allowedtobe usedduringthe test. I. Multiple Choice:Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences. 1.-___________ is a sport that takesplace in the water,inwhichyou needtouse all the muscles of yourbodyin orderto move itfrom the start to the finishline before the opponents. a) Golf b) Swimming c) Tennis d) Athletics e) Waterpolo 2.- Asmany sports,__________ is playedinteams.Everyplayermustbe alwaysbouncingthe ball theyplaywith,andtheycan't keep iton theirhandsfor more than three seconds.The goal isto bringthe ball in the opposite basket. a) Handball b) Football c) Basketball d) Soccer e) BasketCase 3.- ______________ are a type of junkfood,whichconsistsof meat,bread at the top and at the bottom,andsome sort of ingredients,suchastomato, avocado,bacon,cheese,onion,among others. a) Chips b) Pizzas c) Donuts d) Hamburgers e) Sweets 4.- ____________ isa disease characterizedbythe accumulationof fatinthe body. a) Alzheimer Mark:
  2. 2. Universidadde Santiagode Chile Facultadde Humanidades Departamentode Educación b) Obesity c) Migraine d) Headache e) Stomachache 5.- Eating_______ foodcan make you sufferfrom _________________. a) Rotten- Headaches b) Healthy - Headaches c) Rotten - StomachAches d) Rotten - Tooth Aches e) Healthy - Stomach Aches II. Listeningcomprehensionactivity:answer the followingquestionsaccording to what you hear in the audio file.Comprensión auditiva:respondelassiguientespreguntasdeacuerdo a lo que escuchesen el audio. 1) What are the three thingsparentmustdo to avoidthe effectsof junkfoodadson their children? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2) Why are these adsso attractive tochildren? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 3) In youropinion,should junkfood adsbe prohibited? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Universidadde Santiagode Chile Facultadde Humanidades Departamentode Educación III. Underline the correct alternative, either much or many. 1. How ____ water did you drink today? a) much b) many 2. ______children do exercise at least 3 hours per week. a) much b) many 3. How _____ hours of English do you have at school? a) much b) many 4. Yesterday, I bought ________ apples in the supermarket a) much b) many 5. I don't eat ________ bread for breakfast a) much b) many 6. Susan wouldn't do _______ exercises, even if she had the time to do so. a) much b) many IV. Readingcomprehension:read the followingtextsand determine ifthe statements beloware eitherTrue (T) or False (F). History of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are an international sports competition which are held every four years in a different city. Thousands of athletes from all over the world compete against each other in individual and team sports. Over 1 billion people watch the games on TV. The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. They were called the ancient games and lasted until the 4th century A.D. The modern games began in 1896, when the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin revived the games to bring peace and friendship to the young people all over the world. Today, there are summer and winter games. Up to 1994 both games were held in the same year, but now they are staged two years apart from each other. The Olympic Games begin with the opening ceremony. Athletes from all the participating nations march into the stadium. Greece comes in first, because it was the first nation to hold the Olympics and the host nation comes in last. The Olympic flag is raised and a chosen athlete lights the Olympic flame. It is a symbol of spirit, knowledge and life. The fire comes from Olympia , a small town in Greece and many runners transport the flame in a torch relay to the site of the games. It burns from the opening ceremony until the end of the games. The Olympic rings were created in 1913 and represent the five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas). a)______ Pierre de Coubertincreated the Olympicgames b)______ The Olympicgames,aswe know themtoday,beganinthe last yearsof the XIXcentury. c)______ The purpose of the modernOlympicgameswas to unifypeoplearoundthe world. d)______ Everytwo years,bothsummerand wintergamestake place. e)______ Greece isthe firstcountry to getintothe stadiumbecause the Olympicgamesalways takesplace there. f)_______ The Olympicfire isonly extinguishedwhenthe gamesend.
  4. 4. Universidadde Santiagode Chile Facultadde Humanidades Departamentode Educación V. Read the textbelowand complete the gapswith one of these expressions:that,when,who, which. The girl _____ livesnextdoor,Charlotte, isaprofessional tennis player. She hasbeenintothissportsince 2003, _____ she was justtenyears old. Charlotte'sfamilyhassupportedherall the way,because herparentsthought_____ itwouldbe useful for theirdaughtertohave a hobby,_____ she coulddevelop later, as the time goesby.Charlotte andI are verygood friends,and she has taughtme how and ______ I am supposedtohitthe ball, the correct positiontodoso, and also______ no matterhow impossible ourdreamscouldbe,because people _____ love us are alwaysthe greatestsupportwe have tochase what we want.