Love is Hurt

At some point I’m sure…We must get together towards Paris. Although for a while we split, time
empty seat. There is only one empty seat, the place where Sandy was sitting right
next to the bench, “Dira. Happened to be...
Their parents still living room. Only those who wereforced to talk both of the garden
behind the house Sandy.
“You rea...
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Love is hurt


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Love is hurt

  1. 1. Love is Hurt One At some point I’m sure…We must get together towards Paris. Although for a while we split, time willbring us. Trust… Sandy awoke from his dream. Paris? I’m just dreaming. Yes, this is definitely a dream!. She muttered. Head feels heavy. She saw a dim light in the window What time is it? The clock showed 6:25 a.m. Sandy rose from his bed, trotted into the bathroom next to the closet. Long she’s in here, until the door is opened perfume spread throughout the room. Sandy look neater than when she woke up. She immediately sat down in one of the small chairs facing the mirror. Curly hair is a mess. Gently combing her hair black. 5 minutes passed, Sandy ran down the stairs to a large table with six chairs around it. Not alone, a woman was sitting pretty on one chair. “Ma. Apparently first. Cook today?” Asked Sandy. She looked at her, She then replied with a smile, “Tuna and vegetable kale” She answer. Sandy paused, Then smiled.She sat facing her. *** She is almost too late. Leaky bicycle tire middle way. She immediately ran into the room painted gray. 2IPA3, Hanging paper she passed. She entered the room just as the bell rings. Rear corner. Oh my god!. She muttered again. She passed over to three people near the old door. “Morning Sandy! New left huh? Not usually late” Her voice sounded smooth and friendly. Ardi, tall white woman with china’s descendant face and embrance the Sandy shoulder. Sandy replied with a jolt, “Uh, yeah. Waking up late” She said nervously. “Dreaming of the past huh? Hahaha…” Woman besides Ardi was grinning broadly, showing his teeth are lined up neatly. Tara. Sweet girl with hair braids righteous in such a way that she is. Red Sandy cheeks, and she smiled, “Not really” She said again. “Homeroom coming! Quickly return to your seats each!” Tall woman with dimples on either side of it looks sweet. Hair neatly with black hair tie. Students in the class immediately ran towards the bench respectively. Brown-haired woman with a bun that does not come alone, along with a tall, powerfully built roughly proportional to the age old Sandy. “Morning children. Introduce it Dira. New transfer student from Singapore. Please intoduce ypurself, Dira” She had invited her new students to introduce themselves. The man took a step, after catching him breath he said, “Introduced. My name Dira Ardiyansah. I moved from school in Singapore. I used to live in Indonesia. But due to my father’s work, and then I moved mith my family for a while.” The man smiled. Complete introduction, he is welcome to find an
  2. 2. empty seat. There is only one empty seat, the place where Sandy was sitting right next to the bench, “Dira. Happened to be in the back corner there was an empty seat. Simply in a while you should not sit there” One woman show bench beside Sandy. Dira quickly walked to the bench beside her. Two I thought he was friendly, it was… She muttered. Just one day sit together with Dira, but like Tom & Jerry movie since the first lesson starts they always fight. Some of the problems are trivial. “Should wear proper eye! Already know water bottle still made spill” Dira snapped. Followed by Sandy who also snapped, “Wrong bottle is put there! I do not see it!” Sandy point the bottle upside down position. Clear liquid on the floor and even the spread slowly “You’re a mop!” Dira snapped. Do not want! Wrong to put the bottle in any place! Sandy and left. She was out of line yelling crazy new kid. Last lesson she still remained hostile. Got home she was crying. She never yelled at by man. More so since it was new in school Sandy. *** 1 month has passed. They still continue to fight every day. It was something so trivial, they always exaggerate. Sandy arrivals this week that according to special parents. Mama and papa old friend came all the way from Singapore. Sandy still asleep, still her dream world before someone knocked on her door. Behind the door of a woman’s voice calling her name softly. Sandy awakened. Reflex she has been sitting pretty on her bed. Why the early morning wake me mama? This feeling Sunday. She muttered. The appearance is still messy, Sandy turn the key to open the door. “Why?” Sandy frowned. She smiled. Softly she said “There are, a quick shower and then wear a neat down ya meet her guests” She said and left. Sandy still stood motionless. She then noticed her appearance. Mess. Sandy immediately ran to the bathroom the same, that every day she used to bathe. 10 minutes passed, Sandy appearance changed. With a long blue dress she soon descended the stairs. Leading to a room is neat with a few people in it. Sandy eyes dilated. See burly man sits smiling kindly. Three “You?” Sandy pointed him with a puzzled face. Dira are at home. Sat beside her father who was smiling at him. “Sandy, here. Your old friend, Adryan. You remember?” Her father asked with a smile that was so friendly. Then headed to the memory of her past… Adryan? Not one of these Adryan the first? Adryan a chubby who likes to eat chocolate? Who aspire to lead with Paris? Dira and Sandy really are now in the garden alone.
  3. 3. Their parents still living room. Only those who wereforced to talk both of the garden behind the house Sandy. *** “You really Sandy Aulina Duport?” Asked Dira Sandy staring eyes. Sandy smiled and riplied “Yes it’s me. And you really Dira Ardyansah?” Sandy asked as she tilted her head. Dira bear. Feel guilty often yell and scold Sandy, Dira immediately said, “Sorry for this…” Dira said while looking at the green grass, “I often yell you” last Dira eyes Sandy. Sandy followed by a friendly nod. They pooled their little finger and promised to be friend forever… *** 1 year later… They have graduated from Senior High School. Is still off. 2 more day Dira birthday 19. Sandy has purchased a special gift for Dira. From 2 pieces towards Paris tickets. It was so exciting for Sandy before… Dira accident. Sandy on his way home. Dira currently still in the coma. Sandy is still there. Wait Dira awakened. With a heavy step she sat beside the bed Dira. Dira holding hands and said “Dira. I’m still here. Arise. Tomorrow’s your birthday” no answer. “Dira, as we are friend. Sake of your future. Come on, get up” Dira remain silent “Dira. I love you and I hope you understand it”… *** The next day, Dira declared dead. Sandy noy stopped crying. Tikets still she held. In the river that afternoon, Sandy wrote letters to God, Dear God… Dira I really love the same But, I do know that God care about Dira God, keep Dira God knows what I feel And God never leave me, I believe it :) Signed : Sandy Aulina Duport Sandy fold the paper into a boat. She put the ticket on the boat. Let the sea and Sandy immediately. Paper boat cruised on the river without purpose…
  4. 4. THE END