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everything you need to know to sell voice

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Clear Voice

  1. 1. 332105063500<br />Clear Voice<br />Everything You Need To Know toSuccessfully Sell Voice<br />Table of Contents<br /> TOC o " 1-3" h z u Top Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Clear Voice PAGEREF _Toc236021623 h 3<br />Key product benefits PAGEREF _Toc236021624 h 3<br />Requirements PAGEREF _Toc236021625 h 3<br />Limitation PAGEREF _Toc236021626 h 3<br />Analog Line Support PAGEREF _Toc236021627 h 3<br />Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PAGEREF _Toc236021628 h 4<br />Overview PAGEREF _Toc236021629 h 4<br />Home Networking & Security PAGEREF _Toc236021630 h 5<br />Calling Information PAGEREF _Toc236021631 h 5<br />Billing and Rate Plan Information PAGEREF _Toc236021632 h 6<br />Network & System Requirements PAGEREF _Toc236021633 h 8<br />911 Information PAGEREF _Toc236021634 h 8<br />Feature Activation PAGEREF _Toc236021635 h 8<br />Voicemail PAGEREF _Toc236021636 h 10<br />Local Number Portability PAGEREF _Toc236021637 h 11<br />Troubleshooting FAQs PAGEREF _Toc236021638 h 12<br />Clear Voice Feature Guide PAGEREF _Toc236021639 h 13<br />Installation Tips PAGEREF _Toc236021640 h 14<br />Phone Adapter PAGEREF _Toc236021641 h 14<br />Fax machines PAGEREF _Toc236021642 h 16<br />Alarm Systems, Credit Card Machines, and Other Analog Devices PAGEREF _Toc236021643 h 17<br />Inside Wiring PAGEREF _Toc236021644 h 18<br />Top Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Clear Voice<br />Key product benefits<br /><ul><li>Saves money
  2. 2. Low monthly cost
  3. 3. Minimal taxes and fees
  4. 4. Great international rates
  5. 5. Feature rich service
  6. 6. Advanced call forwarding
  7. 7. Voicemail to email
  8. 8. Simultaneous ring
  9. 9. Remote access to MyAccount
  10. 10. Quality phone service
  11. 11. QoS ensures the best possible call quality on every call</li></ul>Requirements<br /><ul><li>Active Clear broadband service
  12. 12. Minimum CINR ≥ 8
  13. 13. Analog phone, 5.8 Ghz multi-station cordless phone preferred</li></ul>Limitation<br /><ul><li>Only one line per ATA and broadband connection at this time</li></ul>Analog Line Support<br />Customers will be able to use devices that require an " Analog Line" over their Clear Voice Service. Typical devices include: <br /><ul><li>Fax Machines
  14. 14. Credit Card Machines
  15. 15. DirecTV DVR's and older DirecTV Tivo's
  16. 16. Dish Network DVR's</li></ul>Alarm systems are not recommended and not supported at this time.<br />Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)<br />Overview<br />What is Clear Voice?<br />Clear Voice is telephone service over a broadband connection. Customers can make and receive local and long distance telephone calls the same way they would with traditional phone service and they can use the same telephone. They do not need a computer to make calls.<br />Is Clear Voice service different from my regular telephone service?<br />Making calls with Clear Voice Service is virtually the same as making calls on your regular telephone. The service includes basic features like Call Waiting and Caller ID, as well as advanced features like Simultaneous Ring and Voicemail to Email. <br />Will calls on the Clear Voice line interfere with an existing landline?<br />No. Clear Voice operates independently from landlines. Making calls on one line will not interfere with calls on the other line.<br />Is broadband access included with Clear Voice service?<br />No, however Clear broadband service is required in order to use Clear Voice.<br />Who can Clear Voice customers call?<br />Customers can use Clear Voice Service to make and receive calls just as they would with regular phone service regardless of what type of phone service the person they are calling has. <br />Can customers browse the Web and make calls simultaneously?<br />Yes, Clear Voice Service allows customers to use the phone and surf the Internet at the same time.<br />Where is information about E911 located?<br />E911 service information and limitations can be found in the E911 Information section in this document, or online at <br />Will customers be able to use Clear Voice service if the power goes out?<br />No. If the power goes out, Clear Home Internet and Clear Voice services will not function. However, customers can install an uninterruptable power supply that will enable their Clear services to work in the event of a power outage. Stores like Best Buy sell these devices for around $40.<br />For online orders, how long will it take for customers to receive the Clear Voice Adapter?<br />Shipping time will depend on the customer’s geographic location as well as confirmation of E911 availability. In general, customers should receive their new Clear Phone Adapter within 3 to 5 business days. If they do not receive the adapter within 7 business days, please contact Clear Customer care at 888.888.3113.<br />What equipment will customers receive in the Clear Voice Adapter?<br />The kit contains the following items:<br /><ul><li>Quick Start Guide
  17. 17. Phone adapter
  18. 18. Ethernet Cable
  19. 19. Power Adapter </li></ul>What should they do if components are missing from the Clear Voice Adapter?<br />If any of the aforementioned components are damaged or missing from the kit, please contact Clear Customer Care at 888.888.3113. <br />How will the Clear Voice adapter be sent? <br />If the customer ordered your Clear Voice Service online or requested your phone adapter to be shipped, it will be sent via U.S. Mail.<br />Where can I access the Terms & Conditions of Clear Service?<br />To access and/or print the Terms & Conditions of Clear Services, go to <br />How do customers receive a Clear Voice number?<br />When signing up for the service they will be provided a new phone number associated to the address of their Clear Voice Service.<br />Can customers have a phone number in a different area code than their home phone?<br />No, Clear is only offering new phone numbers in the state and city where their Clear Home Internet Service is located.<br />How can I find the rate center and determine if a phone number can be ported to Clear?<br />You can check for LNP eligibility in BOSS under Operations, then Manual LNP Check. A job aid can be found here: <br />How reliable is Clear Voice over Clear Home Internet?<br />Clear Voice has been thoroughly tested on the Clear network and has been proven to be a great quality phone service. Of course, the quality of the phone service is dependent on the quality of the broadband connection. For this reason, Clear requires a minimum CINR or 8 or greater.<br />What email address should I enter at the end of the buying process?<br />You should enter the customer’s primary email address. This can be a Clear email address or an email address from any other email service provider.<br />Home Networking & Security<br />Can customers plug multiple telephones into the Phone adapter using a telephone line splitter?<br />Yes. They can plug a telephone line splitter into the phone one jack on the back of the phone adapter, and then plug two telephones into the splitter. Both telephones will function on that single line. <br />Can customers get a virus from having Clear Voice Service?<br />No, having Clear Voice service does not increase the risk of viruses. As a rule, customers should ensure that they exercise good security practices by having an anti-virus service and a personal firewall in place. We encourage customers to have auto-scans and automated virus definition updates in place.<br />Calling Information<br />Do customers have to speak through the computer to use Clear Voice service?<br />No, they do not need a computer to use Clear Voice service. They can use any standard touchtone telephone or cordless telephone provided they have obtained and activated their phone adapter.<br />What types of telephones work with Clear Voice Service?<br />Any standard corded or cordless touchtone telephone will work with the digital voice adapter. We suggest using a cordless phone with multiple handsets to increase your level of freedom and convenience. To reduce interference with Clear Home Internet and standard Wi-Fi routers, it is recommended to use 5.8 Ghz cordless phones.<br />Can customers connect a home alarm or security system to their Clear Voice Service?<br />No, at this time Clear Voice Service does not support home alarm or security systems.<br />How do customers make local calls?<br />Customers can make local calls by dialing the 7 digit phone number or dialing the 3 digit area code plus the 7 digit phone number. A local call is any call within the same area code.<br />How do customers make long distance calls?<br />They make long distance calls by dialing the 3 digit area code and 7 digit phone number. A long distance call is any call outside the customer’s area code.<br />How do customers make international calls?<br />Direct dial international calls can be made by dialing 011, the country code, and the phone number. All international calls are billed at competitive per-minute rates, which can be found at Rates are subject to change without notice. Please note: In order to decrease the likelihood of fraud, it is not possible to make calls to the following countries:<br /><ul><li>Cook Islands
  20. 20. Guinea-Bissau
  21. 21. Nauru
  22. 22. Papua New Guinea.
  23. 23. Sao Tome & Principe
  24. 24. Tokelau
  25. 25. Tuvalu
  26. 26. Kiribati
  27. 27. Vanuatu </li></ul>Can outgoing international calls be blocked?<br />Yes, outgoing international calls can be blocked with the exception of Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Go to My Account and Features management and disable the ability to make out-going calls. International calling can be re-activated at any time by changing the status in My Account.<br />Can Clear Voice customers receive incoming collect calls?<br />No. At this time, it's not possible to receive incoming collect calls.<br />Can customers dial 911 on my Clear Voice Service?<br />Yes, all customers can dial 911 using Clear Voice Service. Confirmation of E911 availability is required before activation of Clear Voice Service. However, E911 capability is not available in some areas. There are key differences between traditional 911 calling and 911 calling on any VoIP service. Please review the 911 Information section in this document, or online at<br />Can customers make toll-free calls (such as 800, 888, 877, 866 calls)?<br />Yes, customers can place calls to these toll-free numbers.<br />Can customers make operator assisted calls with Clear Voice Service?<br />No, this feature is not currently available.<br />Can customers make 411 directory assistance calls with Clear Voice Service?<br />Yes, customers can dial 411 on their Clear Voice Service phone. They will reach Directory Assistance which provides you both White Pages and Yellow Pages listing information. However, this does not provide any information on unlisted phone numbers. 411 directory assistance is available for an additional charge of $0.99 per call. <br />Can customers make 900 or 976 calls with Clear Voice Service?<br />No, these services are not currently available.<br />Can customers make other N11 calls (such as 211, 611, and 711)?<br />Clear Voice supports 711 to accommodate hearing and speech disabled individuals. Additional information is available at <br />Can customers use dial-around (i.e. 10-10) numbers with Clear Voice Service?<br />No, these services are not currently available.<br />Can customers use Clear Voice Service to make TDD (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) calls?<br />No, TDD capability is not currently available.<br />Billing and Rate Plan Information<br />What regions are included in unlimited long distance calling under the Clear Voice service plan? <br />The Clear Voice Service plan includes calls to all of the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.<br />Where can customers view calling history?<br />Inbound and outbound call detail is provided on the Call Activity page on your Clear My Account service site. Go to and log into My Account.<br />Is there a termination fee if customers cancel Clear Voice Service?<br />Yes. Customers under contract will be charged an early termination fee if they choose to cancel their service prior to the fulfillment of the service term. Information about terminating service can be found at <br />Is there a service activation charge to sign up for Clear Voice Service?<br />There are no activation fees to sign up for Clear Voice Service unless the customer adds Clear Voice Service after activating their Clear Home Internet service and they are not under contract.<br />Is there a charge for changing the customer’s telephone number?<br />If the customer changes their primary telephone number from the one they originally received for your Clear Voice Service, they will be assessed a one-time service fee of $9.99 for that change. This fee will show up on their next bill.<br />What is the Clear Voice Service cancellation policy?<br />The Clear Voice Service Cancellation and Return Policy follow the same policy as Clear Home Internet Service:<br /><ul><li>Customers may only cancel the Clear Voice Service in the first seven (7) days, and all charges will be credited in full.
  28. 28. In the event the customer does not terminate the Clear Voice Service within seven (7) days, the early termination fee will apply.</li></ul>Not withstanding the foregoing, if Clear cannot confirm a customer’s E911 address upon initial service activation, they will be credited any charges in full for Clear Voice Service and the Clear Voice Service contract will be terminated.<br />When does billing start?<br />For an existing Clear customer, Clear Voice Service will bill on the same date as their Clear Home Internet Service. If the service is activated on a different day of the month than their bill date, their first month will be pro-rated. For all new Clear Home Internet and Voice Service customers, the bill date is the day the order was completed plus one. For example, if the order is completed on the 15th, the bill date is the 16th. <br />What is the Federal Universal Service Fund and why do consumers and businesses have to pay into it? <br />The Federal Universal Service Fund, or USF, helps to make phone service affordable and available to all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high, school and libraries and rural health care providers.  All telephone companies providing interstate service must contribute to the USF and are permitted to pass their contribution costs on to their customers. The purpose of this charge is to recover our required USF contribution amount attributable to each customer’s interstate and international service charges.. The money collected from the Federal Universal Service Fee is paid by Clear into the Universal Service Fund. <br />Effective October 1, 2006 Clear implemented the Federal Universal Service Fee as mandated by the FCC.  This total USF fee will likely range from 6-10% of phone service charges including the standard fee and international long distance service charges. Specifically, under the FCC’s rules, Clear will compute the USF fee monthly based on the following formula: <br /> [(64.9% x Monthly Service Fee) + International call charges] x the FCC-specified contribution percentage which changes on a quarterly basis (currently 9.1%).<br />This is the same contribution percentage that is assessed by the FCC on traditional voice providers. Clear will not provide advance notice of changes to the quarterly Universal Service Fund contribution percentage except as required by law. This new USF charge will appear as a separate line item called the Universal Service Fund Fee.<br />Are you applying the Universal Service Fund Fee to Internet service?<br />No, the FCC’s rules exempt revenues from Internet service in its assessment on us; therefore we do not apply the fee to Internet service. <br />Is there an FCC web site for additional information about the Federal Universal Service Fund?<br />You can visit<br />Network & System Requirements<br />What are the minimum system requirements for using Clear Voice Service?<br />Customers must have the following to use Clear Voice Service: <br /><ul><li>Active Clear Home Internet Service
  29. 29. A regular telephone (corded or cordless) with telephone cord</li></ul>Is a computer required in order to use Clear Voice Service?<br />No, a computer is not required to make or receive calls. However, customers will need access to the Internet to administer their account and to manage many of the service features using the online Account Manager.<br />911 Information<br />What is 911 & how does it work?<br />911 is a special phone call that rings directly to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) often operated by the Sherriff’s office in your county. E911 or enhanced-911 means the emergency dispatcher will have your address even if you don’t or can’t say anything on the call. All telephone companies, including Clear, are required by the FCC to provide 911/e911 service to every subscriber. Clear provides 911 service for our phone customers everywhere we offer phone service. In fact, we will not even turn on the phone until we have a good address and we know the 911 call will work.<br />Why is the correct address so important?<br />Local telephone companies like Qwest and AT&T maintain an address database called the MSAG. These are the addresses transmitted to the dispatcher when a call is made to an e911 equipped PSAP. Clear is responsible for having an accurate address for the customer’s location where they will be using the service. Please note, this is the 911 address and it’s different than the service, billing and shipping addresses.<br />What happens if I move the telephone service?<br />After initial installation, the customer is free to move the telephone service anywhere else on Clear’s network and make phone calls. However, they must update the new 911 service address by going to, then logging in to “My Account”. They can also call Customer Care at 888.888.3113. The request will take 3-5 days, and they will receive an email confirmation once 911 dialing has been activated at the updated address. E911 may not be available at the new address, and if it is not available, the customer’s Clear Voice Service will be disconnected or suspended. If the customer moves and fails to update the address, then calls 911, the emergency vehicles respond to the old address.<br />Should customers test 911 Dialing?<br />No, customers do not need to test 911 dialing. They will receive an email confirmation that their E911 capability has been activated. Once they receive this email confirmation, E911 will be available to them.<br />When doesn’t 911 work & why?<br />Clear Voice Service requires a working broadband connection and power. Unlike traditional phone service that works during a power outage, Clear’s phone service does not. This is a critical point to convey to our customers when they are signing up for service. Of course we describe this in our terms of service but let’s tell them verbally, at least once during the sales process. Plugging the RSU and ATA into an uninterruptible power supply will provide added protection in the case of a power outage. <br />Feature Activation<br />What happens to calls if the customer’s Clear Home Internet Service is not working?<br />If the Clear Home Internet service is not working, calls to the customer’s Clear Voice line will be routed to their voicemail box. Customers will have to retrieve their messages by dialing into their voicemail box from another phone line.<br />Does faxing work over the Clear Voice line? <br />Yes, customers can send and receive faxes on their Clear Voice line. They should dial *99 and then the number they are faxing, or program their machine to automatically dial *99 on every call. Also, the following fax machine settings should be used in conjunction with Clear Voice service:<br /><ul><li>Turn of Error Correction Mode
  30. 30. Set Baud rate to 9600
  31. 31. Set Resolution to Standard</li></ul>Why would customers want a Secondary Number?<br />Secondary numbers allow customers to have a local number in different cities. For example, a customer that resides in Stockton, California and has a primary number with a Stockton area code can get a secondary number associated with Visalia, California. This allows their friends and families who reside in Visalia, CA to call them at this local number so that they do not incur any long distance charges. <br />If the customer’s secondary number area code is different than their home number area code, will people calling them be charged long distance charges?<br />It depends. Callers may be charged long distance or local charges based upon the relationship of their area code and number to the customer’s primary or secondary numbers.<br />How many phone numbers can customers have with Clear Voice Service?<br />Customers can have only one primary number from Clear Voice Service. This number must be an area code associated to the service address of the Clear Voice Service. This primary number will be the number that all calls originate from and the number that appears on others' Caller ID displays. Customers can have up to sixteen secondary numbers in the same city or different cities where Clear offers secondary numbers. These secondary number are available for $9.99 per month.<br />Can customers forward their Clear Voice line to any phone number?<br />Yes. With Advanced Call Forwarding, customers can forward their Clear Voice calls to any phone number in the U.S. or Canada.<br />If the customer’s Clear Voice line is forwarded to another phone number, will their secondary numbers be forwarded?<br />Yes. When Advanced Call Forwarding is enabled, the entire phone line is forwarded (i.e. all incoming calls) to another destination.<br />How many numbers can customers forward my Clear Voice to? <br />With Advanced Call Forwarding, customers can forward their Clear Voice line to up to 10 numbers. They can even select whether to have all 10 destination numbers ring all at once or one after the other.<br />Can customers change their Clear Voice phone number?<br />Yes, they can change their number by contacting Customer Care at 888.888.3113.<br />How many numbers can be screened with the Clear Voice Call Screening feature?<br />Up to 10 numbers may be screened. Customers can add and remove numbers at any time as well as screen all calls from all private or unknown numbers.<br />What happens when people whose numbers are screened call?<br />When a certain phone number is screened, any incoming calls from that number will automatically be forwarded to voicemail.<br />What happens when customers forward their Clear Voice line but they are screening some phone numbers at the same time?<br />Call Screening always takes priority over Advanced Call Forwarding settings. So even though the line is forwarded, people calling from screened phone numbers will continue to be automatically directed to voicemail.<br />What happens when Advanced Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb are activated at the same time?<br />Do Not Disturb always takes priority over Advanced Call Forwarding settings. So in this case, even though the line is forwarded, incoming calls would still be directed to voicemail.<br />When Simultaneous Ring is on, which voicemail will the caller be sent to? <br />With Simultaneous Ring, the voicemail that picks up first is where the caller will leave the message. For example, if the Clear voicemail is set to pick up after 4 rings and the cell phone’s voicemail is set to pick up after 6 rings, the voicemail will be left in the Clear voicemail box. <br />Does the Clear number need to be listed in the Advanced Call Forwarding feature in order for it to ring?<br /> Yes, customers must list their Clear number if they want it to be included in their call forwarding scenarios.<br />Can customers call toll-free numbers?<br />Yes, customers can make calls to toll-free numbers such as 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, etc.<br />Is 7-digit dialing available with Clear Voice service?<br />Yes, Clear Voice service allows for 7-digit dialing or 10 digit dialing (area code plus number) for any number within the same area code as the primary phone number. For all local or long distance calls outside your area code, the customer is required to dial 10-digit or 11-digits (1+ 3-digit area code + 7-digit number).<br />Can customers see a detailed view of their Clear Voice usage?<br />Yes. They can view their Clear Voice usage by going to, My Account management. They will need to go to the Clear Voice section and then click on usage history. Usage is broken down by date, time, inbound/outbound, other party phone number, length and charges for each call.<br />Voicemail<br />How many voicemail boxes are included with Clear Voice Service?<br />One voicemail box is included with Clear Voice service. Unanswered calls to the customer’s phone number or any secondary numbers will be directed to that same voicemail box.<br />How do customers access voicemail?<br />There are two ways to access voicemail:<br /><ul><li>By telephone. Customers can access voicemail by dialing *98 when calling from their own phone. If they are calling from another phone, such as their cell phone or work phone, they can dial their Clear Voice number, then press “9” and follow the prompts.
  32. 32. By email.Customers can choose to have their voicemail sent to their email address as a .wav attachment. They can then listen to voicemail by opening the attachment (the file will normally play in either Windows Media Player or some other player). Voicemail will not be transcribed into text format. Rather, customers can listen to messages the way they were recorded. Until they open the email message, they can continue to retrieve these messages by dialing into the voicemail box.</li></ul>How many messages can the mailbox hold?<br />25<br />What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?<br />3 minutes<br />How long can the personal greeting be?<br />30 seconds <br />Can customers receive messages via email?<br />Yes. In the features dashboard they can change their voicemail settings so that they receive voicemail via email. By choosing email, each voicemail message will be sent as a WAVE (.WAV) attachment to the email account. Customers can listen to their messages as often as they wish, or forward them to other email addresses.<br />What type of Voicemail Greetings can be used? <br />You can record your own personal greeting or use the default greeting.<br />Can customers change the number of rings before voicemail picks up?<br />Yes. Customers can set the number of rings between 1 and 9 under the Voicemail section in the Features Dashboard. <br />How long are my messages stored?<br />New or skipped messages are saved for 21 days. Saved messages are stored for 7 days. If the customer receives their voicemail via email, new messages are automatically archived and stored for 7 days. <br />Will customers be notified that a message will be deleted?<br />Yes. They will hear a deletion warning message and may save the message again to prevent deletion.<br />How will customers know that they have a Voicemail message?<br />They will hear a series of tones before the dialtone. These tones are not heard if the customer receives voicemail via email.<br />How do the customer know when the message was left?<br />There is a date and time playback header on messages. This can be turned on or off by pressing 5. <br />What are the Voicemail Playback options?<br />Here are the options: <br />0 – Help Message<br />1 – Rewind 10 seconds<br />2 – Pause<br />3 – Skip forward<br />3-3 – Go to the end of the message<br />4 – Slow playback down<br />5 – Play envelope<br />6 – Speed playback up<br />7 – Ignore<br />8 – Normal volume<br />9 – Louder volume<br /># - Skip message<br />8 – End message review<br />Local Number Portability<br />What is local number portability?<br />Local Number Portability (LNP) means our customer can transfer their telephone number from their old phone company to Clear. A known, valid email address in BOSS is critical for LNP processing. Cell phone numbers are portable if the rate center is the same as the service address.<br />Are cell phone numbers portable?<br />Yes, wireless number porting is active. Note that the wireless number must originate from the same “telephone company rate center” as the customer’s service address. This is a significant limitation as the rate centers often (66% of the time), will not match. Your Market Development Coordinator has the tools in BOSS to tell you if a number is portable.<br />How does the porting process work?<br /><ul><li>Begin the LNP order through SalesOE at time of sale or anytime thereafter by the customer through My Account. LNP should take 5-10 business days, but can take up to 30 days.
  33. 33. Clear provides a temporary telephone number until porting is complete.
  34. 34. The customer must fill out the eLOA within 5-days of the port order. Fill this out on behalf of the customer at time of order if possible.
  35. 35. The customer will be notified of the port date through My Account.
  36. 36. Success! The number will be moved from previous provider to Clear. The temporary number will be removed and the ported number assigned.
  37. 37. Instruct the customer to cancel their old service only after the port is complete. Their previous service will not automatically cancel. The customer should NOT cancel the account before the port is complete.</li></ul>What happens if there is a problem?<br />We will notify the customer with an email, and My Account will reflect the current status. In many cases, the customer can resolve the issue themselves and resubmit the request.<br />What factors can cause delays?<br /><ul><li>A bad or missing email address for the customer in BOSS.
  38. 38. If the customer is under contract with their old phone company.
  39. 39. Features on the phone line like: DSL, transfer freeze, distinctive ring, ring master, ISDN or CENTREX, can cause the order to be rejected by the old phone company.
  40. 40. Pending changes on the old phone line like a move order or cancellation.
  41. 41. The eLOA was not completed in five days and the port order was cancelled.</li></ul>Can a Clear phone number be ported to another provider?<br />Yes, if a customer signs up for phone service with another provider and wants to keep their Clear number, they are able to keep their number.<br />Troubleshooting FAQs<br />What should the customer do if they can’t get dialtone?<br /><ul><li>Make sure their Clear Home Internet Service is functioning properly. A functioning Internet connection is required to make and receive phone calls.
  42. 42. Have the customer power cycle the Phone Adapter & Clear Modem by unplugging the power cord (the small black wire) for 10 to 15 seconds and then plugging it back in. Wait for the light to turn solid green before proceeding.
  43. 43. Make sure the telephone is plugged into the "Phone1" jack on the Phone Adapter.
  44. 44. Make sure that all the cables and adapters are securely plugged in and that all of the modem and phone adapter lights are lit showing power.
  45. 45. Try plugging the phone they'll be using into a normal phone jack at home to make sure it's working properly. </li></ul>What if the customer moved their Phone Adapter within their household and can no longer make or receive calls?<br />Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the Phone Adapter and to the router/home network, and that the telephone wire is connected to the Phone 1 port on the Phone adapter.<br />Why doesn’t the Call Waiting or Caller ID feature work when the Clear Voice service is forwarded to another phone line.<br />These features depend on the phone line to which the customer has forwarded their Clear Voice calls. For example, if you forward your Clear Voice number a number that does not support Call Waiting or Caller ID, you won't have access to those features.<br />When calling an IVR system (such as online banking), the customer is unable to complete their transaction.<br />This may happen when the Internet connection experiences high latency. When the customer presses a digit on the telephone keypad, the audio signal that's being sent is slow and gets to the IVR system after the timeout feature of that IVR. Latency is related to the speed at which information travels from point A to point B. It may be possible to correct the situation by contacting customer care.<br />What if the customer has activated their Voicemail to Email feature but is not getting their email messages.<br />There are several possible reasons why they might not be receiving the email messages: <br /><ul><li>When configuring this feature, the email address was not entered correctly. The customer should go to My Account management at to verify that they entered their email address correctly.
  46. 46. The email inbox currently exceeds its capacity, and is not allowing any more messages to come in.
  47. 47. The spam filter is rejecting the email messages, or sending them to a junk mail folder.</li></ul>When the customer receives voicemail by email, they cannot hear the message.<br />If Windows Media Player (or the customer’s preferred *.wav player) opens and they still can't hear the message, it may be because: <br /><ul><li>The caller hung up after the beep.
  48. 48. The speakers are not turned on.
  49. 49. Their audio player may require a plug-in.</li></ul>Clear Voice Feature Guide<br />Beyond unlimited local and long distance calling, Clear Voice delivers extraordinary features.<br />Remote Administration with My Account<br />Clear Voice’s remote management puts the customer in control with easy-to-use, web-based management dashboard. With My Account, customers can learn more about every feature and make changes to their options from anywhere and with any web browser. They can access their account: <br />Advanced Call Forwarding<br />Advanced Call Forwarding is powerful and easy to use. Forward some or all calls to one or more numbers, simultaneously or in sequence, and on any schedule. Whichever phone the customer answers is where they take the call, and all of the other phones stop ringing immediately. From simple, simultaneous ringing of both their home and mobile phones to more complex configurations that ring a list of phone numbers sequentially, advanced call forwarding has it all.<br />Voicemail to Email<br />Clear Voice lets customers access voicemail whenever, wherever and however they choose. With voicemail to email, they can access voicemail directly through their email. Voicemail from Clearwire will send them an email and attach the actual spoken message as an audio (.wav) file. They can play back messages through their PC, without ever touching a phone. And of course, they can still check your voicemail by dialing in the old fashioned way.<br />Outbound Call Blocking<br />Prevent any outgoing calls to long-distance or international destinations.<br />Call Screening<br />With call screening, customers can enjoy freedom from unwanted callers while still getting calls from the people they care about. Activate the call screening feature for individual numbers or for all callers without valid caller ID.<br />Do Not Disturb<br />Do Not Disturb allows customers to create a recurring schedule when all incoming calls are automatically sent to voicemail. This feature allows them to avoid calls during an important meeting or during dinnertime.<br />Call Activity History<br />Available in My Account, call activity history allows customers to view their call detail records for all calls, not just long-distance. The data is updated every fifteen minutes and call records are archived.<br />Portability<br />Customers can take their Clear Voice service with them when they move just by updating their 911 address in My Account. The changes will take effect immediately. No more phone company delays or re-connect charges. Perfect for the cross-town move or the student back and forth between home and the dorm.<br />Phone Number Management<br />Customers can change a phone number at any time for just $9.99, and they can purchase secondary inbound numbers from any market Clear Voice serves for just $9.99 a month.<br />Installation Tips<br />Phone Adapter<br />The following instructions will enable you to help customers set up their Clear Voice Service and to troubleshoot configuration issues.<br />In the Box<br />Voice Adapter Power Adapter Ethernet Cable Quick Start Guide<br />Requirements (Not Included)<br />Clear Home Internet<br />Telephone, preferably 5.8 Ghz multi-station. This solves two potential problems:<br /><ul><li>Older cordless phones and microwaves use the 2.4Ghz spectrum, and wireless routers use 2.5Ghz. A 5.8 Ghz phone will reduce interference with these electronics.
  50. 50. The multi-handset wireless phone eliminates the need to use any inside telephone wiring.</li></ul>Set Up and Configure the Service<br />Walk the customer through the three steps on the next page to set up and begin using phone.<br />Set-up tips: <br /><ul><li>Keep the Clear Home Internet modem ten or more feet away from the wireless router to reduce interference. The ATA is not subject to this interference, so it does not have to be separated from the Clear Home Internet modem.
  51. 51. Follow this configuration if the customer is using a wireless router:</li></ul>Fax machines<br />Faxing over Clear Voice has a 99% success rate, if set up properly. For maximum success, make sure the customer:<br /><ul><li>Dials *99 before dialing the fax number – some machines will let you program this in and save the setting.
  52. 52. Turns on the “International Mode”
  53. 53. Sets the “Baud Rate” to 9600
  54. 54. 4953000176530Turns off “Error correction mode”</li></ul>Configuring Faxing<br />The customer does not need to make any changes to their Clear account for this feature to work. They should simply plug in the device in between the ATA and a telephone, or use a splitter like the one pictured at the right.<br />For additional help and troubleshooting, the customer should contact Customer Care at 888-888-3113. A Care representative can walk the customer through setting up their specific fax machine model with their Clear Voice Service.<br />Important Dialing Prefix Information<br />The device will need to dial *99 prior to each call. The dialing prefix is setup similar to dialing 9 to get an outside line and this functionality is almost always present in devices that require a phone line. Because there are so many versions and variations, Clear cannot publish instructions or a list of supported devices. <br />Alarm Systems, Credit Card Machines, and Other Analog Devices<br />Ethernet First<br />Please keep in mind, the first and best method of connecting anything to our network is over Ethernet. Many of these devices including Tivo and DirectTV, and even some credit card machines, have an active Ethernet port and will always work better and faster when connected directly to the network as opposed to going through the phone network. Make sure your customers device does not have an Ethernet port before recommending analog line simulation with our voice product.<br />Alarm Systems<br />Alarm systems are not supported or recommended for use with Clear Voice Service. Clear recommends the following solutions for customers who have an alarm system:<br /><ul><li>Cellular adapters – This is the best option for an alarm system. Newer systems will use this option, and older systems can be converted for a minimal fee. The customer should contact their alarm company for specifics.
  55. 55. “Alarm Only” phone line – Most phone companies offer a very basic phone line for uses such as an alarm system. This line generally costs approximately $10 per month. The customer can contact their LEC for details.</li></ul>Credit Card Machines<br />Most credit card machines either have Ethernet ports or can be auto-programmed to dial the *99 before processing card. To set up a credit card machine with Clear Voice, the best configuration is to plug the credit card machine into the Ethernet port of their computer. A less preferred option would be to plug the phone into the credit card machine, and the credit card machine into the Phone 1 port on the ATA.<br />Set-up details:<br />If the device has an Ethernet port available in back (IP based), direct the customer to use one of the following configurations:<br /><ul><li>If they are using the modem to get to a phone line only, with NO computer involved, they should plug the machine’s Ethernet cable directly into VoIP jack (yellow)
  56. 56. If they are using the modem for phone and internet access, then a router must be used to hook up the credit card machine for usage. (Most customers will already have one if their credit card machine has an Ethernet port).</li></ul>If the device does not have an Ethernet port (not IP based), direct the customer to:<br /><ul><li>Call the credit card processing company and see if they will upgrade or switch out the machine/terminal for one that has an Ethernet port, or
  57. 57. Program the unit to dial *99 before each dial (the customer may want to call the processing company and walk through the process with them, or
  58. 58. The customer will have to dial *99 before each card processed</li></ul>Important Dialing Prefix Information<br />Analog devices will need to dial *99 prior to each call. The dialing prefix is setup similar to dialing 9 to get an outside line and this functionality is almost always present in devices that require a phone line. Because there are so many versions and variations, Clear cannot publish instructions or a list of supported devices. For device specific support, the customer will want to contact the hardware manufacturer or service provider specific to their device. <br />Inside Wiring<br />Wiring for multiple phone jacks with Clear Voice Service<br />Before discussing inside wiring with a customer, remind them that the best option for setting up their Clear Voice service in multiple rooms in their household is a multi-station cordless phone system. This type of phone system is available for as low as $25 at stores like Best Buy and Target.<br />If the customer is sure that they don’t want to purchase this type of phone system, they do have the option to set up the phone wiring inside their house to enable them to plug their corded phones directly into the phone jack(s) in their home. <br />Clear does not offer inside wiring services, but we can provide a step by step guide to help customers make the modifications themselves. Go to the Sales and Marketing Portal > Product Sales Announcements & Documents > Clear Voice (Wimax Markets), and look for the Clear Voice Home Wiring Guide. The customer should hire a professional if they are not comfortable making these changes themselves. <br />Outline of steps the customer will need to complete to wire their home for Clear Voice:<br /><ul><li>424815058420They will need a flathead screwdriver, small wire-cutters, and black electrical tape
  59. 59. Outside their home, they will need to find the network interface unit (NIU), pictured at the right, located outside the home, probably near the cable box and the electrical meter.
  60. 60. After opening the box, they should locate the telephone wire with a modular plug, next to the jack. It looks like an ordinary telephone cable plug.
  61. 61. Then they will unscrew the box cover, disconnect all plugs, and tape electrical tape to the ends of each one, thoroughly covering each one. Images of older and newer NUIs are shown below.
  62. 62. Back inside the house, they will need to connect their Clear Voice Adapter to the inside wiring at any phone jack. </li></ul>Note, typically Voice adapters only have enough ring power for three to four telephones. Connecting more than that may cause all of them to stop working. The customer should plug one telephone in at a time to test for dial tone and ensure they do not have this problem.<br />3219450163830800100163830<br /> Older NIU Newer NIU<br />