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Web 2


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Web 2.0

Published in: Technology, Education
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Web 2

  1. 1. Objectives• Web 2.0 definition• Web 2.0 tools• Time to explore websites
  2. 2. Web 2.0 Definition• Web 2.0 sites allow its users to interact, collaborate, develop, share, and operate simultaneously together on the web.• Web 2.0 sites may include social-networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites and web applications.
  3. 3. Web 2.0 Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
  4. 4. Storyline Online• Listen to books read by actors• Includes printable activities for each story
  5. 5. Into The Book• Teaches reading comprehension strategies• Includes video demonstrations and teacher support
  6. 6. StarFall• Reading and skills practice
  7. 7. Harcourt Resources• Storytown Resource• Premade Resources
  8. 8. Thinkfinity• Tons of interactives• Lessons/ideas• Teacher support
  9. 9. Read Write Think• Tons of free language arts materials• Lesson plans• Student interactives• Printouts• Calendar activities
  10. 10. Spelling city• Add vocabulary, spelling words to make activities• Great teacher resources
  11. 11. Make Beliefs Comics• Comic Creator• Fun and easy• Free
  12. 12. Story Starters• Scholastic• Writing activity• Get ideas for stories• Type and print orystarters/storystarter1.htm
  13. 13. Sparklebox• Free teaching resources to download• English, math and themes• Signs and labels• Class management
  14. 14. Easybib• Free and easy• automated bibliography and citation maker
  15. 15. Bibme• Free• Automated bibliography maker
  16. 16. TinyURL• Turn a long url and into a tiny one
  17. 17. Cool Text• Text generator• Easy to use and free
  18. 18. Class Tools• Create free educational games, quizzes, activitie s and diagrams• Basic membership is free.
  19. 19. Pete’s PowerPoint Station• Free powerpoint presentations• Interactive activities for kids
  20. 20. Prezentit• Create free slideshows on line• You can download your presentations and show them without an Internet connection.
  21. 21. Wordle• Generate word clouds from text• Copy and paste text• Use fro brainstorming activities
  22. 22. Animoto• Provides tools for creating classroom videos• Share and download videos to e- mail, YouTube, blog , website or a computer
  23. 23. Google Docs• Create and share work online• Access documents from anywhere e=1209600&continue= Try this web address at
  24. 24. You Tube• Find videos• Share videos• Tons of resources
  25. 25. Teacher Tube• Education videos
  26. 26. Discovery Education • Use the teacher link to find great lesson plans and puzzlemakers
  27. 27. JOG the Web• Add web addresses• Allows for quick movement between websites
  28. 28. Symbaloo• Add your favorite websites to create a “webmix”
  29. 29. Live Binders• Collect your resources for free• Organize and share resources neatly and easily
  30. 30. Wikispaces• Post, publish and share files, images and text with students• Student accounts• Holds projects
  31. 31. • Sites recommended by the American Library Association
  32. 32. Read Kiddo Read• Book Suggestions• Parent and educator reviews• Lesson plans
  33. 33. I Love Schools• Nonprofit donation center• Request resources from donors for free.
  34. 34. ArtisanCam• Picture book maker• Free and easy to use kmaker/picturebookmaker.php?PHPSESSID=cba2b50 a15700462b92b17052c9bf55d Try out this web address at
  35. 35. Dewey Digger• Explore knowledge via the Dewey decimal System
  36. 36. Museum Box• Historical site for students and teachers to create multimedia projects
  37. 37. Ask a Tech Teacher• Organized by grade and topic• Grade level websites for teachers• Lesson plans• Tons of great sites /great-websites-for-kids/
  38. 38. All Safe sites• Search engine for safe, fun and educational sites for kids
  39. 39. National Gallery of Art for Kids• Explore stories in art• Tour a gallery• Directions for art activities and projects
  40. 40. Children’s Library• Digital library of books from around the world in many languages.
  41. 41. Kids Read• Reviews of the newest titles, interviews with the coolest authors and special features on great books.