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  1. 1. A Community for Visualization.
  2. 2. What is Visually?An ecosystem for creating, sharing, and exploring datavisualizations.
  3. 3. Community RolesWithout each role, the ecosystem would fall apart. Viewers Visualizers Designers, Developers, Journalists, Animators, Researchers Publishers
  4. 4. Create.Visual.lyViewers need to feel engaged.For viewers, create provides aplace where they can see theirown information in theinfographic format they enjoy.
  5. 5. Create.Visual.lyPublishers need results.For publishers, create providesa way to summarize importantmetrics, and for big publishers,it can be a platform foradvertisement.
  6. 6. Create.Visual.lyPublishers need to measure results.Summarizing information anddelivering it automatically keepspublishers happy.
  7. 7. Visual.lyViewers want to see cool stuff.The main website provides acurated source of “cool stuff” forpeople to browse. This givespeople a good source ofcontent to share on their socialnetworks, or just entertainmentwhen they are bored at work.
  8. 8. Visual.lyPublishers want eyeballs.Publishers want their contentseen. They paid money to get itcreated, and they want as manypeople to see it as possible,both to show it off, and foradvertising.
  9. 9. Visual.lyVisualizers want credit, and more work.Creators want to be able tokeep creating. They needpeople paying them to makenew stuff, so they need creditfor the things they’ve alreadydone.
  10. 10. Blog.Visual.lyViewers want to see cool stuff.Blog posts give us a way tohighlight certain works, orcollections of work that we thinkpeople will like to see andshare.
  11. 11. Blog.Visual.lyVisualizers want to learn.Educated creators make bettercontent, and that is good foreveryone involved.
  12. 12. Blog.Visual.lyVisualizers want to compete.Competitions provide a place tohone skills, show off, andreceive constructive criticism.
  13. 13. Blog.Visual.lyVisualizers want credit.Spotlight pieces help get acreator’s name out and get theirwork more attention.
  14. 14. Blog.Visual.lyThe community need to trust us.Publishers we work with arepaying us money to do a job.They need to trust that we dogood work, and that we arerepresenting their name as bestas we possibly can.Creators need to trust that wewant them to succeed, and thatwe are helping them to get whatthey need to keep making.Viewers need to trust that thecontent we show them istruthful and accurate.
  15. 15. Marketplace.Visual.lyVisualizers want work.Visualizers want to work onprojects that pay well, withclients that aren’t overlydemanding.
  16. 16. Marketplace.Visual.lyPublishers want reliability.Publishers want their work donequickly by skilled designers,and they want it to match whatthey envision.
  17. 17. Marketplace.Visual.lyEmploying the community.Categorized graphics getaggregated for each designeraccount.
  18. 18. Marketplace.Visual.lyEmploying the community.At least ten designers areemployed full-time through themarketplace, with many moreapproaching that thresholdevery month.
  19. 19. Lead by exampleCommunities need leaders.Doing great design, storytelling,and data visualization helps toprovide inspiration for othervisualizers.
  20. 20. Lead by examplePublishers need proof it works.Publishers need to know thatshowing data and information topeople is a good way to gaintrust and recognition.
  21. 21. Lead by examplePublicly recognize good work.The staff pick badge is arecognition of extraordinarilygood work. The recognitionmakes publishers andvisualizers proud, and helpsspotlight good work for viewers.
  22. 22. Internal ConnectionsReach out personally.Being supportive of work thatpeople create helps them feelappreciated, and will earn theirloyalty many times over.
  23. 23. Internal ConnectionsShow off community activity.Showing people that thecommunity is active andengaged helps to keep themactive and engaged in thecommunity.
  24. 24. Internal ConnectionsStrengthen internal connections.Let community membersconnect with each other, andhelp them keep thoseconnections strong.
  25. 25. External ConnectionsRecruit new members.There will inevitably be anatural tendency for thecommunity to stagnate and losemembers over time. Externalconnections help to pull in newmembers and keep thecommunity vibrant.
  26. 26. External ConnectionsMake it easy to share.Running our own social mediaaccounts makes it easy forother people to re-share thegood examples we’ve selected.
  27. 27. External ConnectionsPromote Designers’ WorkShowing designers’ work toexternal communities helps geteyeballs on it. This helps thedesigners by showing off theirskills, and it helps publishers bygetting their work seen.
  28. 28. External ConnectionsBe