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Commercial Lighting SlideDoc to show the benefits of retrofitting existing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient choices.

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Energy Efficient Lighting from CPI Energy

  1. 1. ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING Lighting Solutions Conversions and Retrofits Cutting edge technology Written by: Deborah Wynn-Saber
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS + T5 Adapters + T5 Smart Ballast + LED Retro + Economy + Warehouse + Gas Station + Manufacturing + School + Bank + Municipality T5 Retrofits LED Retrofits Industrial Summary 01 02 03 04 INTRO Pages 2-9 Page 10-12 Page 19-22Page 15-18Page13-14 + Bottom Line + Rebates + Why Retro? + T12 Phase out + Summary + Pay it Forward + About the Author 05 Success Stories Click on the Chapter Titles to jump to content Page 24-28
  3. 3. 3© Duarte, Inc. 2014 INTRODUCTION In today’s business, operating costs usually determine the health and viability of a company. The bottom line is affected by labor, material and power costs. The cost to create and deliver energy has caused power prices to rise at an unprecedented rate and has become a major factor in decreasing a business’ profit margins. We exist to serve our customers in understanding, controlling and improving power consumption and inefficiencies. Lighting is the “low hanging fruit”. We specialize in energy efficient lighting solutions using the most innovative lighting technologies available that will generate the best financial returns. The benefits derived from using the T5 fluorescent and LED replacements have been well documented and are translated into huge savings for the customer by means of performance, operation and maintenance. 01
  4. 4. 4© Duarte, Inc. 2014 THE BOTTOM LINE Let’s face it, as much as we believe in saving the environment, if it doesn’t make financial sense, it just isn’t going to happen. Based on the chart to below, you can clearly see that it makes financial sense! While LED seems to be the easy answer, the initial cost is quite a bit higher, and LEDs are not correct for all areas. Let one of our lighting professionals walk through your facility and do a free audit and see what you exact savings would be. No high pressure sales ever. We’ll send you the proposal and you decide. What kind of lights do you have? Let us calculate your savings. 01
  5. 5. THE BOTTOM LINE 01 This is an actual recent proposal. This is a typical project where the existing T12 lights were replaced with T5, the metal halide shop lights were converted to T5, and the conference room halogen spots were changed to energy efficient and long lasting LED lights. Not only did they dramatically reduce their cost, the lighting quality is greatly improved. Both T5’s and LED produce more lumens per watt and don’t flicker or turn yellow or gray. With an 8 month return on investment (ROI) this is sure to make the CFO smile! Our comprehensive proposal will tell you not just your cost, but savings from equipment, reduction in HAVC cost, and your environmental impact. For this project shown, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was equal to 81 metric tons!
  6. 6. 6© Duarte, Inc. 2014 INCENTIVES We will file the paperwork and provide all of the technical information to the Utility that will smooth the process of getting you the rebate you deserve. We work with most major Utility providers and have been through certification training in 5 states in the Mid- Atlantic region. Tax and energy consultation services offered will help determine if a proposed project is right for your circumstances. From reviewing of proposed project objectives and design plans to the development of tax position memorandum to support eligibility for any incentive(s) related to the project, CPI Energy will help you through any questions you may have before project commencement. We will also work with your accountant for financial and tax analysis. We provide financing solutions tailored towards specific customer needs. Whether you are a commercial entity, a non-profit charity, or a multinational corporation, we have a solution that will work for you. In fact, our low cost financing options can often times create positive cash flow from the beginning of the project.
  7. 7. 7© Duarte, Inc. 2014 WHY RETROFIT? Many people think cooling or the office equipment, consumes the most energy, but studies show that lighting consumes up to 60% of the average office building’s power. In addition, outdated florescent lighting creates heat, further increasing the cost of cooling. 01
  8. 8. T12PhaseOut According to the DOE and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), lighting in industrial and commercial buildings accounts for close to 71 percent of overall lighting electricity use in the U.S. and consumes nearly 35 percent of the electricity used in the nation’s commercial buildings – and still much of this lighting is inefficient linear fluorescents. Amongst all energy efficient measures available to a commercial facility, lighting being one of the biggest energy hogs offers the shortest payback and strongest return on investment (followed closely by HVAC measures). High efficiency T5 or LED Retrofit Adapters from CPI Energy are the easiest, most cost-effective commercial lighting solution available to address the challenges many businesses currently face thanks to the DOE T12 lighting phase out. Benefits of CPI Energy T5 & LED Lighting Retrofit Adapters: •5 Year Warranty •UL Listed •ROI in 8 to 16 Months •Quick and Easy to Install in any T12 or T8 Light Fixture •Utility and Tax Incentives Available •Eliminates the Need and Cost of Replacing Outdated Light Fixtures and Ballasts •Allows for Delamping, Increasing Savings While Producing Better Light
  9. 9. 9© Duarte, Inc. 2014 When a UL listed product leaves the factory, the UL listing Mark signifies that the manufacturer declares the product was in compliance with the UL requirements. When a product is modified in the field, such as replacing a T12 ballast with a T8 ballast, the manufacturer and UL no longer know that the product continues to comply with UL requirements. Replacing a T12 ballast with a T8 ballast changes the electrical and lighting characteristics of the luminaire. Neither the luminaire manufacturer not UL are in a position, sight unseen, to comment on compliance. That’s the purpose of UL’s field Evaluation service. Don’t get burned! An alternative to a Field Evaluation to determine if the product complies with UL requirements is to use a luminaire conversion retrofit kit the is UL Classified under the product category Luminaire Conversions, Retrofit. All of our retrofit kits include this listing. This shows that these products have been investigated to determine that, when installed in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions, they do not adversely affect the operation of the complete unit. THE IMPORTANCE OF UL® If a fire is caused by a fixture that is not UL listed, it is likely that the insurance company would not pay a claim for a modified fixture not in compliance.
  10. 10. 10© Duarte, Inc. 2014 10© Duarte, Inc. 2014 T5 Retrofits 01
  11. 11. 11© Duarte, Inc. 2014 T5 ADAPTERS T5 Adapter with reflector (top) and without (bottom). Both T12 and T8 fluorescent fixtures are considered outdated technology. Since July of 2010, by mandate of the Department of Energy, T12 ballasts are no longer being manufactured, and as of July 2012, T12 bulbs are no longer being produced either. This means T12 fixtures currently in use must be changed to T8 or T5. But changing from T12 to T8 is an insignificant savings. Changing to T8 requires an entire new fixture and still ties you to an inefficient ballast. Changing to T5 however will allow you to save as much as 79% on lighting costs and using a T5 retrofit kit from CPI Energy is one of the least expensive, most efficient and simplest method to upgrade outdated and inefficient commercial lighting. The T5 Adapter is not only a simple and effective way to save money, but it’s also eco-responsible. Using the T5 Adapter eliminates the need to replace existing fixtures which keeps them out of landfills. “ ”
  12. 12. T5SmartBallast The T5 Adapter is a “T5 Self Contained Ballast”. Each of the adapters have an extremely high efficient, electronic smart ballast built into each one. Unlike the old magnetic ballasts, you won’t be replacing it. The adapter allows you to remove the existing wired inefficient T12 or T8 ballast permanently. T5 lamps snap into the highly efficient adapter, which can be installed into any existing T12 or T8 fluorescent fixture. This retrofit then allows you to realize savings up to 79% in your light cost and the benefit of eliminating the existing ballast from the fixture permanently. Old style magnetic ballasts Our Solid State Electronic Ballast
  13. 13. 13© Duarte, Inc. 2014 13© Duarte, Inc. 2014 LED Retrofits 02
  14. 14. LEDRetrofitKits WHY TUBE FREE? LEDs emit more light (lumens) per watt than standard incandescent light bulbs while maintaining a longer rated life. But they radiate a lot of heat and need a proper heat sink to dissipate this or they will burn out prematurely. We have solved this problem with out LED strips that utilize the entire fixture as a heat sink. Our proof is in our UL listing of 68,000 hours vs the 20,000 hours of LED replacement tubes (shown below). Energy efficient lighting for lifelong savings is available with CPI Energy high efficiency LED Retrofit Kits. Our tube-free LED kits can reduce lighting costs by a significant margin. In contrast to traditional commercial lighting, our energy efficient commercial LED kits radiate very little heat and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead. LED RETROFIT KITS AT A GLANCE Our kits are extremely energy efficient as low as 22 watts per fixture. Our long life expectancy (up to 80 years!) and a 5 year unconditional warranty give you the assurance of a quality product. Longer Life + Less Heat = MORE SAVINGS
  15. 15. Economy LEDs were first introduced to the market in 1962. They work by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. With a lifespan of approximately 25,000–35,000 hours, an LED bulb lasts 2 to 4 times longer than a fluorescent bulb. LEDs are cool to the touch—which translates into less wasted energy. It also means your air conditioner won’t have to run as high in hot weather. LEDs are more efficient than any other lighting source. According to the US Department of Energy, adoption of LED lighting over standard lighting options over the next 20 years will prevent 40 new power plants from being constructed, generate more than $265 billion in energy savings, and reduce lighting electricity demand by 33 percent in 2027. LEDs have other advantages over lights, including a smaller size and greater durability and reliability. Unlike other bulbs, LEDs can withstand extreme temperatures, and they do not contain toxic mercury.
  16. 16. 16© Duarte, Inc. 2014 16© Duarte, Inc. 2014 Industrial 03
  17. 17. 17© Duarte, Inc. 2014 WAREHOUSE LIGHTING There are lots of energy hog lights used in warehouse and manufacturing sites. Do you have any of these? 67% 1.000 Watt Metal Halide 324 T5 High Output 1020W 344w 20,000 hours life 60,000 hours life Replace every 3 years Replace every 9 years Annual savings $413 Lifetime Savings $3,782 82% 250Watt Wall Pack 60 watt LED Wall Pack 288w 67 w 10,000 hours life 60,000 hours life Replace every 2.5 years Replace every 13 years Annual savings $100 Lifetime Savings $1,379 400Watt MH Flood 50 watt LED Flood 465w 57w 20,000 hours life 60,000 hours life Replace every 4.5 years Replace every 14 years Annual savings $168 Lifetime Savings $2,306 72%
  18. 18. 18© Duarte, Inc. 2014 GAS STATIONS Gas Station Canopy lights are a unique type of fixture due to the hazardous locations. Our LED canopy luminaire is a perfect solution for parking structures, shopping area walkways and gas stations and exterior canopies. The canopy light is surface mounted at a height of up to 25 feet. Designed to illuminate area features with sharp, accurate color to increase security and visibility. These LED lights provide remarkable light output of 9300 lumens with only 94 watts. Rated for 143,000 hours and carries a 5-year warranty. Before After
  19. 19. 19© Duarte, Inc. 2014 MANUFACTURING In today’s competitive global manufacturing and warehousing market, maintaining tight control of costs and productivity can mean the difference between profit and loss. With energy costs on the rise, an inefficient facility is at a competitive disadvantage when obsolete lighting is consuming up to 15% of the facilities energy. With lighting representing up to 37% of a typical warehouse or light manufacturing facility’s electrical expenses, a properly designed and executed lighting retrofit can really make a difference. In fact, a lighting retrofit can reduce energy usage by up to 60%, improving EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) up to 17%.
  20. 20. 20© Duarte, Inc. 2014 20© Duarte, Inc. 2014 Success Stories 04
  21. 21. 21© Duarte, Inc. 2014 21© Duarte, Inc. 2014 This was a great decision, we are very pleased with the light quality of the T5 lights. I’m very, very happy right now because our lighting bill has been reduced by well over 50%! – Marty Monette Building Operations Manager Photo: Copyright 2010 Steve Jurvetson Source: “ ” James Island Charter High School Charleston, SC James Island Charter High School was looking for ways to cut costs. Their T8 fluorescent lighting upgrade to T5 resulted in a 53% reduction in their lighting energy consumption. The school will save and estimated $276,000 over the next 5 years thanks to the T5 project. Over and above saving an average of $38,500 per year on electricity, the school is saving approximately $7,500 per year in ballast replacement cost and $9,000 per year in heat load savings because T5 lighting burns 90% cooler than the old T8 lighting. The check shown to the right is the SCE&G utility rebate for this upgrade which accounted for 50% of the total project cost. ENERGY Savings 53%
  22. 22. 22© Duarte, Inc. 2014 22© Duarte, Inc. 2014 We will realize a savings of over $30,798 dollars over the 10 year LED warranty period offered on this incredible lighting project! Photo: Copyright 2010 Steve Jurvetson Source: “ Republic Bank Hodgkins, IL Republic Bank needed a high quality, energy efficient lighting solution for their ugly, outdated T12 fluorescent light fixtures. In addition to improving the light aesthetics, Republic Bank wanted their lighting upgrade to be implemented as quickly and painlessly as possible. Prior to the retrofit, the 2X2 fixtures were burning 3 35 watt U-bend lamps for a total of 105 watts each hour. The lighting upgrade saw these fixtures upgraded for energy efficiency and better light. The resulting light – shown in the pictures – was dramatically enhanced and best of all, The lighting conversion included a 74.8% energy savings, or more than 24,600 kWh each year. The LED retrofit included a payback period of 20 months thanks to over $8,100 dollars worth of incentives, including a $4,500 utility rebate. ENERGY Savings 74%
  23. 23. 23© Duarte, Inc. 2014 23© Duarte, Inc. 2014 Because of our government status, we were not eligible for any tax incentives on this project. The quick payback period was a result of energy efficiency related to the T5s alone. Photo: Copyright 2010 Steve Jurvetson Source: “ Pickens County, SC The Pickens County municipality had a severe problem on their hands. Thanks to an economic downturn, their local government offices were being instructed to cut costs and save money in all ways possible. In addition, they were searching for ways to meet the State’s greenhouse gas reduction targets. Luckily, we were able to conduct a countywide energy audit which led to the recommendation that the administration engage in a massive lighting upgrade. Over 10 Pickens County building were retrofitted with energy efficient T5 lighting adapters including 2-foot, 4- foot and 8-foot fluorescent light fixtures. The results were staggering: average energy savings on the entire project was over 58%. Over 958,000 kWh were reduced, saving Pickens County almost $600,000 over 5 years! ENERGY Savings 58%
  24. 24. 24© Duarte, Inc. 2014 24© Duarte, Inc. 2014 Summary 05
  25. 25. 25© Duarte, Inc. 2014 IN SUMMARY We hope the information presented here is enough to educate you and pique your interest. Next steps: give us a call and we’ll set up a time to do an energy audit. What we need is access to all areas that are lit, preferably with a facility manager, if available. Someone who is familiar with the layout. We’ll audit the lights and take initial lumens readings. In a few days, we’ll send you the proposal. If the numbers interest you, or if there are questions, give us a call and we’ll talk about a timetable to proceed, possible incentives you are eligible for, if financing is a good fit, and any other issues you may have.  A full facility audit and detailed proposal  An analysis of the Federal incentives available for your facility  An analysis of any Utility rebates for your facility  An analysis of lighting controls options to meet Federal requirements  An analysis of exterior fixtures for efficiency and Federal Dark Sky compliance  Third party certification that meets the Federal requirements for incentive eligibility  Recycling of all exiting fixtures and bulbs, including written certifications to meet Federal requirements  An analysis of EPA greenhouse gas reduction and equivalencies related to this project  An equipment leasing option of this proposal through our partnership with Wells Fargo Contact Deborah Saber 301-399-9822
  26. 26. 26© Duarte, Inc. 2014 26© Duarte, Inc. 2014 The traditional kind of corporate meeting starts with a presentation.. Somebody gets up in front of the room and presents with a PowerPoint presentation, some type of slide show. In our view, you get very little information, you get bullet points. This is easy for the presenter, but difficult for the audience. And so instead, when Deborah send out her SlideDoc, I was impressed. We didn’t waste time. When you have the information before the meeting, you can concentrate on the details and be more precise in your information. Photo: Copyright 2010 Steve Jurvetson Source: “ ”
  27. 27. 27© Duarte, Inc. 2014 27© Duarte, Inc. 2014 CPI Energy supports Earth Share in helping to protect our air, water, land and wildlife, and our health. 5% of the profit of every sale goes to: Renewable energy Map (Solar) courtesy of NRDC, an Earth Share member.
  28. 28. 28© Duarte, Inc. 2014 28© Duarte, Inc. 2014 About the author: Deborah Wynn-Saber has been working on environmental issues for over 30 years. She is passionate about selling quality products that help save the environment. As President of CPI Energy and CPI Water, her interest is not just lighting, but also water, storm water and waste water energy efficiency issues as well. She supports Water for People and Earth Share – charities that embody her commitment to the environment. She is a veteran of the United States Army, and an active member in her church, The Well, in Family Ministry.