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Trends in serious games for health and well being


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This presentation was delivered at the Serious Play 2017 conference held at George Mason University in Virginia, USA in July 2017. Part 1 aims to provide an insight into the impact of disruptive technologies and details of previous projects from my time at the Serious Games Institute. Part 2 of the presentation looks at the impact of wearable technologies on personal health management and creates and analogy between the impact of technology on the motor industry and developments in personal health management.

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Trends in serious games for health and well being

  1. 1. Trends in Serious Games for Health & Well-Being Serious Play 2017 Washington David Wortley GAETSS
  2. 2. Enabling Technologies
  3. 3. Enabling Technologies
  4. 4. Serial Techno Social Entrepreneur & Early Adopter
  5. 5. Passion for Technology and Society 1949 Human Intelligence Controls Machines 2017….. Machine Intelligence Controls Humans
  6. 6. Influences
  7. 7. Articles on Technology & Health Also Distribute E-Newsletter & Present at Conferences
  8. 8. Practitioner of Gamification & Wearables for 4 Years 21,334,406 steps recorded between 06/2013 and 11/2015 = approximately 10,667 miles Helps me to Understand What Works for Me… Opportunities and Challenges
  9. 9. Current User of 3 Wearables Jawbone UP 3 Activ8rLives Buddy Band 2 Activite Pop Watch
  10. 10. Participant in PROPELS Project
  11. 11. EU Pegaso Project for Teenage Obesity
  12. 12. Serious Games & Virtual Worlds Portfolio 1983 Action Maze 1995 Trade Show Game 2007 SGI Auditorium
  13. 13. 2007 Triage Trainer Re-creating a physical experience in a virtual environment
  14. 14. 2007 Triage Trainer Re-creating a physical experience in a virtual environment
  15. 15. Simulating Medical Conditions Commercial games company skills applied to medicine
  16. 16. The Process Involved Realism limited by the power of available technologies
  17. 17. Patient Rescue Training Junior Doctors in A&E to recognise conditions and visualise outcomes
  18. 18. Snow World Pain Management Game for Burns Patients
  19. 19. Remission Cancer Therapies for Children
  20. 20. Multi-Disciplinary Major Incident Simulator (MMIS) Imperial College in London use virtual world simulations for disaster training
  21. 21. Smart E-Hospital Gamified Immersive Training in a 3D virtual hospital
  22. 22. Integrating Real/Virtual Worlds Datascape Virtual Control Room Environment to visualise real data streams
  23. 23. Singapore Hospital Simulator Robotics simulating human responses
  24. 24. Haptics and Surgical Simulations Gamified Surgical Simulations
  25. 25. Part 2
  26. 26. 26 What is Gamification? Every Human Activity can be Viewed as a Game !!
  27. 27. 27 Games are part of Everyday Vocabulary
  28. 28. 28 Gamification is a Life Skill Gamification and the ability/motivation to Gamify is embedded in the genetic make up of every living creature.
  29. 29. 29 The Gamification Lens Strategist Tactician Motivator Coach Skill Ability Motivation Self-Esteem Loyalty Passion Engagement Support Interest Awareness Knowledge Unaware Independent Self-sufficient Growing Influence and Ability to Achieve Goals
  30. 30. 30 The Gamification Cycle 30 Challenge Response Measurement Feedback
  31. 31. 31 Gamification Elements Scenarios/Narratives Challenges Rules Chance/Uncertainty Risks Rewards/Incentives Penalties Competition Exploration Success/Achievement Failure Discovery Leaderboards Learning Development Skill/Ability Action/Reaction Measurement Feedback Reflection Gamification introduces some or all of these elements into everyday situations
  32. 32. 32 The "A List" Influencers 32 Every Individual responds to different influencers in making decisions or choices
  33. 33. 33 Why Gamification? 33
  34. 34. 34 The Attention Economy The Next Generation have very different expectations
  35. 35. Global Lifestyle Related Challenges Modern Lifestyle consequences include many negative effects which place increasing demands on available resources and threaten the sustainability of public services for future generations
  36. 36. Global Challenge – Health Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer & Cardiovascular Problems ● Sedentary lifestyle ● Convenience foods ● Comfort eating ● Inadequate exercise ● Couch potato syndrome ● Spectator society
  37. 37. Changing Lifestyles and Consumer Empowerment One of the consequences of this convenient and easy access to our daily wants and needs is a decline in the physical and mental challenges necessary for our lifelong development and health maintenance
  38. 38. Global Challenge – Health Ageing Society – Cognitive and Physical decline ● Declining working population ● Longer life expectancy ● Middle Age skills “scrap heap” ● Shift from families to care homes ● Rising costs of elderly care
  39. 39. What can be Done ? The consequences of a failure to address these challenges are unthinkable…..
  40. 40. Serious Games and Health Leveraging Consumer Technology to Address Global Challenges
  41. 41. Roadmap – Ageing Society Strategic partnerships with international developers of games- based solutions to not only stimulate cognitive and physical exercises for the elderly but also explore the potential of elderly people to actively contribute to social and economic development through their life experiences
  42. 42. How do we Solve the Problem? ● Develop clinical solutions that prevent or manage these conditions or ● Influence the food industry and citizens through public policy interventions or ● Develop better personal health management solutions and practices 42
  43. 43. Clinical Solutions 43
  44. 44. Public Policy Interventions Taxes & Legislation 44
  45. 45. Public Policy Interventions Awareness and Education 45
  46. 46. Better Personal Health Management 46
  47. 47. Which is the Best Solution? Who will Provide the Solution? 47 Medical Professionals or Politicians or Citizens?
  48. 48. The Transition from Cure to Prevention It’s quite clear that the best chance we have for increasing our life spans and overall improving our health is to adjust our personal behaviours and to do so at an early age. 48
  49. 49. The Same but Different ! My Body is not a Temple it is a Car
  50. 50. Navigating Life’s Journey Life is like a journey from the cradle to the grave. We know the starting point and the final destination and we are aware of the places en route but we have little idea of how long the journey will last and whether the route will be easy or difficult
  51. 51. Our Body is our Journey Vehicle Our body is the vehicle that will take us to our final destination and its condition determines where we are on that journey, the nature of the journey and how long it will last. Most of us do not know or monitor our body’s condition or properly maintain it
  52. 52. Cars before Data Technology We used our human skills to get the best from our vehicles supported by knowledge professionals
  53. 53. Breakdowns and Repair The consequence of this lack of technology in older cars was more breakdowns and a reliance on garages and mechanics to diagnose problems, maintain and repair
  54. 54. Data Measurement and Visualisation Modern cars tell us oil pressure, temperature, speed, range of petrol tank, warn us of any impending problems, tell us where we are and how to get to our destination and compute new routes if we go off track
  55. 55. Lifestyle Technology Transforming Health Management Wearable and embedded technologies change the dynamics of our management like the dynamics of car health management
  56. 56. Where are We and Where can we Go? Wearable and embedded lifestyle technologies provide the tools to manage our health
  57. 57. But how can we change Personal Behaviours? 57
  58. 58. Who will Most Influence Future Health? 58
  59. 59. An Approach for Better Personal Health Gamification Enabling Technologies
  60. 60. Mobile Apps 60
  61. 61. Demonstrable Results Substantial improvements in physical and mental health are achievable
  62. 62. Before and After 2013 2013 Feb 2015
  63. 63. Measurement and Feedback 63Snapshot data Real Time data
  64. 64. Lifestyle Technology Roadmap ● Wearable consumer devices like iWatch to provide advanced health metrics ● Healthcare costs linked to lifestyle behaviours ● Revolution in the healthcare ecosystem ● Use of wearable lifestyle devices for identity applications ● Growth in embedded devices that not only monitor but also control ● The Singularity – Immortality ?