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Thaisim 2014 The Role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies in Education


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The nature of education and learning and development has changed dramatically since the introduction of digital technologies. The ability to access knowledge and information on demand has shifted the role of teachers away from knowledge dissemination to knowledge facilitation and coaching. Gamification has been an effective practice for education since the dawn of civilization but technologies such as video games and the Internet create opportunities for self-directed learning and development that create new challenges for educators. This presentation explores the role of Gamification and enabling technologies in Education and provides thoughts on how to implement Gamification strategies relevant for today and tomorrow.

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Thaisim 2014 The Role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies in Education

  1. 1. The Role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies in Education Thaisim 2014 South East Bangkok University
  2. 2. What is Gamification? Gamification is a process which shapes the world by influencing the actions, behaviours, characteristics and states of entities within the world
  3. 3. Who Knows how to Gamify?
  4. 4. Who Knows how to Gamify? Who is doing the Gamification Here?
  5. 5. What is Gamification? Every Activity between Living Creatures can be Viewed as a Game !!
  6. 6. What is Gamification? Gamification and the ability/motivation to Gamify is embedded in the genetic make up of every living creature.
  7. 7. What is Gamification? Gamification is what we do to try to get things done !!
  8. 8. We Use Gamification from Birth
  9. 9. Gamification helps us Manage our World
  10. 10. Teachers Need to be Leaders
  11. 11. What Role will You Play?
  12. 12. Big Changes in Society Traditional Hierarchy Today’s Network
  13. 13. How can we Influence Others to Achieve our Objectives? Authority?
  14. 14. Gen Y – Digital Natives
  15. 15. Entertain Me?
  16. 16. Look What They can Do Today !!
  17. 17. Use the “A Team” Authority, Aptitude, Ambition, Alignment, Adjacency, Associates, Awareness, Affectedness, Activation, Attractiveness, Accessibility, Affordability
  18. 18. Understand the Gamification Cycle
  19. 19. Learn how to Use Enabling Technologies Enabling Technologies are Technologies which support the process of Gamification
  20. 20. Learn how to Use Enabling Technologies The Internet of Things and Sensors are Examples of Enabling Technologies
  21. 21. Why is Gamification especially important Today?
  22. 22. Why should this be critical to the future of society?
  23. 23. Look around any city at the buildings and infrastructure
  24. 24. Reflect on the technologies we take for granted in our daily lives
  25. 25. These are the manifestation of the collective efforts of our Civilisation
  26. 26. They are born out of the ideas, dreams, passions and abilities of generations of individuals…..
  27. 27. .. who have been able to influence and motivate the actions of other human beings on a massive collective scale
  28. 28. No individual working alone has a fraction of the physical and mental strengths needed to develop the world we live in today
  29. 29. From Ancient Greek philosophers through Religious Leaders and Renaissance geniuses to modern day business moguls
  30. 30. It has been the efforts and abilities of generations of citizens to Gamify their world which has led and motivated other citizens to follow them
  31. 31. This has been responsible for the wonderful and incredible world we live in today
  32. 32. It is our ability to Gamify that influences the actions and motivations of others and consequently shapes both ourselves and our world
  33. 33. The Gamification process is a highly personalised activity and different for any individual
  34. 34. Think About Two Things from Today Measurement/Feedback and Challenges
  35. 35. A critical component in Gamification is the ability to measure and visualise change
  36. 36. Measurement and visualisation of change provides feedback
  37. 37. Access to feedback from our actions is an essential part of learning and development
  38. 38. Positive feedback can reinforce behaviour and negative feedback cause changed behaviour
  39. 39. Without challenges there is no motivation to shape the world
  40. 40. Challenges are an essential part of life and our continuous development
  41. 41. As we develop and adapt to our world, the challenges and levels of awareness, affectedness and activation weaken
  42. 42. Emerging measurement and feedback technologies generate fresh challenges which can transform us from spectators into fans, players and even games masters
  43. 43. Triggering our basic human need to shape our world by influencing the actions, behaviours, characteristics and state of entities within our world is vital to our future
  44. 44. The Future is in Your Hands
  45. 45.
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