Happy New Year and welcome to the very first edition of the GAITSS (Gamification and Immersive Technology Strategic Soluti...
are targeted at the primary objective. I intend to develop white papers and video presentations on all these concepts toge...
From late-March I expect to be spending some time in South East Asia at conferences and events in Malaysia, Singapore, Kor...
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Workshop 5 – Case Studies – Large
Companies and Small Businesses

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e-learning in De...
Mar 24- CGAT 2014 - Computer Games and
25 2014 Allied Technologies


http://www.cgames.com.sg/ #sthash.gcLLW3fc....
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Jan 2014 GAITSS Gamification and Immersive Technologies Strategic Soultions e newsletter


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Welcome to the very first edition of the GAITSS (Gamification and Immersive Technology Strategic Solutions) Newsletter. I believe that 2014 will see the beginning of a period of rapid development and very disruptive change in both business and society where Gamification Concepts and Enabling Technologies will act as a big driver for major opportunities and threats. Those organisations who are able to recognise the potential of these developments and implement strategic solutions around them will gain significant competitive advantage and access to rapid growth and development.

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Jan 2014 GAITSS Gamification and Immersive Technologies Strategic Soultions e newsletter

  1. 1. Happy New Year and welcome to the very first edition of the GAITSS (Gamification and Immersive Technology Strategic Solutions) Newsletter. I believe that 2014 will see the beginning of a period of rapid development and very disruptive change in both business and society where Gamification Concepts and Enabling Technologies will act as a big driver for major opportunities and threats. Those organisations who are able to recognise the potential of these developments and implement strategic solutions around them will gain significant competitive advantage and access to rapid growth and development. The changes I have made to my web site and the introduction of GAITSS as a brand reflect the excitement I feel about the coming year’s opportunities and my desire to not only enhance existing valued partnerships but also welcome new collaboration opportunities with individuals and organisations who share this vision of the future. In this Newsletter               Gamification Developments and Insights – Predictions for 2014 New GAITSS Web Site The Gamification Cycle Gamification and the Consumer Electronics Show Gamification Applications Strategic Partnership Opportunities Collaboration and Business Development in South East Asia Job Opportunity at Totem Learning Paris iLearn Forum Aqua Republica UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2014 ECTEL Workshop on 21st century Learning in the Health and Emergency sectors Upcoming Conferences and Seminars Slideshare Archives Gamification Developments and Insights - Predictions for 2014 The start of a new year is traditionally a time for making predictions and I believe that 2014 will see some remarkable developments in the realms of Gamification and related technologies. This is why, towards the end of last year, I shifted my focus away from serious games and now I focus on the concept of Gamification and its associated Enabling Technologies. In my view, although I am not keen on the word itself, Gamification is probably the best description of the concepts which will create enormous challenges and opportunities over the coming months and years. Gamification is a natural and distinctly animal process which has governed our development since the dawn of time. It is not unique to human beings and many animal species use Gamification to learn to understand their environment and equip themselves with the skills to survive, develop, grow and begin to shape and influence their world. From the time we are born, we instinctively gamify our activities by responding to challenges and opportunities and seeking to understand and gain control of our world. Parents shape the development of their children through games and, in the process, they not only engage and develop their offspring but also become engaged in game like relationships with their children who quickly learn to use gamification themselves to test and influence the behaviour of their parents. The reason why I see 2014 as particularly significant in the emergence of Gamification and Enabling Technologies as a powerful force for change in both business and society is the rapid development of measurement and feedback technologies that form part of what I call the “Gamification Cycle”. My eyes have been opened to the significance of this for business and society through my use of wearable lifestyle tracking technologies that have informed, developed and motivated me to make substantial improvements in my physical and mental well-being. Without these enabling technologies that provide assessment and feedback, the barriers to my engagement in my own health would have been too great. As a result of this, GAITSS has been born and I am now seeking partners in the private, public, voluntary and education sectors to work with me to use these opportunities to the benefit of all. GAITSS Web Site I am pleased to announce the launch of my revamped web site and a new business initiative called GAITSS (Gamification and Immersive Technologies Strategic Solutions). I will be proactively seeking new collaboration partnerships with technology companies, corporates, research organisations, academia and the public sector to develop solutions designed to bring competitive advantage and/or significant improvements in mission critical areas. The GAITTS web site contains links to more information with a whole new section on original Gamification Concepts. Where I have focused in the past on serious games and immersive technologies designed to engage our attention, time and money, I now focus more on the human aspects of Gamification and Enabling Technologies that tend not to be originated from the games industry but are far more generic in nature and more aligned to the “Internet of Things” I will be pleased to have any comments or feedback on the new web site, especially around further development of relevant white papers and presentations. Just contact me on david@davidwortley.com The Gamification Cycle The Gamification Cycle is a new concept I have been thinking about over the last few weeks. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Gamification Lens Pyramid and the Gamification Profiling Matrix to create a toolset that can be used in my Gamification Workshop to help clients brainstorm innovative solutions to organisational problems of any kind. The Gamification Cycle breaks down any human activity into a series of components which are highly personalised and interactive. The benefit of breaking down Gamification into these components is that it becomes easier to develop a holistic solution in which each component is optimised to engage the individuals or groups in actions, attitudes and behaviours which
  2. 2. are targeted at the primary objective. I intend to develop white papers and video presentations on all these concepts together with practical everyday examples of successful and sustainable Gamification projects. Each stage of the Gamification Cycle needs to be designed so that it is attractive, accessible and affordable to the target group which needs to be engaged, developed or influenced. Enabling Technologies provide the tools to support the attractiveness, accessibility and affordability as well as personalising interactions within the Cycle Please look at the Gamification section of the web site and contact me if you would like to discuss how it might be used to address your organisational and strategic issues. Gamification and The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held earlier this month in Las Vegas revealed some very interesting technology developments that can provide enabling solution to Gamification applications. Some of the technologies on show that caught my attention on their web site were :Wearable Lifestyle Technologies My experience with the Jawbone UP bracelet convinces me that wearable sensor technologies that can be personalised to the user are going to be ubiquitous and will find a massive range of applications only limited by our imagination. One of the new products was the Sony CORE bracelet which, like the Jawbone UP, includes motion and activity sensor but can also track many other daily activities and preferences. Like the Samsung Galaxy GEAR products, these devices are designed to work in conjunction with a mobile phone or tablet rather than replace them. MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)Based Sensors MEMS devices are miniaturized mechanical systems produced using a semiconductor fabrication technique. The use of this construction method not only makes possible the reduction of sensor dimensions (MEMS devices range in size from 20 micrometers to one millimeter) but also allows the integration of both mechanical and electronic components on a single chip. Even though adoption of MEMS devices in smartphones did not take hold until Apple used accelerometers in 2008 to detect motion in its iPhone, these devices now contain as many as 12 MEMS chips each, and along with tablets are expected to remain a growth opportunity for MEMS devices. For the MEMS industry as a whole, analysts at Yole Dévelopement expect a 12 to 13 percent CAGR through 2018, resulting in a $22.5 billion, 23.5 billion unit MEMS market. MEMS are a critical component of the Measurement and Feedback Enabling Technologies within the Gamification Cycle and because they will be embedded into every conceivable device in the future and will communicate with each other and mobile applications, they will create many opportunities to innovate new Gamification solutions that could totally transform some sectors of business and society. Gamification Applications The latest and highly anticipated developments in measurement and feedback Enabling Technologies will provide platforms for personalised applications based on the use of these sensors to track and monitor activity and performance. There will undoubtedly be some stern opposition, at least in the initial stages, because tracking location and behaviour automatically opens up problems with personal privacy. What we should learn from the success of Facebook and Twitter is that human beings, especially the latest generation, are willing to share and publicise their activities with complete strangers in exchange for the social benefits these applications provide. I envisage that there will be a need to establish an independent body to develop protocols and standards that allow the same rights and responsibilities on privacy as existed before any technology was in place. What this will mean in practice is that devices will be developed that will only function when worn by a specified person and that the data stored on those devices and associated companion devices such as tablets and phones will remain the private property of the user who will be able to easily chose what data is made available and to whom depending on the application. There will need to be reciprocal safeguards for society but these types of devices do offer up a chance to protect both individuals and society with balanced rights and responsibilities. Currently, I see Health as the most promising application area for these solutions, especially with global challenges like obesity and diabetes where Gamification and Enabling Technologies could play a major role. The new GAITSS web site has a whole section on different application are that are of interest to us. Strategic Partnership Opportunities This year will be a major opportunity to develop strategic partnerships across different sectors and disciplines. Gamification is a highly innovative and creative process that requires out of the box thinking and trans-disciplinary collaboration. I am looking to establish collaborative partnerships with individuals and organisations who share my vision of the opportunities and are keen to commercialise new products and services based on Gamification strategies and Enabling Technologies. I am especially keen to find partners in the health, well-being and fitness sector including health and fitness professionals, technology providers, public and voluntary sector health organisations and venture capitalists I believe that the ideas I have in mind for new products and services can transform lives and public and private health policies. Collaboration and Business Development in South East Asia
  3. 3. From late-March I expect to be spending some time in South East Asia at conferences and events in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and China. During this period, I will be aiming to develop strategic partnerships and run workshops around Gamification and Immersive Technologies. If you are interested in making connections in this region or developing business opportunities with partners in these countries, I will be happy to discuss ways in which I can support your business development to mutual advantage. Please contact me at david@davidwortley.com for further details. Job Opportunity at Totem Learning Could you be Chief Technical Officer of a multi-million pound software company in five years’ time? Are you excited by how games can be used for purposes other than pure entertainment? Who are Totem? Totem Learning Est. Nov 2012 create games for learning and immersive simulations, helping players to reach their potential. We’re an entrepreneurial and creative company who are growing quickly and have our sights set on world domination! (or at least to be at the forefront of Serious Game design and development) What we need We need a real innovator and problem solver, a genius who can use their knowledge and experience of software development to create brand new solutions or streamline existing products. We need a revolutionary; someone who’ll enjoy playing with exciting new technology and making it practical and useable for the masses. Who are you? If you’re ambitious and the kind of person who wants to make their mark, get involved in company strategy and lead a development team to triumphal victory over ‘average’ performance, then that’s a great start. It won’t be easy, so you’ll need to meet challenges head on, to be stubborn and refuse to give up! You’ll also fly in the face of the typecast Dev. because you’ll have great communication skills and will be confident liaising directly with our high profile (FTSE 100, Fortune 500) clients. In addition, we’re hoping you’ll have all or most of the following: - Lead programmer experience Programming languages including Flash AS2.0 and 3.0, Unity 3D (and 2D) Back-end, database development, systems architecture Solid experience of delivering projects on time, evidence of project management What you can expect from us - Plenty of opportunity and flexibility for you to forge your career the way you want it to be A friendly, fun but professional working environment A chance to make a name for yourself working with some top global organisations International travel opportunities The personal, professional and financial rewards of helping a company expand and flourish Salary Let’s start with you telling us what you think it should be… Location Totem Learning, Unit 2, Coventry Innovation Village, Cheetah Road, Coventry, CV12TL Contact Please email a copy of your CV and a brief covering letter to hr@totemlearning.com Deadline COP Friday 24th January 2014 STRICTLY NO AGENCIES Paris iLearning Forum iLearning Forum Paris 2014: The n°1 event in France dedicated to e-learning and Talent Management Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 February 2014 - Espace Champerret, Paris. The access if totally free. Get your free badge on-line: http://www.ilearningforum.org/ The Conference Programme With over 350 seats, visitors have the opportunity to attend the best and most comprehensive eLearning conference of the year in France. The French language program in Conference Room No. 1 is organized around 8 key themes, each with a moderator and 3 or 4 related presentations. In the VIP room iLearning Forum visitors can attend three specialist conferences - on Tuesday 11 February a special conference on language learning in partnership with Vocable on Wednesday 12 February, morning, a special eLearning conference in English on Wednesday 12 February, afternoon, a special conference on adult education and long life learning in partnership with Althia. Tuesday 11 February 2014 Timetable Conference Room n°1 9h30 Opening Keynote From 10h00 to 11h30 Workshop 1 – Case Studies – Large Companies and Small Businesses From 12h00 to 13h30 Workshop 2 – On-line Tutoring and Virtual Classrooms From 14h00 to 16h00 Workshop 3 – Mobile and Social Learning From 16h30 to 18h00 Workshop 4 – Rapid Learning 18h00 Timetable From 14h00 to 17h00 VIP Room E-learning et la formation mixte pour l'apprentissage des langues End of Day 1 Wednesday 12 February 2014 Timetable Conference Room n°1 Timetable VIP Room
  4. 4. From 9h30 to 11h00 Workshop 5 – Case Studies – Large Companies and Small Businesses From 9h30 to 13h00 e-learning in Developing and Emerging Countries (English Conference) From 11h30 to 13h30 Workshop 6 – LMS State of Art and From 14h00 to 15h30 Workshop 7 – Serious Games From 14h00 to 15h30 e-learning in children and adult education From 16h00 to 18h00 Workshop 8 – E-learning on demand and content creation From 15h30 to 18h00 e-learning in long life training their convergence with HR tools 18h00 Closing Keynote - End of Day 2 The Conference Programme is now available by clicking on the following link: Conference Programme Aqua Republica UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2014 UNESCO Hong Kong Association, UNESCO Bangkok, UNEP–DHI Centre (Denmark), Hydroinformatics Society (Singapore), Hong Kong Digital Game Based Learning Association, Serious Games Association (Singapore), Chiang Mai University and the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore are jointly organising the 2nd UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2014. The UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge uses an online strategic game “Aqua Republica”, to help raise awareness of the importance and challenges of managing limited natural resources in the face of multiple and often competing demands in the drive towards a sustainable development. Aqua Republica is a DHI and UNEP-DHI Centre project that focuses on the development and promotion of a not-for-profit serious game in collaboration with a number of partners. The aim is to promote sustainable water resources management by sharing knowledge, raising awareness and building capacity in some of the most critical issues in water resources management. This is achieved through a computer-generated virtual environment called, “Aqua Republica” where participants can experience making decisions in managing a catchment in an interactive and engaging way, and in doing so learn about the connectivity and importance of water resources, as well as the need for careful management. To register for this game and find out more, go to http://www.seriousgamesconference.org/unep-dhi-eco-challenge-2014 ECTEL Workshop on 21st century Learning in the Health and Emergency sectors During the annual edition of the European Conference for Technology Enhanced Learning www.ec-tel.eu the “21st century Learning in the Health and Emergency sectors” workshop was organized around three supporting projects in close collaboration:    Rehab@Home (www.rehabathome-project.eu) , Mirror (www.mirror-project.eu) and ImREAL (www.imreal-project.eu). The idea behind the design of this highly interactive workshop was to build a bridge between research and market needs by bringing researchers and practitioners in the healthcare and emergency sectors together to discuss concrete business scenarios and state of the art technology solutions with the objective of improving the relevancy of the developments and increasing their exploitation potential Various project approaches and developments were presented before the Rebah@home team shared with the participants some practical tools and knowledge designed to focus on relevant issues such as effective Sales & Marketing techniques and methods of engaging stakeholders in the R&D process. Participants reflected on sustainable solutions designed to guarantee a high impact in real work settings; in other words this workshop was conceived for people creating solutions for this sector to present their work to professional practitioners interested in these solutions and for the practitioners to share their experiences of the practical issues raised by these applications. A short video wrapping up results of the workshop can be found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzwiUS6PV9U The workshop web page offers available materials for download http://i-maginary.it/ec-tel-2013/ec-tel-2013.html A slide on slideshare recaps the event: http://www.slideshare.net/lpannese/health-emergency-trainingworkshop Upcoming Conferences Below is a list of forthcoming conferences – also accessible at http://www.davidwortley.com/events.html Date Event Name / Description Location Web URL Feb 3-5 2014 MESM 2014 - Middle Eastern Simulation and Modelling Conference Muscat, Oman http://www.eurosis.org/cms/ ?q=node/2713 Feb 6-7 2014 2014 Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference Madrid, Spain http://techandsoc.com/the-conference/ Feb 1112 iLearning Forum Paris 2014 for elearning, Training, HR and Talent Management professionals Paris, France http://www.ilearningforum.org/en Mar 10- ASTEC 2014 - GAME ON’ ASIA - 5th 12 2014 Asian GAME On Conference Singapore http://www.eurosis.org/cms/ ?q=node/2632 Mar 10- INTED2014, the 8th International 14 Technology, Education and Development Mar 17- SCWS2014 - Science Centre World 19 2014 Summit - Public Engagement for a Better World Valencia, Spain http://iated.org/inted/ Mechelen, Brussels, Belgium http://www.scws2014.org Mar 19- ABSEL 2014 - Association for Orlando, Florida, USA http://absel2011.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/absels21 2014 Business Simulation and Experiential 40th-annual-meeting-march-6-8-2013/ Learning Mar 23- EKnow 2014 - Sixth International Barcelona, Spain 27 2014 Conference on Information, Process and Knowledge Management http://www.iaria.org/confere nces2014/eknow2014.html
  5. 5. Mar 24- CGAT 2014 - Computer Games and 25 2014 Allied Technologies Singapore http://www.cgames.com.sg/ #sthash.gcLLW3fc.dpbs Mar 30 - Thaisim 2014 - 6th International Apr 1 Thaisim Conference - Learning with 2014 Simulations and Games Bangkok, Thailand http://www.thaisim.org/ts14/ Apr 7-10 ICTLT - International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology Singapore http://www.ictlt.com/ Apr 2830 Bruges, Belgium http://www.eurosis.org/cms/?q=taxonomy/term/331 Lausanne, Switzerland http://www.medtechinvesting.com Apr 2930 *FUBUTEC'2014* 10th Annual Future Business Technology Conference 2014 18th MedTech Investing Europe Conference May 14- IEEE 3rd International Conference on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil http://www.ipca.pt/segah2014 16 Serious Games and Applications for Health May 23- 1st International Symposium on Goyang City, South www.seriousgamesconference.org 24 2014 Simulation and Serious Games Korea Jun 6-8 IED 2014 Immersive Education Summit Jun 1524 5th Jubilee International Conference Riviera, Bulgaria on Cartography & GIS & Seminar with EU cooperation on Early Warning and Disaster/Crisis Management Infotech 2014 – 3rd Annual World Dalian, China Congress on Emerging Technologies Jun 1921 Jul 5 – Oregon Youth Jamboree 21 2014 Aug 2528 Los Angeles, USA Oregon, USA SimTect 2014 Asia Pacific Simulation Adelaide, Australia Training Conference www.iccgis2014.cartography-gis.com http://www.bitcongress.com/InfoTech2014/default.as p http://oregonhibbs.com/2013/09/10/eugene-youthjamboree-faq/ http://www.simtect.com.au/ Archived Presentations, Images and Videos I am archiving as many of my previous presentation, videos and event images as possible. You can access these from my web site at :- http://www.davidwortley.com/conferences.html or visit my Slideshare page at :- http://www.slideshare.net/dwortley/ If you would like any presentations, videos or documents circulated to my network, I am happy to provide this service free of charge for any material relevant to readers of this newsletter. If you are interested, contact me at david@davidwortley.com. Best Regards David Wortley FRSA Founder of Immersive Technology Strategies Email : mailto:david@davidwortley.com?subject=General Enquiry Skype: davidwortley Second Life : Hobson Hoggard Web: http://www.davidwortley.com New Book: www.gadgetstogodbook.com If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, simply reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE and I will remove you from the mailing list.