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Immersys introduction


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Presentation to Harvard Business Angels in Paris on Immersys

Published in: Technology, Business
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Immersys introduction

  1. 1. Serious Games and Immersive Technologies21st Century Challenges and Opportunities Presentation to Harvard Business Angels Paris October 19th 2011 David Wortley (Fellow of Royal Society of Arts) & Laurent Develle Immersive Technology Strategies Co-Founders of Immersys Pte
  2. 2. The 21st century is an unprecedented period in human history full of new challenges and opportunities created by low cost on demand and ubiquitous access to both global knowledge and powerful publishing tools We are in largely uncharted waters and technologies which engage, influence, educate and above all create and sustain relationships will be critical Immersive Technology Strategies
  3. 3. Disruptive Communications Technologies Immersive Technology Strategies
  4. 4. Disruptive Communications TechnologiesThe internet is different in its scope and impact on business and society to any previous disruptive technology Immersive Technology Strategies
  5. 5. DisintermediationThe breakdown in the traditional hierarchical structures of society poses unprecedented challenges Immersive Technology Strategies
  6. 6. The ProsumerThe prosumer effect is unique in our history Immersive Technology Strategies
  7. 7. The Attention EconomyCapturing and retaining attention and loyalty are critical in today’s digital media society Immersive Technology Strategies
  8. 8. Immersive TechnologiesGames Virtual Worlds Social Networks Immersive Technologies are commercially very significantbecause they engage our discretionary time, attention and money – they educate, inform and influence society Immersive Technology Strategies
  9. 9. Serious Games Serious Games are not a new concept !! Immersive Technology Strategies
  10. 10. Some Statistics Games industry is bigger than movie and music industry 180 million active gamers in the USA playing on average 13 hours per week China 200m, India 105m, Europe 100m, Russia 10m One million people played Red Redemption’s Climate Change Game 100k people played Floodsim in first 6 weeks World Crisis games are very popular e.g. World without Oil, Evoke, Lost Joules, Innocentive (crowd sourcing) Immersive Technology Strategies
  11. 11. The Skills ChallengeDeveloping successful immersive applications requires different human skills and collaboration across multiple disciplines. These are rarely found in the same organisation. Innovation occurs across boundaries between disciplines. Immersive Technology Strategies
  12. 12. Common Language ? Multi-Disciplinary Experts speak different languagesTranslation and Mediation between disciplines is vital for common vision and understanding Immersive Technology Strategies
  13. 13. Immersys Pte What is Immersys Pte ? Immersys is a new multi-disciplinary business concept designed to address 21st century challenges and opportunities by delivering tomorrow’s business and social solutions today. Immersys brings together internationally recognised consultancy skills with a global network of best of breed immersive technology practitioners to conceive, plan, co-ordinate and deliver innovation where it can make a real difference to business and/or society. Immersive Technology Strategies
  14. 14. The Immersys Proposition Why Immersys Pte ? The challenges of the 21st century are unprecedented because of the disruptive effect of the technologies which now engage, influence and empower individual citizens in ways which business and society have never previously experienced. New global enterprises are born and flourish quickly and long established institutions wither and die just as quickly. Immersys has the expertise to transform these challenges into opportunities Immersive Technology Strategies
  15. 15. The Immersys Team Laurent Develle David Wortley Uday SinghThe Immersive co-founders bring together best of breed immersive technology partners, products and services to deliver real-world projects which cross boundaries and generate strategic positive change Immersive Technology Strategies
  16. 16. Example Project – Web Racing Immersive Technology Strategies
  17. 17. Example Project – Neurosky Immersive Technology Strategies
  18. 18. Example Partner – TNA Immersive Technology Strategies
  19. 19. Questions Immersive Technology Strategies
  20. 20. How to contact Immersys Visit the Immersys web site for more information Or contact co-founders directly Laurent Develle David Wortley Uday SinghEmail: Web site: Email: Phone: +33647085227 Email: Skype: singh.uday Skype: laurent.develle Mobile: +447896659695 Based in Mumbai, India Based in Paris, France Skype: davidwortley Immersive Technology Strategies Based in Leicester, UK