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Immersive technology strategies august 2012 e newsletter

  1. 1. Welcome to this Immersive Technology Strategies Newsletter. I trust that your vacation time has been as relaxing and fruitful asmine and I wish you every success over the coming months.Contained in this newsletter :-  Gadgets to God Book Reviews and Kindle Availability / Pricing  Games Alliance Middle England (GAME) Project Meeting Sept 13th  De Montfort University Technology Showcase  Singapore Social Media and Gaming Conference  Gamification Workshop  NEM Conference Istanbul, Turkey  Games for Health  Defence Global Magazine  The Global Summit Conference Review  De Montfort University Square Mile Project  SEANES Conference Review  Upcoming Conferences  Miscellaneous NewsGadgets to God Book Reviews and Kindle Availability / Pricing I want to thank everyone who submitted a book review for “Gadgets to God” on the Amazon web site. I am pleased with the way sales of the paperback have been going but I thought I had discovered a bug on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) operation. I published an e-book version using the KDP tools last October and it was only recently that I checked the sales reports because I had received no commission on sales even though I knew quite a few people had purchased the Kindle version. I think I have solved the problem for the future by registering a bank account with them but if you are one of the people who bought the Kindle version, could you email me at and let me know when you bought it. For those interested in the Kindle version, I have reduced the price on the Amazon site. If you order the paperback version from, you can get the book personally signed and despatched.Games Alliance Middle England (GAME) Project Meeting Sept 13thThe next meeting of the Games Alliance Middle England Project will be held on September 13th to coincide with the De MontfortUniversity (DMU) Technology Showcase. The first meeting of the GAME project was held in June and was well attended by bothindustry and academic staff and was followed up by various promotional activities at UK and international conferences designedto raise the profile of the UK Games Industry, especially those companies located in the East and West Midlands.The GAME project is part of De Montfort University’s Game Art Design Course initiative which is the only industry accreditedcourse of its kind in the UK and helps to ensure that graduates from this course have the necessary skills to be productive asquickly as possible in both Games and 3D Visualisation companies. For more details of the GAME project and an invitation to thenext project meeting, email me at Montfort University Technology ShowcaseThe Technology Showcase at De Montfort University, Leicester offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to explore andexperience a range of cutting edge technologies in computing, engineering, healthcare, media, science, sustainability and thecreative fields.Our showcase has been delivering expert information and partnership opportunities to businesses since 2004 and, to date, hasbeen responsible for a number of successful collaborations.Research in Technology goes hand-in-hand with business collaboration and many projects are undertaken either in directpartnership with industry, or with the aim of improving and adding to industrial technology and practice through consultancy andknowledge transfer. The showcase is an ideal opportunity for businesses and organisations to meet with our research experts anddiscuss and develop any ideas or projects.For more details of the showcase and to register for a FREE place go to Social Media and Gaming ConferenceThe Serious Gaming and Social Connect 2012 Conference is an international platform for serious games developers, governmentagencies and more important for individuals keen in maximising the applications of serious in their daily lives. This conference wasdeveloped with the intention to share serious games applications with educators, corporate HR practitioners and medicalhealthcare practitioners. It will showcase the trends and applications of games in the area of education, patient rehabilitation,advertising media, adult learning and assessmentVisit for more details and to registerGamification WorkshopI have developed a one hour workshop on gamification to help demystify the process of gamification. The workshop should besuitable for all sectors interested in the process of gamification or the development of “purposeful” games for business,education, health, military, Government, NGOs etc. The workshop itself is “gamified” to help participants understand theprocesses and value. This workshop is also useful as a starting point for brainstorming the potential of serious games applications.For more details and pricing, email me at david@davidwortley.comNEM Conference Instanbul, TurkeyThe NEM Summit, organised every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative in close cooperation with leading industrial and academicplayers worldwide, is the “not-to-be-missed” annual event for all those interested in Future Internet developments and in the fast
  2. 2. paced evolution of the networked and electronic media industry.For more details of the conference go to will be running the conference ice-breaker event and also make a video trailer for the whole conferenceGames for HealthScreenshot from Imaginary’s MIRROR gameThere is growing interest in the use of games and immersive technologies for health applications and several upcoming eventswhich have health applications as a focal point. I am presenting in a webcast next week for the APAN network. There is aEuropean LUDUS project workshop which focuses on both health and tourism next month. I am making a keynote presentation atthe Social Media and Serious Games Conference in Singapore in October and in November there is the European Serious Gamesfor Health Conference in Amsterdam. Details of all these events are shown in the Upcoming Conferences table below.The focus of my presentations will be on some of the trends in games for health and medicine and the way in which the use ofgames is rapidly broadening beyond those health training applications that are based on reducing risks and/or costs. An exampleof this is the European MIRROR project which uses reflective learning methodologies to help in the training of health workers incare homes.Defence Global MagazineI have been a regular contributor of articles to the Defence Global Publication which is also available by subscription in DigitalFormat at next article will focus on “Simulation at the Point of Need”The Global Summit Conference ReviewMelanie St James and Tim Kelley at the Global Summit 2012 in LondonThe Global Summit 2012 was held in London on August 16th – 17th and acted as a focal point for community engagement in asustainable future. The quality of speakers at the event was excellent and the conference itself was a rare collaboration betweenthe community sector and business. This was exemplified by some of the workshops which have been successfully used withincorporate business for activities such as change management and staff motivation. One of the highlights for me was the workshoprun by Tim Kelley. He delivered some very relevant guidance for effecting change both from within and outside the corporatesector.For details of the summit go to www.theglobalsummit.orgDe Montfort University Square Mile ProjectJuly 5th saw a unique collaboration between a University and its local community when staff and students at De MontfortUniversity worked with residents, community leaders and activists in the Fosse area of Leicester on a variety of projects. TheSquare Mile project is the brainchild of DMUs Vice Chancellor, Dominic Shellard, who has committed to supporting theinvolvement of staff and students in the regeneration of an area of Leicester which borders the university campus.Throughout the day, staff and students worked alongside residents on a huge variety of activities including crafts, gardening,digital media and walkingFor more details of the Square Mile Project visit Conference ReviewPanel discussion with Alvin Yeo at SEANES ConferenceThe South East Asia Network of Ergonomics Societies held their 2012 conference in Langkawi, Malaysia in July to discuss the latestthinking on ergonomics as applied to a wide range of disciplines, including disaster planning, prevention and management. As wellas making a keynote presentation, I took part in a panel discussion on the role of immersive technologies and ergonomics.For more details of SEANES 2012 go to
  3. 3. Upcoming ConferencesBelow is a list of forthcoming conferences Date Event Name / Description Location Web URL Aug 28 APAN 34th Meeting - eHealth and Medical Online Serious Games online webinar Sept 2-5 ISDE 4th Digital Earth Summit - Wellington, New Zealand Sept 13 De Montfort University Technology Leicester, Showcase UK calendar/technology-showcase/index.aspx Sept 20 Climate Change and Web 3.0 Vienna, Austria Sept 25 LUDUS 3rd Serious Games Conference and TBA Contact Gregor Erznožnik [gregor.erznoznik@bsc- Workshop] Sept 26- WSIE - World Summit on Innovation and Boston, 28 Entrepreneurship USA Oct 2-3 DNA US Conference 2012 : New Interactive Los Frontiers in Leisure Facilities Innovative Angeles, conference.html Digital Interactive Experiences - In California, Amusement Parks, Video Arcades, Location- USA Based Entertainment Centers, Movie Theaters, Museums, Hotels, Nightclubs, Shopping Malls, Stores, Restaurants, Bars, and many other venues! Oct 4-6 Serious Gaming and Social Connect 2012 Singapore Conference is an international platform for serious games developers, government agencies and more important for individuals keen in maximising the applications of serious in their daily lives. This conference was developed with the intention to share serious games applications with educators, corporate HR practitioners and medical healthcare practitioners. It will showcase the trends and applications of games in the area of education, patient rehabilitation, advertising media, adult learning and assessment Oct 5-6 SEGAMED Serious Games Conference Nice, France Oct 9 - Edutech 2012 - is one of the leading events Moscow, 10 in Russia and CIS dedicated to educational Russia technologies which attracts over 70 educational suppliers and around 2 000 visitors from Russia & CIS and abroad. Oct 16- NEM Summit - The NEM Summit, organised Istanbul, 18 every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative Turkey in close cooperation with leading industrial and academic players worldwide, is the “not- to-be-missed” annual event for all those interested in Future Internet developments and in the fast paced evolution of the networked and electronic media industry. Oct 22- ESM2012 (The 26th annual European Essen, 24 Simulation and Modelling Conference) Germany Oct 29- VS-Games 2012 - 4th International Genoa, Italy 31 Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications Nov 5-6 European Serious Games for Health Amsterdam, Conference Netherlands Nov 14- European GAMEON Conference 2012 on AI Malaga, 16 and Computer Games Spain Nov 15- ASPIS International Conference on Ghent, 16 Sustainable Public Spaces Belgium Nov 20- 3D Experience Forum by Dassault Systemes - Brussels, 21 The 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM Europe will Belgium forum-europe/home enable you to experience first-hand how 3DS is leading the way businesses; research, education, and society cross boundaries and connect to invent tomorrow Dec 10- Eurosis Gameon ARABIA 2012 - The 3rd Muscat, 12 annual Pan-Arabic Simulation and AI in Oman Computer Games Conference Arab Open University Jan 13- 2013 Technology, Knowledge, and Society Vancouver, 14 Conference. Canada Jan 15- 3rd International Conference on Applied Taipei, 16 Social Science (ICASS 2013) Taiwan Feb 2-3 BVIMRs 6th International Conference on Pune, India "Innovative Ways of Managing Business in the Post Globalised Era March 6- Association for Business Simulation and Oklahoma 8 Experiential Learning (ABSEL) 40th Annual City, USA
  4. 4. Conference Mar 22- CAA 2013 - CAA (Computer Applications and Perth, 25 Quantitative Methods in Archaeology) is the Australia premier international conference for all aspects of computing, quantitative methods and digital applications in Archaeology June 5-7 ACCESS 2013 International Congress on Singapore Advances in Citizen, Cyberspace and Environment Safety & SecurityMiscellaneous NewsI’d like to offer my congratulations to my good friend David Crookall on his forthcoming wedding. David has done some veryvaluable work in simulation and games-based learning, especially in his involvement with the Thaisim annual conference which isalways one of the highlights of the year.We wish him and his bride every happiness for the futureFuture Newsletter ArticlesIf you would like any event to be included in future newsletters or on my web site – please email me .I hope you find the contents of interest and value. Should you not wish to receive these monthly newsletters, please simply replyto this email with the word UNSUBSCRIBEBest RegardsDavid Wortley FRSAFounder of Immersive Technology StrategiesEmail : EnquirySkype: davidwortleySecond Life : Hobson HoggardWeb: http://www.davidwortley.comNew Book: www.gadgetstogodbook.comIf you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, simply reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE and I will remove you from themailing list.