Immersive Technology Strategies April 2013 e-newsletter


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Immersive Technologies Strategies April 2013 E-Newsletter

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Immersive Technology Strategies April 2013 e-newsletter

  1. 1. In this Newsletter  Recent activities and news update  The De Montfort University Games Festival  Gamification Workshops in Malaysia and Thailand  Thaisim 2013 and ASEAN Workshop  Call for Workshop Proposals GALA Serious Games Conference at Dassault Systemes HQ, Paris  Invitation for EC-TEL eLearning Video Interviews  ImReal Augmented Virtuality Video  The use of Machinima for business communication – great examples  Caspian Learning White Papers on Games Based Learning  Totem Learning’s Launch Offer  SoundSelf Kickstarter Project  Unity Serious Games Web Site  Upcoming Conferences and Seminars  Heroes Gallery –Cathy Davidson, Rohit Talwar and Kevin Williams  Slideshare ArchivesRecent Activities and News UpdateThe last 2 months have been very busy with the organising and running of the De Montfort University International Games Festivaland gamification workshops in Malaysia and Thailand. My Research Fellowship contract at De Montfort University was completedat the end of March and I am now seeking fresh challenges in the UK and internationally whilst continuing my partnershiprelationship with Imaginary, the Serious Games specialists based in Milan.I am now able to offer a customised “Gamification Workshop” in a variety of formats from half-day taster sessions to intensivethree day workshops which include some hands-on development exercises. The charge for these workshops is negotiabledepending on the numbers involved and any ongoing mutual business opportunities the workshops might generate.An example of a two day workshop structure can be downloaded at Montfort University International Games Festival Feb 25-28Annette Crisp, DMU Senior Lecturer in Criminology with her avatarDe Montfort University held its first international games festival from February 25th to 28th in which 24 presenters from the UK andEurope came together to showcase the practical application of games technologies and methodologies across a variety ofsectors……Feb 25th – Culture, Heritage and Tourism AgendaFeb 26th – Health and Wellbeing AgendaFeb 27th – Community Empowerment and Engagement AgendaFeb 28th – Creativity Technologies and Immersive Experiences AgendaThere were many highlights over the four day conference which was organised in partnership with De Montfort University’sannual Cultural Exchanges Festival.Day One saw David Friel of Virtualware,a leading Spanish serious games developer discussing ad demonstrating the use of theMicrosoft Kinect to fly over and explore tourism sites. Students from DMU’s Game Art Design course spoke about the 3Dvisualisation of the Roslyn Chapel for an interactive tourist application. Eric Tatham and Nick Higgett from DMU illustratedaugmented reality applications on their Virtual Romans project. Kevin Williams, Founder of the Out of Home Entertainment DigitalNetwork Association (DNA), gave a fascinating insight into the future of immersive technologies for attracting visitors to retailcentres and theme parks. Steve Thompson from Teesside University shared his experiences of using immersive applications toattract support for a tourism project in the North East of England.In the afternoon session, Jacqueline Cawston, Projects Director at the Serious Games Institute, described serious gamesapplications to support cultural heritage in Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon and Nelson Mandella I South Africa..John Martin ofDe Montfort University discussed a serious game called “Beat the Ministry” on the theme of Wartime Farming. The day closedwith Adam Russell of Birmingham based WallFour showing an innovative crowd interaction application.Day Two on the theme of Health and Wellbeing, sponsored by Imaginary srl, began with a keynote presentation from LuciaPannese of Milan based serious games developers Imaginary on the topic of “Virtual Environments for Games Based reflectivelearning. Imaginary are the development partners for the Europea FP7 “MIRROR” project. Lucia was followed by JacquelineCawston’s presentation about the development of serious Game for health and initiatives within the Serious Games Institute.David Friel of Virtualware,,the leading Spanish serious games developer discussed and demonstrated a Microsoft Kinect beingused for patient rehabilitation. Duncan Lawson of Instyle Fitness closed the morning session with a practical demonstration of howvirtual reality can be used as a catalyst for innovative health sector partnerships.The afternoon session began with David Burden’s presentation on the use of virtual worlds for healthcare. David is the ManagingDirector and Founder of Birmingham based Daden Ltd., one of the longest established and leading virtual world specialists. Thefinal session came from Cat Oxley and Kate Owen of Great Ormond Street hospital who jointly told the story of how theydeveloped a training application in Caspian Learning’s Thinking Worlds to teach nurses the correct use of a hoist for immobilepatients.Day Three took place in the community centre in the heart of DMUs Square Mile project. The keynote presenter was SteveThompson who showed how machinima was used in his community to engage the support of local people for a project known as“The Great Adventure”. Lucia Pannese of Italian serious games developer Imaginary presented on “Green Mobility” and the use ofserious games to engage citizens in environmental projects. DMU Senior Lecturer Annette Crisp discussed the use of virtual worldsand avatars on her Criminology course. Peter Shelton of the First Movement Charity in Derbyshire closed the morning session witha presentation on Interactive Installations for adults with learning disabilities. Eric Tatham and Nick Higgett from DMU illustratedaugmented reality applications on their Virtual Romans project in the closing session in the afternoon.Day Four on the festival was hosted at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester and was sponsored by Dassault Systemes. The day’skeynote presentation came from Helen Routledge of Totem Learning on their use of Immersive Technologies and serious games
  2. 2. for Education. Professor Martin Rieser from DMU spoke about Immersive and Locative Experiences and he was followed by aformer DMU graduate, now lead Artist at Codemasters, James Roadley-Battin who spoke about the challenges faced by today’sentertainment games industry. Event organiser David Wortley spoke briefly about the Future of 3D Immersive Experiences beforeDMU’s Lorenzo Picinali closed the morning with a presentation on 3D audio applications for the Blind.The afternoon session was opened by DMU’s Professor Ernest Edmonds discussing the human factors in engagement and he wasfollowed by Sean Clark of Cuttlefish on bridging art and science. Tre Azam of MyndPlay gave a fascinating insight into the use ofbrainwave technology for innovative serious games.The final presentation of the games festival was delivered by Dylan Menzies aDMU Senior Lecturer on the topic of “Next Generation Environmental Sound Synthesis for Virtual Worlds.”All the presenters have expressed a willingness to share their presentations and/or respond to further enquiries by using the linksabove.Gamification Workshops in Malaysia and ThailandGamification Workshop Presentation at Universiti Putra Malaysia March 2013A four week trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Bangkok in Thailand began with Gamification workshops at the GrandMillennium Hotel in KL and the Universiti Putra Malaysia at Cyberjaya. Both workshops ran for two days and focused on the use ofgamification methodologies to address some of the challenges of 21st century learning.The Grand Millennium workshop was delivered to corporate training specialists on behalf of the Global Knowledge Group whoprovide event and education services to large organisations in the public and private sector across Asia. The Global Knowledgeworkshop participants were senior training managers from corporate organisations. Their primary interest was in the impact oftechnology on their training challenges and all had direct experience of some of the most common challenges faced by humanresources and training staff across the globe :-  Generation Y Digital native’s demand for more engaging learning experiences  Staff turnover and loss of training investment  Shift from classroom based knowledge transfer to learner centric collaborative learning  How to use emerging technologies to best advantage  Role of serious gamesThe structure of the two day version of the workshop can be downloaded here. The cost of delivering the “Play with Purpose”workshop ranges from £400 for a “Breakfast Boardroom Briefing” executive taster to £4500 for a fully customised three dayworkshop which would include some hands-on development. Please contact me at if you would like todiscuss these options further.The second workshop took place on the campus of Universiti Putra Malaysia where the delegates were academic staff acrossseveral faculties exploring the value of incorporating gamification and serious games within the university’s course offerings andteaching practices. There was a very positive reaction and a lot of enthusiasm for further development of these practices.Thaisim 2013 and ASEAN WorkshopProfessor David Crookall working with Thaisim workshop delegatesThe annual Thaisim conference on games based learning and educational technologies is one of the very few conferences that Iwould automatically include in my calendar if at all possible. The enthusiasm of the delegates and the level of interactivity in thesessions is unparalleled anywhere in the world. This is due to a very large extent to the involvement of Professor David Crookallfrom Nice university in France. David is a highly experienced practitioner in the use of games in education and has beendeveloping all kinds of games-based learning activities for many years both with and without any technology.Thaisim began with the 1st ASEAN region workshop for leading teachers and students across the ASEAN region. This took place atthe Cholapruek resort in Nakhonnayak, outside Bangkok. Around 100 delegates were chosen from across the whole of South EastAsia. All of the games exercises run by David were paper based and collaborative but the workshop did include a technologyenhanced session developed to help with a forestry management project and designed to be used by farmers as a tool to supportsustainable development.The Thaisim 2013 conference began immediately after the ASEAN workshop and was located in Bangkok. Images and videos fromboth the ASEAN workshop and Thaisim 2013 can be viewed at The conferenceconcluded with an awards ceremony at a major exhibition venue in Bangkok and featured a beautiful vocal tribute to the ASEANworkshop by a young student – see for Workshop Proposals GALA Serious Games ConferenceMicrosoft Research Program Manager Donald Brinkman at VS-Games 2012 in GenoaI have agreed to act as the chair for the workshop sessions at this year’s GALA conference which is to be held on the campus ofDassault Systemes HQ in Paris from October 23rd to 25th. Last year’s conference included an excellent practical workshop run byImaginary and some super keynote presentations including a fascinating insight into a gamification of further education projectfrom Microsoft’s Research Program Manager Donald Brinkman.
  3. 3. I will be running a gamification workshop at the GALA conference and I welcome any proposals for practical and interactiveworkshop on serious games and gamification themes. Please email any draft proposals to me at .The GALA conference brings together industry and academia and this year’s event in Paris is an excellent opportunity toexperience some leading edge 3D immersive technologies being developed by Dassault Systemes.Invitation for EC-TEL eLearning Video InterviewsHP Training Manager Devan being interviewed in Kuala LumpurThe European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC TEL) is due to be held in Paphos, Cyprus in September. Details ofthe conference and registration can be found at I am working with Imaginary to develop a short videocompilation of industry’s views of some of the challenges of 21st century learning and the role of technology in addressing theseissues. I would like to invite readers of this newsletter to take part in these interviews which we can organise via a skype video call.The questions we will be seeking views on are shown below :-1. What is your name, job title and organisation ?2. How many staff are you responsible for training ?3. What sector does your organisation operate in ?4. What skills do you need to develop for them ?5. What technology do you currently use to enhance learning ?6. How do you support distance learning ?7. What technology do you use to enhance face to face learning ?8. Do your your trainers act as knowledge disseminators or facilitators for peer to peer and/or self-directed learning ?9. What impact do you see Generation Y having on training ?10.What is your biggest challenge in learning and development today ?11.What do you think will be the next technology you will employ to enhance learning in your organisation ?12.In the longer term, are there any emerging technologies that you see as having a major impact on Technology EnhancedLearning ?13. How can you ensure that your learning activities have a long-lasting impact?If you would like to share your views on these issues, please contact me at david@davidwortley.comImReal Augmented Virtuality VideoOpening screen of ImREAL Project VideoThe ImREAL is a European project funded under the Framework 7 program. ImREAL aims to close the gap between the “realworld” and “virtual world” by developing a simulated learning environment that focuses on simulation systems for interpersonalcommunication in multicultural business environments.The latest video developed by Imaginary, the projects serious games development partner, is designed to give a quick insight intohow “augmented virtuality” can provide an alternative approach to the development of interpersonal communications inmulticultural business environments and act as a growing corporate knowledge repository.The video is accessible on YouTube at use of Machinima for business communication – great examplesScreenshot from Steve Thompson’s presentation on the use of Machinima to secure project fundingMachinima is the use of video games and virtual worlds technologies to create videos which represent and communicate activitiesand ideas that would be impossible, impractical or too expensive using traditional means. One important application of machinimais its use to inform or persuade viewers without spending large sums of money.One of the most popular platforms for recording machinima is the virtual world Second Life which I used some years ago to createa virtual tour of the Serious Games Institute that could be accessible anywhere in the globe. That video is available to view on myslideshare page at Thompson of Teesside University is a very skilled user of Machinima and Second Life as a platform for social enterpriseprojects in the North East of England. Steve presented some of his work in this area at the DMU Games Festival and his fullpresentations are available online at have posted a video Steve created with the support of leading politicians and community champions that illustrates howeffective this approach can be – see the Supermayor video at ImREAL video produced by Imaginary is another good example of Machinima best practices and if you would like to discuss its
  4. 4. use in your own organisation, you can contact Imaginary’s Valentina Ionadi at .Caspian Learning White Papers on Games Based LearningScreenshot from Caspian Learning Case StudyCaspian Learning have won numerous awards for their games based learning development platform Thinking Worlds. As one ofthe longest established and most respected companies in the sector, Caspian has a very useful repository of white papers and casestudies on game based learning. They are now making these available free of charge to anyone registering on their web site at Learning’s Launch OfferTotem Learning has recently offered a launch promotion to develop a customised serious game at a very affordable cost for smallto medium businesses. Totem were recently formed as a result of the management buy-out of one the industry’s most reputablegames based learning companies – PixeLearning and bring with them highly experienced staff and a very strong developmentteam.You can find details of their launch offer at by contacting Victoria Rose at Kickstarter ProjectSoundself Web Site BannerAccessible technologies such as social networks, virtual worlds and creative development tools make it possible for independentand small developers to produce highly successful commercial serious and casual games. Funding for these projects is availablethrough “crowd sourcing” and social network communities such as Kickstarter. Soundself is an innovative development projectthat will allow users to control personalised graphic animations with their voice.The business model of kickstarter project offers different types of packages to investors depending on how much money ispledged. To get an idea of how this works visit the Soundself Kickstarter page at 3D Serious Games Web SiteOne of the most popular and successful platforms for games development is Unity 3D which is free to download for non-commercial use. Unity has been adopted as something of an industry standard, not least because of the visual realism that can beachieved within the platform.Unity have recently launched a serious games web site – see ConferencesBelow is a list of forthcoming conferences – also accessible at Event Name / Description Location Web URLMay 8 SGI Second Wednesday Seminar - Smart Cities: Coventry, UK New Digital Technologies and Computer u/278/register ModellingMay 13- VANZ 2013 Conference - Virtual Australia and Sydney, Australia New Zealand InfrastructureMay 20 - Digital Shoreditch - one of the Uk’s leading Shoreditch, London digital games and creative technologies eventsMay 27 - Fifth International Conference on Creative Valencia, Spain 1 Content Technologies nces2013/CONTENT13.htmlMay 27 - Third International Conference on Business Valencia, Spain 1 Intelligence and technology nces2013/BUSTECH13.htmlMay 29- E-Learning Africa 2013 Windhoek, Namibia http://www.icwe.net31June 5-7 ACCESS 2013 International Congress on Singapore http://www.accesscongress.o rg/ Advances in Citizen, Cyberspace and Environment Safety & SecurityJune 10- *EUROMEDIA2013* University of Lincoln, UK me12 17th Annual International European Media Conference 2013June 12 SGI Second Wednesday Seminar - Our Health: Coventry, UK Using Digital Technologies for therapy and u/278/register awareness raising around health issuesJune 18- 10th E-Learn Expo Moscow Conference - Moscow, Russia www.elearnexpo.ru19 Modern Technologies for Training in Companies and Educational Institutions
  5. 5. June 24- ISAGA 2013 - Experimental Interactive Learning Stockholm, Sweden http://www.isaga2013.net25 in Industrial ManagementJuly 13-21 Euracademy event - Culture and Landscape Loski Potok, Slovenia contributions to Rural DevelopmentJuly 16-19 The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Athens, Greece EnvironmentsAug 20-22 Serious Play Conference Digipen University, USA http://seriousgamesmarket.b 2013-serious-play.htmlAug 26-28 SGSC Conference 2012 Singapore http://www.seriousgamescon 26-30 ISDE 2013 - Digital Earth Symposium Borneo Convention http://www.isde2013kuching. com Centre, Kuching, SarawackSept 11- VS-Games Conference Bournemouth, UK http://www.vsgames2013.o rg13Sept 17- ECTEL Conference on Technology Enhanced Paphos, Cyprus LearningSept 25- 4th International Conference on Serious Games Trondheim, Norway Development and ApplicationsOct 23-25 GALA Serious Games Conference Dassault Systemes,11 Paris, FranceNov 4-5 Games for Health Europe Utrecht, Netherlands http://www.gamesforhealthe urope.orgHeroes Gallery – Cathy Davidson and Rohit TalwarCathy DavidsonI first met Cathy Davidson at a workshop on games and immersive technologies in Daejong, Korea several years ago. Cathy wasone of the keynote presenters at the conference. Since that time, I have followed her passionate contributions to bridging scienceand the arts through the HASTAC community. Cathy is a genuine global thought leader whose positive influence will be felt acrossthe globe.Rohit TalwarRohit is the editor of the Futurescape newsletter. I have known his work over as number of years. He is a very respectedfuturologist and, like Cathy Davidson, is a very influential global thought leader whose views on the impact of technology onbusiness and society I share..For more details of Rohit’s work, visit his FastFuture web siteArchived Presentations, Images and VideosI am archiving as many of my previous presentation, videos and event images as possible. You can access these from my web siteat :- or visit my Slideshare page at :- you would like any presentations, videos or documents circulated to my network, I am happy to provide this service free ofcharge for any material relevant to readers of this newsletter. If you are interested, contact me at RegardsDavid Wortley FRSAFounder of Immersive Technology StrategiesEmail : EnquirySkype: davidwortleySecond Life : Hobson HoggardWeb: http://www.davidwortley.comNew Book: www.gadgetstogodbook.comIf you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, simply reply with the wordUNSUBSCRIBE and I will remove you from the mailing list.