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Gamification and Enabling Technologies April Newsletter


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This Newsletter's topics include Kings of Gamification, Wearable Technologies, Digital Health Initiatives, Robotic Drones, Technology and Society, Creative Industry Roadmaps, Upcoming Conferences

The King is Dead – Long Live the King !!

• Developments in Wearable Technologies
• East Midlands Medilink Digital Health Special Interest Group (SIG)
• Robotic Drones
• Immersive Camera Technologies
• Technology and Society Conference
• Creative Industries Roadmap
• Ted-X Leicester
• Review of Recent Conferences and Exhibitions
o Medicon 2016 Pafos, Greece
• Featured Upcoming Events
o April 21/22 Asia Pacific Medical Simulations 2016, Kuala Lumpur
o April 27-29 Bangkok International Digital Content
o June 17-19 6th Annual Digital Medicine Academic Meeting of Chinese Medical Association
o July 7/8 International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE)
o July 28/29 Thaisim
o Sept 7/9 VS Games 2016
o Sept 23/24 Singapore Health and BioMedical Congress
o Nov 28/Dec 1st SEANES 2016 Ergonomics and Human Factors Conference
• Calls for Papers
• Recent Articles and Presentations
• Future Events Listing

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Gamification and Enabling Technologies April Newsletter

  1. 1. April 2016 Kings of Gamification, Wearable Technologies, Digital Health Initiatives, Robotic Drones, Technology and Society, Creative Industry Roadmaps, Upcoming Conferences The King is Dead – Long Live the King !! Welcome tothe GAETSS April 2016 E-Newsletter.Those of youwhohave seenmypresentationsonGamificationorattendedany of myworkshopsonimplementingGamificationinyourowncontext,whetherthatbe aspart of an educational strategy,for corporate developmentorsimplytoachieve personal goals,willperhapsrememberthatI have oftencitedJose Mourinhoasan example of a“GamificationMaster”or “Kingof Gamification”.Mourinhohasachievedsignificantsportingsuccessovermany years,largelybecause of hisabilitytoapply gamespsychologyandmechanicsinhisdomainof footballmanagement. I am happyto reportthat Jose,the formerKingof Gamificationnolongeroccupieshispositiononthe throne,notjustbecau se of hisdemise atChelseabutbecause anewand,inmy eyes farmore worthyKinghasemergedinthe shape of ClaudioRanieri.My absolute delightatthischange inaffairsisonlyinpart because Ihave spentthe majorityof mylife inLeicesterandLeicestershire where Claudio’sLeicesterCityare onthe verge of one of the most remarkable successstoriesinsportinghistory. In myopinion,ClaudioRanieri’suse of Gamificationtoachieve successcouldnotbe more of a contrast to Mourinho’sapproach whicheventshave showntobe motivatedbyself-interestandagrosslyinflatedopinionof himself as“The Special One”.Where once I admiredMourinhoforhisachievementsatChelsea,Inow abhorhisMachiavellianandsubversiveactions intryingtoget one of hisfellow managers (LouisVanGaal) the sackfor hisownbenefit. Notonlyis Ranieri averypersonable andseeminglyhonourable man,he hasprovedthatitis possible tobreakthe mouldof the acceptedwisdomthatbigmoneyalone canwinsuccess.Ranieri’sLeicesterCity’ssuccessisbuiltongreatteamworkbetween playerswhoare not bignamesand previouslyhave notknownthe kindof achievementwhichisnow withintheirgrasp.Itiscredit to Ranieri andhisplayersanda great source of satisfactiontome thatvirtuallyall neutral supportersare willingLeicestertowin the Premierleague againstall the odds. For me,it isevidence thatGamification,appliedethicallyandnotforpersonal gloryorbenefit,isatransformational phenomenon that we can all learnfrom inour personal and/orprofessionallives. Whetheryouare a manager,a teacher,a leaderora coach, youcan use gamificationstrategiestopositivelyinfluence the livesof those aroundyou. The Kingis Dead,Long Live the King!!! In this Edition  Developmentsin WearableTechnologies  East MidlandsMedilinkDigitalHealthSpecial InterestGroup(SIG)  RoboticDrones  Immersive CameraTechnologies  Technologyand SocietyConference  Creative IndustriesRoadmap  Ted-XLeicester  Reviewof RecentConferencesandExhibitions o Medicon2016 Pafos,Greece  FeaturedUpcomingEvents o April 21/22 AsiaPacificMedical Simulations2016, KualaLumpur o April 27-29 BangkokInternational Digital Content o June 17-19 6th Annual Digital Medicine AcademicMeetingof Chinese MedicalAssociation o July7/8 InternationalSymposiumonDigital Earth(ISDE) o July28/29 Thaisim o Sept7/9 VSGames 2016 o Sept23/24 Singapore HealthandBioMedical Congress o Nov28/Dec 1st SEANES2016 Ergonomicsand HumanFactors Conference  CallsforPapers  RecentArticlesand Presentations  Future EventsListing Developments in Wearable Technologies 3D Immersive Video at the Wearable Technologies Show at the Excel Arena, London The Wearable TechnologiesShowatExcel inLondoninMarch providedafascinatinginsightintothe latestdevelopmentsin wearable technologiesandgadgetsthatare beginningtobecome mainstreamitemsacrossmultiplesectors.Ihadanticipatedthat the majorityof the event’sfocuswouldbe onfitnesstrackersbutIwas surprisedandimpressedbythe wide range of devicesand applicationsondisplayandbeingpresentedinall the seminarrooms. The applicationareascoveredatthe exhibitionincluded:-  Internetof Things(IOT)  AugmentedandVirtual Reality  Smart Homesand ConnectedLiving  Healthcare andDigital Apps  Mobile PaymentsandRetail Apps
  2. 2.  Smart TextilesandSensors  Performance SportsandFitness In additiontothe variouspanel discussionsandkeynotepresentations,therewasalsoanarea for showingdevelopershowto create apps usingconnecteddevices. I have uploadedacollectionof imagesfromboththe presentationsessionsandthe exhibitionboothsontothe GAETSSFlickr archivedimagesat What caught myeye inparticularas trendsto watch out forwere the large numberof exhibitorsshowingsmartclothingortextiles withembeddedsensors.The applicationsbeingdevelopedaroundsmarttextilesnotonlyincludedhealthtrackingbutalso environmental sensingtoenable smartadaptationof the clothingtospecificconditionsorevents. East Midlands Medilink Digital Health Special Interest Group Dr Dale Esliger presenting wearable technologies at the Medilink Workshop to launch the Digital Health SIG The MedilinkEastMidlandsSIG onDigital Health waslaunchedata workshopinLoughboroughwhichfeaturedkeynote presentationsfromDrDale Esligerof The NIHRLeicester-LoughboroughDiet,Lifestyle andPhysical ActivityBiomedical Research Unit andDr JonathanTeddswhoisbasedat Healthand Research Data Informatics atLeicesterUniversity. DrEsligerisaCanadian expertinwearable sensors andhispresentation of the various advancedbiomedical sensors eitheravailable today asconsumer itemsor likely tobecome mainstreaminthe nearfuture wasaneye-opener. Dale’spresentation demonstrated agenuine understandingof the potential impactof wearable technologies upon lifestyle behaviours andthe importance of gamification strategieslinkedtoreal worlddata. Inparticular, Dale recognises the need tobe able torelate the lifestyledatasuchas pulse rate, bloodpressure, weightandbody massindex todemonstrableshorttermresults. One of the majorproblems withthe applications for healthandwellbeingisthat, especially inyoungpeople whoare generally naturally fitterbecause of theirage, the impactof poor lifestylechoices indietandexercise isnotfeltuntil yearslatersothe motivation tochange and/orthe ability tosee the benefits of goodhabitsare limited. Iamaimingto collaborate closely withDale andhisteaminLoughborough. Dr Jonathan Tedds presented onBRISSKIT– Biomedical ResearchSoftware asaService. Hispassionate interestisthe use of open source bigdata to analyse andinterpretthe vastamountsof information delivered bythe sensordevices, especiallythose involved inreal time monitoringof healthparameters. For more information onthe Medilink Digital HealthSpecial InterestGroupcontactCostaPhilippou atMedilink EastMidlands Robotic Drones Aerial image taken using a 3DR robotic drone My latesttechnologyacquisitionisa3DR drone witha gimbal and a GoPro Hero4 Black camera.I was promptedbyseeinga selectionof dronesatmylocal PC Worldretail centre todo some researchintowhatwas available andtheirfunctionalities. I eventuallychose tobuya 3DR drone andaccessories,primarilybecause of itsuse of smarttechnologiestoenable anovice user like myself totake goodqualityaerial picturesandvideosafelyandwithminimal training. The 3DR drone usessmart robotictechnologiestobuildinbothsafetyandusability.Itisa verylightdevice thattakesonl yafew minutestosetup.I am fortunate tolive inavillage withopencountryside somyfirstoutingtookplace ina paddocknearwhere I live.The 3DR comeswitha controller anda holderformy iPhone.The 3DRsoftware applicationonmyphone wirelesslyconnects to the controllerandthe drone itself allowingme tocontrol the drone andcamera fromthe phone as well asviewandcapture live imagesfromthe drone camera at a distance of up to half a mile. Amongstthe impressive functionalityof the 3DRis the abilitytomake a single selectiontobringthe drone back toits original take off point. Ihave uploadedaselectionof the imagesandvideosIhave takenat I am nowofferingtosupply3DR dronesandprovide trainingtoanyone interested –please contactme at Immersive Camera Technologies 360 degree digital image of Boston Stump Church and Market Place Anothernewimmersive technologywhichhascapturedmyattentionisthe ThetaS camerawhichcan take videosandimagesina total 360 degree range.The image shownof BostonStumpwasone of the veryfirstI tookafterI got the camerawhich,like the 3DR drone,isable tobe controlledfrommyiPhone usingthe ThetaSapp.To view imagesandvideosintrue interactive 3D,you needtoeitherlookatthemon your phone orPC or on the Theta S website whichcanhost all the images. To see an example of atrue interactive 360 degree image takeninthe “Tombof the Kings”inPafos,Cyprus,goto the Thetaweb site at The imagestakenwiththe ThetaS camera are alsocompatible withGoogle Streetmap.
  3. 3. Technology and Society Conference Buenos Aires A Fellow Presentation in Buenos Aires on Wearable Fashion Technologies In BuenosAires,Ipresentedthe latestresultsfromthe EuropeanDOREMIand Pegasoprojects aspart of a conference on Technology,Knowledge andSociety.Mypresentationfocusedonthe needtonotonlyempowercitizenswiththe toolsforbetter personal healthmanagementbutalsoshiftsome of the responsibilityforpublichealthbacktothe citizen. The presentationlookedatthe potential approachestobe takentoaddressthe issue of lifestylerelatedconditionssuchas obesity,diabetes,cardio-vascularproblemsandCOPDtogetherwithsolutionssuchasthose beingresearchedforteenagersin the Pegasoproject( andforthe elderlyinthe DOREMIproject( The presentationgeneratedsome controversyamongstthe participantswhofeltthatitwaswrongto expectcitizenstochange lifestyle behaviourstoavoidpublichealthresource problems.Mypresentationcanbe viewedanddownloadedat Creative Industries Roadmap EU Project A JamToday Workshop session in Barcelona The final reportof the CRe-AMCreative IndustriesAdaptiveRoadmapprojectisdue tobe presentedinLuxembourgonApril 28th . In additiontothe GamesIndustryRoadmap,the final projectreportwill include some recommendationsforexploitingthe results of the roadmappingexercise forall the creative sectorsinvolvedincludingart,design,architecture,mediaande-publishingand videogames. Afterthe reviewmeetinginLuxembourgatthe endof thismonthI hope to be able to make the final reportavailable toanyone interested.If youwouldlike accesstoa copy,please email me at TED-X Leicester TED-X Leicesterheldanevent entitled“Healthof the Nation –Shouldwe care?”on April 4th . I wasaskedto speakat thiseventbut unfortunatelythe date clashedwith the Medicon2016 conference inPafosbutIhope to become more involvedinfutureevents. For detailsof TEDxLeicester,visit Review of recent Conference and Exhibitions Medicon 2016 Pafos, Cyprus Presenting the PEGASO project at Medicon 2016 The Medicon2016 Conference inPafoswasthe 14th MediterraneanConference onMedical andBiomedical Engineeringand Computing.HeldfromMarch 31st to April 2nd ,Medicon2016 was a verytechnical conference coveringaverywide spectrumof medical applicationsanddisciplines.RepresentingMilanbasedseriousgamesspecialists,Imaginary,withwhomIco-wrote the paperand presentationonthe topicof “GamifiedWellbeingforall Ages”mysessionwaspartof the Rehabilitation Technologies/Systemstrack. The presentationincludeddetailsof Imaginary’sEuropeanprojects Rehab@Home,PegasoandDOREMI.Youcan accessand /or downloadacopy of the presentationfrom detailsaboutthe Medicon2016 conference at I have alsouploadedagalleryof imagesfromthe conference andthe galadinnerat Featured Upcoming Events April 21/22 AsiaPacific Medical Simulations 2016, KualaLumpur The AsiaPacificMedical Simulations2016 conference takesplace atthe New WorldRenaissance HotelinKualaLumpuronApril 21/22. My presentationatthe conference ison“Medical SimulationsPast,PresentandFuture”andIwill be describinghow
  4. 4. medical simulationtechnologieshave evolvedoverthe last10 years,influencedbyadvancesinenablingtechnologiesandthe involvementof multi-disciplinaryskillsandtechnologiesfromthe gamesindustry. I will be sharingmythoughtsonthe future of medical simulationsandthe likelyimpactof wearables,IOTandbigdata. I planto publishmypresentationandimagesfromthe conference inthe nexte-newsletter. For more detailsof thiseventgoto April 27-29 Bangkok International Digital Content BangkokIDC and BusinessMatching eventtakesplace inBangkokatthe endof thismonthand,like lastyear,providesan opportunitytomeetupwithsome of the most innovativedigitalmediacompaniesinThailandandAsiathroughthe business matchingeventwhere Iaimto provide mentoringadvice andnetworkconnectionstoaspiringandtalentedlocal companies. If you are interestedincollaboration,outsourcingormarketdevelopmentinThailandorAsiagenerally,pleaseemail me at david@gaettss.comwithanoutline of yourinterestsandIwill seekoutpotential opportunities For more detailsof thisevent,goto June 17-19 6thAnnual Digital Medicine Academic Meeting of Chinese Medical Association The 6th Annual Digital Medicine AcademicMeetingof the ChineseMedical Association takesplace inJune inNanjing,Chinafrom June 17-19. I have beeninvitedtospeakatthisconference whichboasts averylarge international selectionof speakers.My presentationwill focusonthe impactof wearable technologiesonpersonal healthmanagement. For more detailsof thiseventgoto July 7/8 International Symposiumon Digital Earth(ISDE) The International SymposiumforDigital Earth 6th Summittakesplace inBeijingfromJuly7-8.The theme of thisyear’ssummitis Digital Earth inthe era of Big Data. For detailsof thiseventgoto July 28/29 Thaisim The theme of thisyear’sannual Thaisimconference whichisbeingheldatSripathumEastUniversity,Chonburi inThailandis “The powerof games,simulationsanddebriefingtoteachmore in lesstime”.Thaisimconferencesare alwaysmemorable eventsnot onlyfortheircontentand networkingopportunitiesbutalsoforthe wonderful hosting. For more detailsgoto Sept 7/9 VS-Games 2016 The VS-Games2016 conference inBarcelonaisthe 8th International Conference onVirtual WorldsandGamesforSerious Applications.Topicsforthis year’sconferenceinclude:-  Alternate realitygames  Virtual environments  Augmentedreality  Game design  Animationforseriousgamesandvirtual worlds  AI applicationsforseriousgames  Seriousgamesmethodologies  User-modellinginseriousgames  Pervasive gaming  Interactivityissues  Visualisationtechniques  Human-computerinteraction  Mobile games  Educationand learning  Multimediagaming  Case studiesinseriousgamesandvirtual worlds  Gamification For more detailsgoto Sept 23/24 Singapore HealthandBiomedical Congress The Singapore HealthandBioMedical Congressisflagshipinternational eventwithtopclassinternational speakerswhichthis year will include JamesKinrossfromImperial College.The themeof thisyear’sconference is“ForgingaSustainable Relationship-Based Healthcare System”. For full detailsof the eventgoto Nov 28/Dec 1st SEANES 2016 Ergonomics andHuman Factors Conference The 4th SEANES2016 Ergonomicsand Human Factorsconference inSouthEastAsiawill be heldinBandungIndonesia.The theme of thisyear’seventwillbe:- “GreenErgonomics:Sustainability,Productivity, andWell-being”.Withinthistheme,SEANES2016 Conference supportsandexpandsthe applicationof humanfactorsandergonomics withregardstorecentlocal andglobal needs. Thisinternational conference aimstoenhance the awarenessof the importance of HumanFactorsEngineering(HFE) in varioushumanactivitiesandapplicationdomains,includingproductdesign,learning,communication,healthcare,transportation, defence andsecurity. For more detailsof the eventgoto Calls for Papers Belowisa selectionof currentcallsforPapers,PostersandArticlesthatmaybe of interest:- ………….…………….. The ThirteenthInternational Conference onTechnology,Knowledge,andSociety tobe heldatUniversityof Toronto,Toronto, Canada from26-28 May 2017 is seekingproposalsforpapersandpresentations. If you are interested,visitthe website at …………………………… The 1st Call for papersforESM'2016 - The 30th annual EuropeanSimulationandModellingConference SIANI - Universidadde Las PalmasGran Canaria - SpainOctober26-28, 2016 hasbeenreleased. For detailsof thisCFPgo to …………………………………… Recent Articles and Papers A comprehensive listof archivedarticles,presentationsandvideoscanbe accessedat my website – The most recentupdatesare shownbelow:- Date Article/PresentationTitle Comments March 2016 Technology,Knowledge andSociety PresentationfromBuenosAires. Viewthe presentation here Viewconference images here The Technology,KnowledgeandSocietyConferencecovered a broad range of topicswhichexaminedthe positive and negative aspectsof technologyonthe future of society April 2016 GamifiedWellbeingforall AgesPaperand PresentationforMedicon2016 Viewthe paperhere Viewthe presentation here Viewthe conferenceimages here The Medicon2016 Conference providedanopportunityto meetacademicsandpractitionersinvolvedinabroad range of biomedical technologiesandapplications Upcoming Events Listing Belowisa listof forthcomingconferences –alsoaccessible at Date Event Name / Description Location Web URL
  5. 5. April 21/22 AsiaPacificMedical Simulations2016 KualaLumpur Conference-20161 April 27- 29 BangkokInternational Digital Content Bangkok June 17- 19 6th Annual Digital Medicine AcademicMeetingof the Chinese Medical Association Nanjing Jul 7-8 ISDE Symposium –Digital Earth Beijing,China Jul 28- 29 Thaisim– Gamesand SimulationsforLearning Bangkok, Thailand Sept7-9 VSGames 2016 Barcelona, Spain Sep23- 24 Singapore Healthand BioMedical Congress Singapore Nov28 – Dec 1st SEANES2016 Ergonomics and HumanFactors Bandung, Indonesia If you wouldlike anypresentations,videosordocumentscirculatedtomynetwork,Iam happyto provide thisservice freeof charge forany material relevanttoreadersof thisnewsletter.If youare interested,contactme at BestWishesfora BetterFuture for all Mankind DavidWortleyFRSA FounderandCEO GAETSS – GamificationandEnablingTechnologiesStrategicSolutions Shaping theFutureof Businessand Society through Human Developmentand Motivation Mobile Phone :+601123180284 (Malaysia) +447896659695 (UK) Email : Skype:davidwortley Web: If you no longerwishtoreceive these newsletters,simplyreplywiththe word UNSUBSCRIBE andI will remove youfromthe mailinglist.