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Encouraging Innovation and Business


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This presentation was delivered at the European Conference on Business Incubation and Innovation held in Liverpool in November 2010

Published in: Technology
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Encouraging Innovation and Business

  1. 1. Encouraging and Promoting Business in Serious Games David Wortley FRSA Director
  2. 2. Serious Games Institute (SGI) “An international centre of excellence for the application of immersive technologies to serious social and economic issues”
  3. 3. Immersive Technologies Games Virtual Worlds Social Networks Immersive Technologies engage our hearts, minds and wallets
  4. 4. SGI Areas of Interest Education Health Environment Smart Buildings Relationships Interface Technology Innovation & Enterprise
  5. 5. Serious Games Institute Facilities  Applied Research Centre  Business Incubation  Showcasing and Demonstration
  6. 6. Background to Regional Identity
  7. 7. West Midlands Region
  8. 8. Coventry Coventry has cultural and industrial heritage
  9. 9. Manufacturing & Regional Identity Industrial Heritage can also be a burden to regional identity
  10. 10. India Technology can transform social and economic wealth
  11. 11. China Technology can transform social and economic wealth
  12. 12. Stratford upon Avon Technology can leverage cultural heritage
  13. 13. Leamington Spa Leamington Spa is home to one of the world’s largest independent games developers – Blitz Games
  14. 14. Impact of Immersive Technologies on Business and Society
  15. 15. The Attention Economy We live in a digital age in which one of our greatest challenges is to capture the time, attention and spending power of other people
  16. 16. Video Games Industry The video games industry is bigger than the movie and music industries
  17. 17. Virtual Worlds
  18. 18. Social Networks
  19. 19. Serious Social Networks Artificial Intelligence, Geo-location, profiling
  20. 20. New Devices Brain wave controllers
  21. 21. New Devices Motion / Voice Controllers
  22. 22. New Ways of Learning
  23. 23. Watch, Copy, Feedback, Learn Immersive Technologies changing the face of Learning
  24. 24. Any Questions ?
  25. 25. Encouraging and Promoting Business in Serious Games David Wortley FRSA Director