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Commerce, Culture Heritage and Tourism in an OMNI World


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This short article is a set of observations and reflections on the role of Culture, Heritage and Tourism in the development and promotion of Commerce and the factors which might influential the future development of urban retail.

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Commerce, Culture Heritage and Tourism in an OMNI World

  1. 1. Commerce, Culture, Heritage and Tourism in an OMNI World Thisshort article isa setof observationsandreflectionsonthe role of Culture,Heritage andTourism inthe developmentandpromotionof Commerce andthe factorswhichmightinfluential the future developmentof urbanretail. Retail Images from Kuala Lumpur Judgingbythe videopromotionof KualaLumpur’sretail offering,the conceptof linkingtourismto retail iswell understoodinMalaysiaandreflectedinthe substantial investmentbeingmade in centreslike PavilionandKLCCcoveredinmore detail inmySlideshare paperat My observationsinKLgave me an insightintothe importance of transportinfrastructure andfood courts ingeneratingtraffictodrive commerce anditwas alsoclearthat regularspecial eventssuch as the MalaysianGrand Prix and the RedBull Air Race providedregularshorttermbooststovisitors. OverrecentweeksIwasfortunate enoughtovisitdifferentlocationsinAsiaandEurope,not connectedwithanyretail analysisbutprovidingme withanopportunitytocompare andcontrast differenturbanretail environmentsindifferentlocations.
  2. 2. Bangkok Retail and the newly Opened Central World Bangkokcitycentre and the areas aroundChitLom, Siamand National Stadiumare well established focal pointsforretail tourismandwithinacompact and easilynavigatedspace,there isamassive spectrumof choice fromwell-establishedmore traditionalstorestoverymodernandnew stores that combine elementsfromthe tourismandhospitalityindustrywithcommerce. Bangkokstruck me as verysimilartoKL but betterplannedandeasiertonavigate withagood monorail andpedestrianaccessbetweenlocations.Like KL,theireventsprogrammeandfoodcourts are a bigfactor witha major Motor Bike Show heldinCentral Worldand the ComicCon Conference heldat the nearbySiamParagonCentre. All of the major retail brandsseemtobe representedandthe whole areaspawnsmicroenterprise activitiessuchasthe many small foodstallsand“Put-Put”taxisthrivingfromthe onlyreal barrierin Bangkok – gridlocked trafficjams.
  3. 3. Maastricht City Centre and Andre Rieu Concert Maastricht inthe Netherlandsisamuch smallercitybutmakinggooduse of its cultural heritage and eventstoattract touristsand boostcommerce.Much of the charm of thisEuropeancityremains undisturbedandthe majorbrandsblendintoexistingbuildingsorthe modestnew developments that nestle amongstthe narrowstreets.MyvisittoMaastricht was to see Andre Rieuinconcertand the thousandsof people he attractsto hishome cityfor these concertsisan invaluable boosttoboth commerce andthe brandidentityof the city.
  4. 4. Cologne City Centre Cologne alsoreliesonculture,heritage,tourismandagoodtram networktobringintourists.The difference betweenCologneandMaastrichtwas verymarkedand modernretail developmentsin pedestrianisedareasdominatedthe citycentre withthe more cultural andfoodofferingsonthe peripheryof the centre.The Worldcupfinal featuringGermanywasbeingheldthatweekendand the city shopping areaswere more denselypackedthanIhadeverseenanywhere. The Sundaywhenthe above imageswere takenwasmuchquieterbutthe eventattractionof a city half marathonagain providedincentivestoattractlarge numbersof people intothe city.
  5. 5. Liverpool City Centre Liverpool asa formercultural capital of Europe has seenmassive investmentinthe regenerationof itsdock areas andthe retail developmentandpedestrianizedareasblende the cultural heritage of the city more seamlesslythanCologne. The influenceof cultural iconslike the BeatlesandLiverpool football clubare still majorattractorsto the city. Reflections Visitstoall of these citiesprovide richbutdifferentexperienceswiththe commonelementsof culture,heritage andtourism tostimulate commerce andcreate astrongbrand identity.Itisclear that consumerslike the combinationof the familiarityof global brandnameswiththe noveltyof newcultural andsocial experiences. Keyto the successof anyurban area seekingtoleverageculture,heritageandtourismare  Attractiveness(brands,identity,culture,food,events)  Accessibility(pedestrianisation,transportinfrastructure)  Affordability (value formoneyandtime effcicient) DavidWortley July2014