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ASPIS Conference Presentation on Sustainable Development


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Published in: Education
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ASPIS Conference Presentation on Sustainable Development

  1. 1. ASPIS Conference Ghent 2012
  2. 2. WP4 – Serious Game Tool Nov 2012
  3. 3. Topics Serious Games Background The Sustainability Game Sustainability Rating Tool Memory Game Discussion
  4. 4. Serious GamesSimulation Games for Skills Development
  5. 5. Serious GamesRole Playing Games for Engagement
  6. 6. Serious GamesSimulation and Role Playing
  7. 7. Serious GamesTriage Trainer – Scenarios and Stories
  8. 8. Serious GamesTriage Trainer – Mini Quests
  9. 9. The Serious Game Challenge $ 50,000,000 £ 500,000
  10. 10. ASPIS Objectives promote learning for public participation in urban planning increase awareness on the sustainability of open public spaces stimulate dialogue between urban citizens and professionalarchitects and planners with a focus on the sustainability issue
  11. 11. The Development PlatformCaspian Learning – Thinking Worlds
  12. 12. Game OverviewSingle Player Role Playing Game based around Architectural Student Peter
  13. 13. QuestsQuests are mini-games increasing in complexity
  14. 14. The GoalsThe Student has to achieve a series of goals
  15. 15. Example QuestsUnderstanding the needs of multiple users and identification of park user groups
  16. 16. Collecting Suggestions Matching user needs to suggestions
  17. 17. Gathering EvidenceCategorising issues and problems
  18. 18. Involving NGO Stakeholders Helping to launch voluntary programs
  19. 19. Gaining Public SupportHelping to develop communication skills
  20. 20. Identifying and Resolving Conflict Analysis and understanding skills
  21. 21. Budget Management Best value for money
  22. 22. Sustainability Rating Tool Student User Form
  23. 23. Evaluation Matrix – Global Report Summary of Ratings
  24. 24. Memory GameAdding Fun and a Gateway to Discussion
  25. 25. Summary Sustainability Game Introduces sustainability concepts Based on learning by doing Raises conflicts of interest Uses multiple GBL techniques Offers incentives for success Uses Rapid Sims Development Platform Sustainability Rating Tool Designed to facilitate understanding of issues Useful for teachers
  26. 26. WP4 – Serious Game Tool March 2012