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360 Degree Budget Video Hints and Tips Part 2


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This presentation provides 10 hints and tips on getting the best out of making 360 degree videos using the Ricoh Theta S Camera

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360 Degree Budget Video Hints and Tips Part 2

  1. 1. 360 DEGREE BUDGET VIDEO HINTS AND TIPS PART TWO By David Wortley 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling Founder
  2. 2. 360 DEGREE BUDGET VIDEO CONTENT PART 1 - Getting Started • Choosing a Camera PART 2 – Hints and Tips • Tip One – Good Preparation • Tip Two – Mounting the Camera • Tip Three – Locating the Camera • Tip Four – Pointing the Camera • Tip Five – Awareness of Surroundings • Tip Six – Still vs Moving Camera • Tip Seven – Sound Quality and Audio • Tip Eight – Video Editing • Tip Nine – Publishing and Output Quality • Tip Ten – Communications and Online 360 Video
  3. 3. PART 2 – TEN HINTS AND TIPS Good Preparation
  4. 4. TIP 1 - GOOD PREPARATION • Ensure camera battery is fully charged • Ensure sufficient spare memory in camera • Choose location and time for filming • Think about the video objectives • Think about the audience • Develop a storyline/storyboard • Organise storage space and folders on your PC • Take the right accessories on location • Check the camera settings before filming
  5. 5. BAD PREPARATION EXAMPLES Filming Marina Bay in Bright Sunlight with wrong exposure settings Filming a retail environment at a subway station before the shops opened
  6. 6. TIP 2 - MOUNTING THE CAMERA Joby Gorilla Tripod Manfrotto Monopod Stick Keep Tripod Curve GP222 Stabiliser
  7. 7. MOUNTING USAGE EXAMPES Board Meetings and Presentations Driving Action Presentations Walk-Throughs
  8. 8. TIP 3 LOCATING THE CAMERA Good Camera Location Attention Focused on Centre Nice distance & Layout Inferior Camera Location Focus is off-centre and too distant Unbalanced layout
  9. 9. TIP 4 – POINTING THE CAMERA Camera Pointing at messy cables in cornerCamera pointing at listener not speaker
  10. 10. TIP 5 - AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS Sitting in front of the camera in Singapore Unexpected action at the barber shop
  11. 11. TIP 6 - STILL VS MOVING CAMERA Stll Camera Setting to record city centre noise and tropical bird sounds Walk-through video round the Taman KLCC Park and lake with Petronas Towers in background
  12. 12. TIP 7 - SOUND QUALITY AND AUDIO Narrating a video story on a busy Leicester Street Narrating a video in a quiet location
  13. 13. TIP 7 - SOUND QUALITY AND AUDIO USING BACKGROUND MUSIC Silent Movie Music to match Black and white treatment Tranquil music to match the action
  14. 14. TIP 8 - VIDEO EDITING Cyberlink PowerDirector 15.0 Screenshot Cyberlink ColorDirector Screenshot
  15. 15. TIP 9 - PUBLISHING AND OUTPUT QUALITY Original Video Quality before Publishing (Cropped to same area) Quality and Perspective after Publishing To YouTube
  16. 16. TIP 9 - PUBLISHING OPTIONS Select from Drop-down Produce Menu Chose Quality for end-usage
  17. 17. TIP 10 - COMMUNICATIONS AND ONLINE 360 VIDEOS Video Published to YouTube Direct from Cyberlink or Manual Upload 360 Video Published to Facebook Direct fro Cyberlink or Manual Upload Vimeo and VEER also support 360 Video online…….
  18. 18. THANKS FOR WATCHING WATCH OUT FOR 360 VIDEO APPLICATIONS PRESENTATION AND VIDEO David Wortley – Founder of 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling