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This is a presentation I have done for my class in New Media Literacies

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Content is king

  1. 1. Is Content Still King?What is driving the growth of Digital Media?
  2. 2. “Content is King” Bill Gates 1996  In a short essay written at the beginning of 1996, Bill Gates – Founder and then CEO of Microsoft – asserted that the Internet – still young at that time, would soon become “…a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products - a marketplace of content “PDC 1996 Keynote with Bill Gates
  3. 3. Content is the motivation forUSING digital media Whether it is to communicate with friends about an event, or research how to build a patio – and then where to buy the materials, people turn to the internet as a fast source of information, content and a reference point for actual physical goods Entertainment is delivered via the medium and provides a destination or a result for people News and text is distributed IMPORTANTLY ALL CONTENT CAN BE SEARCHED FOR (provides motivation)
  4. 4. A counterpoint to McLuhan’s “The Medium Is theMessage” “Each medium, independent of the content it mediates, has its own intrinsic effects which are its unique message.” (Understanding Media, NY, 1964, p. 8)  In his book Understanding Media, the extensions of man written in 1964, Marshall Mcluhan proposes that a medium affects society not by the content delivered through it, but by the characteristics of the medium itself.
  5. 5. Case against Mcluhan Current technology cross breeds media – movies watched on TVs, TV shows watched on computer screens, books read on iPads… but we do not see different impacts on society based on the same content being experienced on different mediums In the absence of fresh and updated content we grow bored of the medium. In the absence of content we stop using the medium.
  6. 6. Social [Media] Is Content’s Best Friend “Publishers have struggled to find effective consumer offerings online. But now a perfect storm of new models and prospects gives confidence for many. Robert Andrews, PaidContent
  7. 7. New Distribution of ContentThe internet in general and social media in particular has developed into apowerful distribution infrastructure for content  “You can reach millions of people that way, just from making something someone wants to share with someone. There’s an opportunity to build a big media company that’s technology-enabled and socially created for a world of sharing.” BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti
  8. 8. Monetizing and Payments  Infrastructure promotes content  “For the Internet to thrive, content providers must be paid for their work.” (Gates, 1996)  Technology for online payment and collection has advanced to make this easy
  9. 9. References: Content is King, Bill Gates, 1996, gates/#prettyPhoto Who Said Content is King, IceGiant, 2012 services/articles/who-said-content-is-king.html Content IS King Again, Robeert Andrews, 2012 again-why-bill-gates-may-be-right-after-all/ e_Extensions_of_Man Understanding Media, Marshall Mcluhan, NY, 1964,