Data and process optimization services


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Becoming an expert in your industry can be very difficult at times. d-Wise has produced a program to help make this process a little easier. This program can be used in many aspects of your life. There are few things to be considered before using the program; this presentation will show you how. This program has developed Integration of company’s technology to improve the flow of information

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Data and process optimization services

  1. 1. “Our informatics group was able to reduce the time to find the clinical information from days to minutes – allowing us to quickly answer critical questions and save our company time and money.” An Enterprise Clinical Data Search Solution
  2. 2. Is designed for: • Informatics professionals, clinicians, statisticians, data managers and process/quality specialists. • Reveal provides a single, unified view of information throughout the e-Clinical environment through a web browser.
  3. 3. Saves Time! Scales Easily • Reveal’s indexing technology provides Internet- like search speed and significantly reduces standard search times from days to minutes! • Reveal’s web-based interface and architecture scales easily across the enterprise reducing training time
  4. 4. True Enterprise Search • Search data, metadata or create advanced searches across clinical studies • in various data types. (Search SAS programs, datasets, and Transport files, MSWord , Excel files, Text files, CSV files, Tab delimited files and Folders) • From EDC, EDM and Statistical Computing Environment Repositories • Conduct clinical, standards or administrative searches to insure compliance and consistency
  5. 5. Minimize Manual Search – find data residing in different systems, – find data with inconsistent standards, and across various compounds or studies. – find data that was modified within certain timeframes – confirm the use of standard directory structures
  6. 6. QC and Share data • Spot-check data received from partners and/or CRO’s, • Prepare data for Integrated Summaries of Safety and Efficacy. • Export Reveal data paths to analytics tools for further analysis
  7. 7. Clinical Use Cases • Search Data to Answer Specific Safety Questions (e.g. Queries from FDA, etc.) • Search Data to identify location of certain Adverse Event data • Search Documents to identify studies that had a certain inclusion criteria
  8. 8. Strategy: Case Study Customer: Small Pharmaceutical Problem: Rapid growth causing invalidated systems and processes Solution: • Hosted data and reporting platform • Designed with room to grow • Processes to support flow of information
  9. 9. Standards Use Cases • Verify Data and Coding Standards compliance • Identify where non-standard data and variables are used • Find empty data sets, empty folders, missing columns
  10. 10. Administrative Use Cases • Identify Objects updated within a certain timeframe • Confirm use of standard directory structure