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Teaching Knowledge Test: Writing

This presentation shows about TKT especially in writing.

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Teaching Knowledge Test: Writing

  1. 1. Teaching Knowledge Test Unit 6: Writing Group 2: 1.Buyung Alfian N. S. 2.Dwi Firli Ashari 3.Erma Agus S. 4.Geby Devtiana M. 5.Laranti Salaz 6.Mu’azzatul Faridah
  2. 2. Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) will help you to teach English to schoolchildren and adult learners at home or around the world. Use TKT to increase your confidence as a teacher and improve your job prospects.
  3. 3. Why take TKT 0 Improve your career opportunities 0 Take a flexible course that fits around you 0 Begin a journey towards other teaching qualifications 0 Get a Cambridge English teaching qualification 0 Includes online professional development for teachers
  4. 4. Writing 0 Writing is a productive skills 0 Writing involves two common things: communicate a particular message (what), communicate to somebody (who), and the way to deliver (how) 0 Writing involves several sub-skills: accuracy, communicate and idea organization
  5. 5. Examples of writing syllabus Accuracy Communication
  6. 6. Comparison with KTSP Example of Standard Competence: 0Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek sederhana berbentuk procedure dan report untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan seharihari.
  7. 7. Example of Writing Task
  8. 8. Follow-Up Activity 1. Reading charts and then writing sentences about them: Activity Handoko Cooking Gossiping Mu’azzatul   Riding bike X   = like X X X = dislike Example sentence: Mu’azzatul likes gossiping but Handoko doesn’t
  9. 9. Follow-Up Activity (cont.) 2. Writing letters, e.g. letter to a penfriend telling them 3. 4. 5. 6. about yourself. Labeling pictures or objects, e.g. clothes, animals. Completing a story, e.g. the teacher gives the students the beginning, middle, or end of a story and asks them to complete the missing part(s). Copying words from a reading book into an exercise book. Writing emails to other students in the school.
  10. 10. Discovery Activities 1. Go back to the list you made of text types you have written this week. Beside each, note your reason for writing and who you wrote to. How did your reason for writing and who you wrote to influence what you wrote? Write your answers in your TKT portfolio. 2. Write an email or a note to a friend. As you write, decide which of these sub skills you use, thinking of ideas, ordering ideas, forming correct letters, writing sentences grammatically, linking sentences, checking the accuracy of your writing.
  11. 11. Reflection