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England Trip Parent info 2014


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England Trip Parent info 2014

  1. 1. Grade 6 England Experience 2014 Parent Information Evening 24th March
  2. 2. Additional Information ZISLinks / Principal’s Blog This presentation During advisory we will be getting kids preferences for rooming and meal choices FINAL student meeting during advisory - Student expectations - Emergency procedures - Respect for others – Merry Manners Any additional questions – or call 077 449 92 76
  3. 3. Grade 6 England Trip – Quick Facts Group A – Mr. Nelson +4 Advisory Groups: Browning, Huber, Meier and Allen Group B – Ms. Bergoo +4 Advisory Groups: Jutzi, Schreier, Severijns and Krause •Students will check in with their advisor at the airport. MONDAY MAY 5 •Group A (Nelson) – Meet at airport at 11:20 •Depart Zurich 13:20 – Arrive London 14:15 (Flight # BA713) •Group B (Bergoo) – Meet at airport at 08:30 •Depart Zurich 10:25 – Arrive London 11:15 (Flight # BA711) FRIDAY MAY 9 •Group A (Nelson) - Arrive Zurich 18:25 (Flight # BA8767) •Group B (Bergoo) – Arrive Zurich 16.20 (Flight # BA716) •ALL students must be collected from the airport.
  4. 4.         PNR: ZGZBHV GROUP A   (2 nights London / 2 nights Bath) 40 students (21B + 19 G)  6 teachers   2M 4F group leader Michael Nelson        total 46 PNR: 6JBRS5 GROUP B  (1 night Bath / 3 nights London) 41 Students (22 B + 19G) + 5 teachers 2M 3F group leader- Louise Bergoo       total 46   5   M A Y   11.20                  Meet at Zurich Airport 13h20 – 14h15   flight BA713 from ZRH to LHR                      14:30-16:00       transfer Heathrow airport to RN Hotel 16:30-18:00      Westminster & the West End walk 19h30               dinner at __ restaurant at.         08.30                   Meet at Zurich Airport 10:25-11:15        flight BA711 from ZRH to LHR  12.00h                Transfer  to Wookey Hole (stop for lunch?) 14h00 – 17h00   enjoy Wookey Hole activities 17h00-18h00      transfer to Bath 18h00-18:30       time to settle in 18h30                 Jimmy’s Spice’s                                               6   M A Y     8h30         breakfast 10h – 12h     visit at the Natural History Museum 12h – 14h      lunch 14h – 16h      continue visit at Natural History Museum 16h-17h        Waterstone’s bookstore 17h - 18h30  dinner Bella Italia Strand before the play  19h00            play starts  -- Lion King    8h          breakfast 9h40 – 11h       guided visit at the Roman Bath 11:30 –12:15   visit the Abbey 12:15-13:00     lunch 13h–14h30       transfer from Bath to Stonehenge 15h – 16h       Stonehenge  16h30 -18h30   transfer from Stonehenge to London 19h30              dinner Papadam Express Rest in Hotel     7   M A Y     8h30            breakfast 10h – 12h            guided visit at the British Museum 12.30h – 14.00h Free time for lunch 14.00h – 16.00h transfer from London to Stonehenge 16h – 17h           Stonehenge 17h30-18h30      transfer from Stonehenge to Bath 18h30          Arrival in Bath, time to settle in 19h         entire group eats at Jimmy’s Spices   8h30    breakfast 10h – 12h    visit at the Natural History Museum  12h – 14h    Free time for lunch  14h   -16h    continue visit at the Natural History Museum 17h – 18h    Waterstone’s Bookshop 19h- 21h      dinner at Nando’s Chandes Place   8   M A Y     8h30         breakfast 9.40 – 11:00   Visit Roman Baths  12:00-12:45    visit Bath Abbey  12:45 – 13:30  lunch 13:30 – 14h     transfer from Bath to Wokey Hole 14h – 17h      Wookey Hole 17h–18h          transfer back to Bath 19h      Dinner at Jimmy’s Spices      8h30         breakfast 10h–12h      guided visit at the British Museum 12h –14h        lunch 14h – 16h       Westminster & the West End walk  17h - 18.30    dinner Bella Italia Strand before the play  19h30             play starts   -- Lion King    9   M A Y     8h30       breakfast / packing 09-10:30         Free time in Bath 10:30              Depart Bath for airport (lunch en route) 13.50              Check in London City  airport 15.50              Depart flight BA8767     8h30           breakfast/packing 11:00         Depart hotel 11:40         arrive LHR Airport  13:40         depart London Heathrow flight BA716 16.20         arrive in Zurich
  5. 5. Hotels • BATH Bath YMCA,  International House, Broad Street Place,  Bath, BA1 5LH, England Tel: 01225 325 900 • LONDON  Royal National  Bedford Way  London,  WC1H 0DG, United Kingdom +44 20 7637 2488
  6. 6. ZISLinks Information Medication •If your child needs to take medication during the field trip and you would like the  chaperone to give the medicine to your child than please send the required  medication to the nurse at least a week before the trip in a transparent bag with  instruction and if possible the original container of the medicine •If your child needs to be reminded to take the medicine during the Field trip than  please send a quick note to the nurse as well. Please check Personal Information is up to date on Parent Portal Money •Your child will need to buy lunches.  We suggest that you allow approx. 35 pounds for  lunches and any additional snacks and drinks. The students could bring a packed lunch  from home for the Monday.  Your child could also bring some money to buy souvenirs.   All money should be changed into British pounds before the trip; there will not be an  opportunity to change currency during our visit. 
  7. 7. Packing List • Passport and Auslander permit • English money: 35 pounds sterling for lunches, plus spending money (60 pounds sterling recommended, but use your discretion) • Changes of clothing for 4 days • Warm sweater/fleece • Comfortable walking shoes • Hooded jacket or raincoat • Toiletries and toothpaste/toothbrush • Sun hat and sunscreen • Small backpack • Pencils/pens • Clip board • Reading books • Lunch for Monday (but no drink in the lunch pack – airport security) • A refillable water bottle • Medication (if necessary)
  8. 8. Phones and other electronics • Mobile phones will be allowed. However, students are not to use them to make calls or send texts to other students. While students may receive calls from home (please check the itinerary and call before breakfast – not after evening activities), they will not be allowed to call home without a teacher’s permission. Failure to adhere to the rules will incur severe consequences. • If students are planning to use their phone to take pictures they will need to bring their chargers with them. A 3 prong adapter is needed for chargers. • i –Pods are permitted, but no electronic games or computers. No external speakers may be taken. • Please note that students are responsible for all of their belongings during the trip.
  9. 9. Questions? “
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