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Pizza Hut nMDL


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Pizza Hut nMDL

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy for New MediaDanielle Weinberg
  3. 3. Statistics thatwill consume yourmind!• As of 2009: – Pizza Hut operates in 92 countries throughout the world – 7,566 Pizza Hut Locations in the United States – 4th Largest Fast Food Chain in the US by locations
  4. 4. Target Market: East Lansing College students
  5. 5. Increase Local Social Media Presence@Pizzahutspartanland PIZZA HUT EAST LANSING
  6. 6. GOOGLE ADWORDS •Pizza Hut East Lansing •MSU Pizza Delivery •Michigan State Pizza •MSU Pizza •Late night pizza in EL
  7. 7. PizzaHutSpartan Deals•Offer deals through localFacebook and Twitter accountsfor MSU students only•Need to show smallcommunities that they areimportantEXAMPLE: BRING YOUR MSUSTUDENT ID AND RECEIVE $5OFF A PURCHASE OF $15 ORMORE!!!!
  8. 8. One slice of the budget• Google ad words/day: $41• Social media= $0• Marketing firm= $250 per hour x 48 hours= $12,000• TOTAL: $26,965
  9. 9. Key Performance IndicatorsIn 6 months:• Watch # of Likes and Followers on FB & Twitter• Count # of Spartan coupons being used• See if there is an increase of profit in local locations
  10. 10. Conclusion• HELP PIZZA HUT TAKE OVER COLLEGE CAMPUSES ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!! • Use social media to increase local Pizza Hut awareness