MozTW SUMO Introduction 2012 Aug


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MozTW SUMO Introduction 2012 Aug

  1. 1. MozTWABOUT:SUMO Ernest Chiang, August 2012 SUMO Project
  2. 2. Mozilla Communication Products MaComm ... Users Developers ...SUMO Blog Website wiki MDN IRC ...
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  7. 7. SUMO SUMO is short for, the official, community-powered support website for Mozilla Firefox. At its core, SUMO is a wiki, which means anyone can help writing or improving content. Very powerful editing functions for multilingual support.Source:
  8. 8. Primary Objectives of SUMO Great Firefox experience User and product insights Entry point to Mozilla community (Open source support platform)Source:
  9. 9. Needs? Online Help Documentation Consistency, quality, and precision. Approval system to maintain quality. Easy to access. Structured documentation. Managing different versions.Source:
  10. 10. How SUMO works? (1/2) Easy to participate, easy to update. Locale leaders and stage provide an efficient approval system. {for} allows to provide relevant segments. Participators can concentrate on the content.Source:
  11. 11. How SUMO works? (2/2) Sign-up a SUMO user account. Look around, check out ground rules. Translate articles (or pick one in Dashboard) Locale leader approve the translation Done! (also, welcome to let us know if you want to become a locale owner.)Source:
  12. 12. SUMO in MozTW2010 MozTW SUMO Party (Taipei) MozTW SUMO 翻派對 (Online) Localization Sprint (Global)
  13. 13. Enjoy SUMO Today!! Ernest Chiang, August 2012 SUMO Project Questions?