Esources offers exciting features to help buyers and suppliers succeed


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You too can start a successful online retailing business like numerous UK and international entrepreneurs by subscribing to the services of esources.

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  • You too can start a successful online retailing business like numerous UK and international entrepreneurs by subscribing to the services of esources.
  • Esources offers exciting features to help buyers and suppliers succeed

    1. 1. Esources Offers Exciting Features to Help Buyers and Suppliers Succeed
    2. 2. The Bane of Online Retailers Not being able to find a genuine and trusted supply source one of the main reasons why online retailing businesses, especially startups, fail according to various surveys conducted on the subject. That’s why retailers trust esources, the largest and fastest growing online trade directory service in the UK. Why Suppliers and Buyers Prefer eSources This reliable and proven online trade directory service lists only verified and proven UK wholesalers, distributors, dropshippers, manufacturers, and trade suppliers.
    3. 3. It is rather tough, if not impossible, for unscrupulous traders and scammers to sneak through to make the list as multiple checks are conducted regularly, with the sole intention of keeping such elements away and providing retailers with a verified list from which they can choose the best wholesale suppliers and dropshippers without facing the risk of getting scammed. provides various registration options for both trade buyers and suppliers so that they can choose one that best fits their business needs and budget.. Free Registration for Suppliers • Suppliers can get registered for free on esources by providing basic information about their company.
    4. 4. The portal then conducts a number of checks to establish the authenticity of their claims. Once this is done, they are listed as a verified supplier. The esources platform can be used by suppliers to connect with over 700,000 authentic trade buyers, attract more enquiries, and generate more sales and profits. Premium Registration for Suppliers Free supplier membership can be easily upgraded to premium grade for just £12.50 per month to attract more than 500,000 qualified buyers to their business every month. Premium membership help suppliers get listed on top positions in the esources suppliers’ directory and search for their niche.
    5. 5. They can get enquiries from all buyers, list any number of products in the products directory, and even edit and manage their company details and product listings. Premium suppliers can post, buy and sell leads and reply to buy requests. Other Advantages of Premium Suppliers • • • • Suppliers can get Trade Pass authentication. Display their contact details and telephone and fax numbers live. Track clicks and link back to their business website. Improve sales and attract new customers looking for their type of products.
    6. 6. Free Registration for Buyers Trade buyers can also register on esources for free and get access to all premium suppliers. They can view product prices and place orders for wholesale stocks from premium suppliers. The free membership also allows them to submit their buy requests that can be forwarded simultaneously to all relevant premium suppliers. They can also receive email updates about the latest wholesale offers and new products listed by wholesalers on the site. Premium Registration for Buyers Premium buyers get all the benefits of basic membership plus numerous other privileges.
    7. 7. They can access the entire database of the web’s largest directory of verified wholesalers and dropshippers, get unlimited ecommerce websites for free hosting, and contact suppliers individually or in group with buy requests. According to esources opinions, premium buyer membership also gives them access to exclusive startup and advanced training e-courses and market research reports to know about the hottest selling items in the industry. Other Advantages of Premium Buyers • • • • Exclusive access to UK and international wholesale sources Higher credibility and better quotes for esources premium buyers eBay business handbook on how to succeed on eBay Case studies that help newcomers replicate the success of top online businesses
    8. 8. Thank You 27 Old Gloucester Street , WC1N 3XX London, United Kingdom Email us: Published by @esourcescouk @esourcesuk