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Everything in moderation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Everything in moderation

  1. 1. CommunityManagement &ModerationSolutionsMzinga OmniSocial Insure
  2. 2. Take the guesswork out of socialmoderation. Protect your brand withOmniSocial Insure and know theconversations that are generated onlinewon’t compromise your reputation.
  3. 3. Overview of CommunityManagement & ModerationHow to Engage yourAudienceWhere Mzinga fits into yourSocial Media Strategy
  4. 4.  Do you have a written Social Strategy foryour Clients? Is your organization structured and resourcedappropriately? Who is going to Engage your customers? CPL vs CPV? How do you define success? Which platforms are you going to be using?
  5. 5. So Many ChannelsSo LittleTimeFaceBookGoogle+PintrestInstagramTumblr#TagboardVsnapLinkedInVineYoutubeFoursquareYelpFlickrLet Mzinga handle that for you
  6. 6. Where doesModeration Fit intoyour StrategyProtectingthe voiceof yourBrand
  7. 7.  Global, multilingualmoderation team with7+ years experiencemoderating sites forleading brands Flexible moderationservice offered 24 x 7 x365 Across all Socialplatforms
  8. 8. HOW AND WHENTO REACHYOUR FANS 74% of all marketers sayFacebook is important totheir lead generationstrategies Companies that generate1,000 Facebook likes alsoreceive 1,400 website visitsper day. 85% of fans of brands onFacebook recommend brandsto others, compared to 60%of average usersPURCHASING AND CUSTOMERSERVICE 59% ofTwitter users havevisited B2B tech brand sites,compared to 40% for theaverage internet population Approximately 46% of onlineusers count on social mediawhen making a purchasedecision 25% of consumers whocomplain about products onFacebook orTwitter expect aresponse within 1 hour
  9. 9. Ground ControlUp to datecontentTreat your readers andconsumers like equalsImmerse yourselves inpop-cultureTalk like human beingsHere are three useful tipsshared by Shankar Gupta at theSocial Media Summit
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES Encouraging participation Proactively SeedingContent Act on Abusive Behavior Ensure a welcome and SafeenvironmentCONSISTENT FEEDBACK ISALWAYS HELPFUL Observe hourly & dailyinteractions Moderation Strategies Usage Guidelines Sentiment Reports Hands on Suggestions forimprovement and growth Reporting concerns of yourcommunity
  11. 11. WHAT DOTHEY DO Engagement Facilitation Trusted ContentMODERATINGON A DIFFERENTLEVEL Welcoming new members Provide topics ofconversation TC,TOS,SLA,NRA,FEMA,LMOA enforcement
  12. 12.  Getting off the topic
  13. 13.  Please don’t spoil it for me!
  14. 14. Nail theStrategyModeration is a Key Componentfor any Social Media StrategyEngage your CostumersModeration has been a corepart of Mzinga’s business formore than 10yrsOur moderators have beenprotecting client’s brands onaverage 7yrs