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Texting is the New Email for Customer Communication


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Comparing the effectiveness of text messaging vs. email for customer communication.

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Texting is the New Email for Customer Communication

  1. 1. WWW.ZINGLE.ME | SALES@ZINGLEME.COM | TEXT: 858.877.9200 | CALL: 877.946.4536 TEXTING vs EMAIL Text messaging will soon become the preferred channel of communication between businesses and consumers in the mobile era. NUMBER SENT PER DAY OPEN RATE CLICK THROUGH RATE RESPONSE RATE TIME TO RESPOND COUPON REDEMPTION RATE 100BILLION 8.5BILLION 45% 6% 19% 3% 98% 20% TEXT MESSAGE EMAIL 90:00 MINUTES 00:90 SECONDS 13% 2% Sources: Email will not be going away any time soon. However, in today’s mobile world, it’s all about being omnichannel and available however consumers want to interact with your business. Enabling text messaging can help expand customer reach, enhance the overall customer experience, boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities. To learn more about text messaging for your business, read our free step-by-step guide to launching your texting program. REACH MORE CUSTOMERS WITH TEXT MESSAGING. READ EBOOK