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  1. 1. The Business Execution Experts Transform your business potential into extraordinary results
  2. 2. ● The Business Execution Experts ● Transform your business potential into extraordinary results ● We work with ambitious, open-minded business leaders seeking better results ● Offices in North America and New Zealand ● 15 yrs industry experience, 2000+ clients transformed
  3. 3. Key benefits for our clients 1. Global best practice strategic planning and execution methodologies implemented into your business 2. Measurable results (tracked via Execution Driver software) 3. Engage your people to care about delivering extraordinary results Our brand promise to you: We transform your business potential into extraordinary results
  4. 4. Award winning business support
  5. 5. Best business support organization
  6. 6. Thought leadership
  7. 7. 2008 Client Survey ● clients include privately-owned, fast-growth entrepreneurial firms, as well as large public corporations ● Proven measurable results (independently audited) ● Average client revenue growth Jan - Dec 2008 = 26.0% (Perceptive Insight - Independent Client Research – Annual survey - Feb 2009) ● In a challenging economy our clients are still growing
  8. 8. Core Ideologies OUR CORE VALUES ● People First ● Go the extra mile ● Live what we teach ● Abundance mentality ● Make a difference ● Passion for learning ● Straight talk OUR CORE PURPOSE ● To enhance people‟s experience of life
  9. 9. BHAG (© Jim Collins) The world‟s leading brand for delivering extraordinary business results with 10 million people engaged in executing their strategic plans by 2020. (As measured by having an action on Execution Driver software)
  10. 10. Our 3 service pillars 1. Inspiration  Effective strategic planning to deliver extraordinary results 2. Education  We teach global best business practice  You learn what you need to learn, when you need to learn it 3. Execution  Implement key success disciplines into your firm  Drive the execution of your strategic plan
  11. 11. “Building a great company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment.”
  12. 12. How can you be great? Right Right Execution Things People Things Right People Strategy Disciplined Disciplined Disciplined People Thought Action Right Right Done People things right 12
  13. 13. "The all-important last 98% called „Execution‟ through the enthusiastic cooperation of 100% of your people"
  14. 14. What does your Mt Everest look like? We will help you plan your climbing route and base camps along the way
  15. 15. Let us guide you up your mountain ● Core Values:  Rules for team behaviors, no matter what mountain you climb ● Core Purpose:  The reason why you climb mountains at all? ● BHAG ©:  The view you will see when you reach the top of your mountain ● 3-5 Year Strategic Moves:  The route and the key moves you will make to climb your mountain  The core competencies you need to master in order to reach the top ● 1 Year Action Priorities:  Base camps on your way to the top of the mountain ● 90 Day Action Priorities:  The steps you need to take to climb the rock face in front of you right now
  16. 16. Strategy & Execution Review Strategy every year Vision: BHAG© - Core Values & Core Purpose - BHAG Strategy: Quarter 8 etc ….. - Strategic Positioning - Target market Quarter 7 - Geographic area Quarter 6 - Key Benefits Review Execution every quarter - Brand Promise Quarter 5 Execution: - 3-5 Year Strategic Moves Quarter 4 - SWOT Quarter 3 - 1 Year Action Priorities - 90 Day goal Quarter 2 - 90 Day Action priorities Quarter 1 - Key Performance Indicators CURRENT - Meeting rhythm REALITY - Execution Driver software
  17. 17. Why do we meet every week? ● Optimum frequency for “Strategic Execution” ● Step by step Weekly Action Priorities ● Focus on “the #1 thing” you must do every week to achieve your 90 Day Action Priorities ● Working strategically “on” your business every week ● We hold you accountable & keep the score every week
  18. 18. Execution Driver
  19. 19. Put yourself in the driver’s seat
  20. 20. Track your strategic plan execution
  21. 21. Drive execution of your key priorities
  22. 22. Dashboard your KPI data
  23. 23. Accountability for results “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be” (Tom Landry 1924 – 2000)
  24. 24. What it means for you ● Global best practice strategic planning and business execution methodologies implemented into your firm. ● Execution Driver software – dashboard your Key metrics & drive strategic execution across your entire organization. ● Action priorities – Focus on the most important actions you need to implement every step of the way. ● Accountability – You and your team held accountable by for creating a truly excellent business.