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Social Media for Boring Businesses


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Social media is a great way to drive engagement and find new customers, but what if you're running a "boring" business?

If your business doesn't have obvious social media appeal, taking advantage of these opportunities can be a big challenge.

Join us as we interview David Vogelpohl, founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, to talk about how niche businesses can get the most out of their social media campaigns. You'll learn how to create an effective and engaging social media presence that can generate more revenue for your business!

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Social Media for Boring Businesses

  1. 1. Social Media forBoring Businesses
  2. 2. As seen:David Vogelpohl@davidvmc
  3. 3. Social media pros?
  4. 4. Social media n00bs?
  5. 5. What is a boring business?
  6. 6. A business that a normal person wouldn’t “like”
  7. 7. Lawyers
  8. 8. Enterprise Software
  9. 9. Medical
  10. 10. Financial Services
  11. 11. Retail
  12. 12. Dentists
  13. 13. Think long and hard about Twitter
  14. 14. Build your personal network Befriend and engage
  15. 15. Find your WOW
  16. 16. Invent some WOW
  17. 17. Prepare, prepare and prepare Unpublish the page before you start Add map / local data
  18. 18. Professionally Designed Cover PhotoFormat logo to fit your profile picture
  19. 19. How to Post Post as the businessLike or share as yourself
  20. 20. Train your troops Encourage employees to like the page & engage Pick co-admins Show them how to post Show them what to post Gather email addresses of clients!
  21. 21. Launch Tuesday toThursday after 9:30 AM and before 11:00 AM
  22. 22. Use your friendsInvite your friends to like your page. Don’t be shy! Thank your friends for liking your page Continue to engage your friends
  23. 23. Vary Your ContentPictures with people!VideoLinks to ArticlesQuestionsContests“Vanity like building”Links to your blog
  24. 24. Speak to your friendsUniversally appealingRelate what you doto the real worldShow that you’rehelping peopleFacebrag
  25. 25. Speak to your industryInformation & ArticlesInside jokesTrendsQuestionsVanity Like Building (yesagain)Blogging
  26. 26. Track your leads and sales Google Analytics Performance over time UTM Link Builder &utm_campaign=fall-promotion&utm_content=staff-photo Build “Custom Reports” based on this data
  27. 27. Web Development & Online MarketingDavid Vogelpohl Mobile Apps & Mobile Web @davidvmc