Mastering ROI with Google Analytics


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Learn how to track ROI with Googl

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Mastering ROI with Google Analytics

  1. 1. Mastering ROI with Google Analytics David Vogelpohl @davidvmc #asmeetup Web Development & Mobile Apps & Online Marketing Mobile Web
  2. 2. Nerd Alert!Useful information ahead and a cheat sheet at the end
  3. 3. E=MC2 Universal formula Value – Cost = ROI
  4. 4. The traditional view of value Value = Sales
  5. 5. What else drives value? Sales Social Clicking on Ads Phone Calls Value Contact FormsWebsite Chat Lead Forms Email Subscriptions
  6. 6. Benefits of weighted goal values Shed light on partially successful campaigns Identify strategies that drive engagement Track value your competitors are missing Optimize engagement to sales funnels
  7. 7. Define your goals and weightsGoal ValueSale $150Social $2Phone Calls $20Website Chat $10Lead Forms $50Clicking on Ads $.50Contact Forms $5List Subscriptions $10
  8. 8. URL DestinationExamples: Contact Forms, SignupProcesses, Lead Forms, Phone Calls, ListSubscriptions. Must be a web page!How to set it up:1. Log into Google Analytics2. Click Admin3. Click “Goals” sub-tab4. Click “+ Goal”5. Select “URL Destination”6. Define your “Goal Value”
  9. 9. onclick / onsubmit EventsExamples: Clicking onAds, Contact/Lead/Signup/List Formswithout “Thank You” pages, websitechat, playing a video, etc.How to set it up:1. Insert the onclick/onsubmit event code in the HTML of your website2. Log into Google Analytics3. Click Admin4. Click “Goals” sub-tab5. Click “+ Goal”6. Select “Event”7. Define “Goal Details”. Usually “Category” & “Action” will do.8. Set your “Goal Value”. Not sure of your “Goal Details”? Click Standard Reporting, Content, Events, Top Events to see a list of events which are tracking.
  10. 10. Tracking ResourcesExamples: Sources oftraffic, keywords, specificads, social linking, campaignsHow to set it up:1. Go here tracking2. Use dashes in your tags instead of spaces3. Generate the URL4. Use the URL to link your creative to your website.
  11. 11. Custom Reports
  12. 12. Evaluating Reports Resource Goal Value Cost eROI% Google $25,000 $10,000 150%(Goal Value – Cost) / Display Ads $6,500 $5,000 130%Cost = eROI% Landing A $12,500 Landing B $11,500
  13. 13. What’s next? Evaluate engagement to sales data Make sure to track actual ROI! Adjust your goal values<$>event</$> Consider custom event values based on sources of traffic Sign up for Snap Engage Sign up for ifbyphone
  14. 14. “Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Conversions” David Vogelpohl, Chris Pearson, Nick Reese August 12-14 New York, NY David Vogelpohl @davidvmcWeb Development & Mobile Apps & Online Marketing Mobile Web