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CSEA Negotiations Update 5 23 2013


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Published in: Education
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CSEA Negotiations Update 5 23 2013

  1. 1. VUSD/ CSEA NEGOTIATIONS UPDATEMay 23, 2013K:Certificated HRNegotiationsCSEA Negotiations UpdatesCSEA Negotiation Update 5.23.2013.docThe Vista Unified School District (“District”) and the California School EmployeesAssociation Chapter #389 (“CSEA”) met at the District Office at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday,May 23, 2013.The parties continued to discuss the reopened contract Articles sunshined by the partiesin the Spring of 2012, impacts and effects pending reductions as well as the District’sinitial proposal.Discussion:• The parties reached agreement regarding the Campus Assistant reduction.• The follow up discussion of Fair Share and the scheduling of meeting with SSC forlate June exploring the possibility of an earlier date.• Set a date for True Colors Training June 13, 2013.• The District provided an explanation of the District’s initial proposal. The partiesspent significant time discussing this proposal, but CSEA did not provide a counter-response.• CSEA indicated they were not yet prepared to discuss their initial proposal, adiscussion was held regarding the possibility of discussing the non- monetaryportions of the proposal at the next session.• The District shared their appreciation that CSEA was willing to meet over thesummer and its interest in resolving these outstanding issues as quickly aspossible and preferably before the expiration of the contract on June 30, 2013. TheDistrict reiterated its interest in ensuring an agreement that is equitable for bothcurrent and future employees while maintaining a high level of service for students.Future meeting dates:May 29, 2013June 13, 2013June 17, 2013June 27, 2013District Negotiation Team CSEA Negotiation TeamAcacia ThedeDonna CapertonBrock SmithPeter FagenJane HarringtonLisa HoffmanAlicia EvilsizerRonnie HallRon KritzeckRobert JohnsonLisa LeeLaura ZirinoMichelle Bell