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Class Size Waiver


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Presented at the School Board meeting on October 12, 2011.

Published in: Education
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Class Size Waiver

  1. 1. Class Size Waiver Devin Vodicka, EdD October 12, 2011
  2. 2.  E.C. 41376 and 41378 place the following restrictions on maximum class sizes: ◦ Grades 4-8—current fiscal year average number of pupils per teacher not to exceed the greater of the statewide average number of pupils per teacher in 1964 (29.9) or the districts average number of pupils per teacher in 1964  Note: Carlsbad average was 31.1 in 1964 ◦ Kindergarten—average class size not to exceed 31 students; no classes larger than 33 students ◦ Grades 1-3—average class size not to exceed 30 students; no classes larger than 32 studentsBackground
  3. 3.  If these limits are exceeded, E.C. 41376(c) et al. and 41378(e) require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to reduce the districts revenue limit apportionment for each student over the limit. In short, this means that the penalty for exceeding the limit is a loss in all revenue limit funding for each student over the limit.Financial Penalties
  4. 4.  Consultation with bargaining units Public hearing at a properly noticed board meeting at which time the public may testify on the waiver proposal Input from School Site Councils Specific citations of Education Code to be waived Desired outcomes and/or rationale Demographic informationRequired Steps in Process
  5. 5.  Carlsbad Unified School District is projecting a fiscal deficit of approximately $11 million in 2012-13. We are pursuing every opportunity to explore options to reduce the projected deficit and to maintain fiscal stability.Current Reality
  6. 6.  We currently continue to implement the Class-Size Reduction program in kindergarten using Option 2. As of September 29, 2011 class size averages were as follows: ◦ Kindergarten: 30.59 ◦ Grade 1: 30.04 ◦ Grade 2: 30.94 ◦ Grade 3: 31.64 ◦ Grades 4-8: 28.82Current Class Sizes
  7. 7.  The current averages in grades 1-3 exceed the Education Code maximum averages. We do not have specific plans for a potential increase in 2012-13 and yet we know that expenditures will need to be reduced significantly. Given this current reality, projected fiscal deficit, and potential financial penalties, the pursuit of the Class Size Waiver seems a prudent protective measure.Summary
  8. 8.  Approval of the Class Size Waiver by the Governing Board is no guarantee that the request will be supported by the State Board of Education. Additionally, increases to class size may also require revisions of existing contract language with bargaining units. If the Waiver is granted it would provide Carlsbad Unified School District with staffing flexibility and the potential to reduce expenditures.Next Steps
  9. 9.  It is respectfully recommended that the Board of Trustees adopt Resolution No. 13-1112, Application of Waivers to California State Board of Education on Class Size Cap Penalties as presented.Recommendation