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CASCD Internet Resources


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Presented in Santa Clara, May 2011.

Published in: Education
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CASCD Internet Resources

  1. 1. Top 10 Internet Resources Lisa Gonzales, Ed.D. Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator Devin Vodicka, Ed.D. Director—Curriculum & Instruction TICAL Leadership Cadre ACSA Tech Leaders
  2. 2. Facebook
  3. 3. twitter Lead3 LeagueLearn
  4. 4. Learn Central
  5. 5. Blogger
  6. 6.  Upload and publicly share presentations, word docs, pdfs Public and private settings Great to use for workshops
  7. 7. YouTube
  8. 8.  Easy creation of video slideshows Can use their music, photos or transitions
  9. 9.  Online backup and file syncing Can share files with others
  10. 10. Connecting the Dots We live in the “mashable” age Uploads to one platform can migrate to others
  11. 11. Next Steps Stay Connected! Other Articles by Lisa and Devin:  Leveraging Technology To Transform Our Schools  Building Trust Through Data  Professional Learning: New Strategies Emails:  