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Prevention of aids


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Prevention of HIV / AIDs

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Prevention of aids

  1. 1. 1PREVENTION OFHIV/AIDS Nadia Idlani Nabilah Ayob
  3. 3. Can’t be transmitted by:3 Coughing, Touching, Insect bites Water, Food sneezing hugging Work or school Kissing Public bath Hand shakes contact Sharing cups, Using glasses, plates telephones or other utensils
  4. 4. LEVELS OF HIV/AIDS4 PREVENTION Primary: • Preventing uninfected people becoming infected with HIV Secondary: • Preventing the activation of latent infections and promoting optimal health in HIV-Infected individuals, and preventing them from spreading it Tertiary: • Minimizing the effects of ill-health experienced by someone who is symptomatic with HIV disease
  5. 5. •Health PromotionPRIMARY PREVENTION •Specific Protection Educate self and others Safe-sex practices: abstinence, be faithful, condomize Be cautious about blood productsDon’t use drugs / Use sterilized needles & avoid sharing Consider male cincumcision Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  6. 6. •Health Promotion PRIMARY PREVENTION •Specific Protection6 Abstinence • Abstain from sex or delay first sex • Be faithful to one partner or have Be faithful fewer partners • Correct and consistent condom Condomize use
  7. 7. •Early Detection SECONDARY PREVENTION •Prompt Treatment7 Education & Safe-sex Screening counseling practices: ABC Don’t share Preventing Don’t donate needles, razors, mother to child blood or organs toothbrush transmission Post-exposure prophylaxis Immunization (PEP)
  8. 8. •Disability Limitation TERTIARY PREVENTION •Rehabilitation8 Highly active Education & antiretroviral counseling therapy (HAART) Treat secondary diseases
  9. 9. 9 THANK YOUThank you..