The burning mumbai


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The burning mumbai

  1. 1. The Burning Mumbai…Areviewof 26/11terrorstrikeonIndia’sFinancialCapitalBy:-DvizmaSinha
  2. 2. 26th -29th November 2008
  3. 3. A Rubber Dinghy approaches Mumbai Shoreline…. 26/11 2020 hours
  4. 4. Café Leopold, Colaba…The attacks begin at 9:30 pm with firing at CaféLeopold a popular restaurant frequented byforeigners in the Colaba area of south Mumbai by
  5. 5. The Chhatrapati Shivaji TerminusTwo men armed with AK 47 open fire in the passengerhall of CST railway station .Armed with obsolete riffles therailway police missed their target. 58 dead and a 108wounded
  6. 6. The Taj Mahal Hotel….Bombing and firing started in the Taj Mahal Hotel, aworld renowned stay of prominent people all acrossthe globe…
  7. 7.  The taxi that left the train station an hour ago blows onto bits killing the driver and a passenger Another cab explodes at the docks killing 3 and leaving 19 injured A bomb goes off at a petrol pump near Leopold Café Oberoi Trident, a five star hotel and the Nariman house, a Jewish center are also under attack
  8. 8. The Cama Hospital Firing…  The Cama Hospital firing Killed three of the city’s brightest officers…Hemant Karkare,Ashok Kamte, and Vijay Salaskar
  9. 9. Metro Cinema… A major firing takes place near the metro cinema as the terrorist in the high jacked police van open fired indiscriminately injuring several people and killing two
  10. 10. A policeterroristshootout killsone terroristand injures theotherMohammadAjmal AamirKasab wasarrested. The Kasab Arrest… Around 12:30 am Near girgaum chowpathi
  11. 11. Plea forhelpThe national security guards alleged terrorcommando unit was called for reinforcement butMumbai had to wait till daybreak for commandos
  12. 12. The flaming Taj….
  13. 13. The Answers… Three hours after arresting Kasab Mumbai police start questioning him The mission was a fidayeen(sucidial). The brief given to them was to enter Mumbai unsuspected and open indiscriminate fire, kill as many as they can, take hostages, go to higher locations, siege them, keep forces away, for as long as they can till they die.
  14. 14. The media insights…  The gunmen were guided by the handlers watching live news.  News channels ordered to cut the live shows.
  15. 15. Operation Black Tornado… Almost 200 commandos from the national security guards finally entered the city on its knees. By midnight of 28th guns have fallen in the Oberoi and Nariman house but the lanes around Taj still resound with gunfire. After a prolonged shootout the commandoes were able to secure the Taj
  16. 16. The deathly tolls…. Mumbai police had killed one terrorist and the commandoes have killed 8 Operation black tornado was over. The 60 hour battle killed 178 and injured 309.
  17. 17. Slow Response Standard Lackedprocedures ammunition
  18. 18.  500 men in Pakistan were recruited by Laskar-e-Taiba  18 months of commando training  10 of them were shortlisted to carry out attacksLashkar Camps Areas in Pakistan
  19. 19.  On 12th Feb. 2009, the Pakistan government accepts the attack was planned and launched from its territory Denies an official involvement The Pakistani Inter services intelligence‘s involvement is suspected
  20. 20. The Recovery Mumbai is ramping up its defenses NSG base Revising its standard procedures in crisis 26.4 million dollar modernization plan for new weapon and equipment
  21. 21. Back to Normal…. The train station limped back to normalcy a few hours after it is attacked The trident hotel and the Taj reopened after a month Leopolds café was bustling away 4 days after the
  22. 22. May The souls of the Dead rest inpeace…
  23. 23. All Feedback Regarding the presentation Welcomed…