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Meekan Presentation at TheNextWeb US Conference 2014


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The presentation I gave on stage at TheNextWeb US Conference in NYC, Dec 10, 2014. Meekan was selected to the Boost Startup Competition, co-hosted by TNW and WeTransfer.

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Meekan Presentation at TheNextWeb US Conference 2014

  1. 1. powered by The World’s Activity Scheduling Engine Dvir Reznik CMO & VP Bus-Dev @meekanWorld
  2. 2. Scheduling is a frustrating and time-consuming process
  3. 3. Meekan is Breaking the Mold of Scheduling Your Life
  4. 4. Accept
  5. 5. business professionals spend 5 hours / week scheduling + rescheduling meetings
  6. 6. iPhone/iPad Android Outlook Add-in API + SDK Available right now
  7. 7. Customized deployments for enterprises
  8. 8. One more thing…
  9. 9. Let Us Keep Up With You